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Oh my gosh! These jeans must have shrunk. Hey Orly Hey Angelina. Alright, so stop whatever you’re doing because I really thing that we should do a
collab upcycling jeans. Oh my gosh, I have the perfect pair to upcycle
right here. Yeah, me too. I have a big stack of huge men’s jeans and I haven’t know what to do with them. But I think this collab is the perfect excuse. I’m going to turn into like a crew neck tank top incorporating all the like inseams and stuff Um so, I’m going to get to work on mine. You get to work on yours. And let’s just touch base in a couple days? Wow! Ok cool. See you in a bit. Yay! I’m so excited. Alright, Bye. Yes, I finally have another excuse to cut
up some jeans. Today I’m going to give you 4 really cool
ways to make those too small, too tight jeans fit just right. I’m starting off with these amazing button
fly jeans that I thrifted like two videos ago. I can technically button them up, but they
give me that muffin top look. So, what do you do if you want to take jeans
out just a bit and give yourself some breathing room. For these I’m going to use the snap sides
of these reebok basketball pants. And shout out to Rolanda in our Facebook group
for giving me this idea. But before we start any of these, you’ll want
to take your waist measurement and your hip measurement. And if you have bigger thighs, you may want
to have that measurement handy as well. Ok, first we’ll take our jeans and cut them
up the sides as close to the seams as possible. Then we’ll take our basketball pants and cut
up the sides next to the snaps. You’ll cut about an inch bigger than whatever
width you need to add to your jeans. And I actually cut more than an inch because
I can always cut off more at the end, but once you cut too much that’s it. Now, to test the fit I’ll pin the strips to
the sides with safety pins. You can pin all the way down, but I’m just
going to pin in the waist and hip area because those areas are my biggest concern. Ok, so I have them on and I realize a few
things. First they are too big, so I want to make
my seam closer to the snaps. Secondly, I realized that I want to sew the
snaps closed at the waist and hips because I don’t want to snap out these bad
boys. So, I’ll sew the snaps to the front side first. Then I’ll pin the back side and try them on
one more time. When I get the pins just right, I’ll sew down
the back side. And that’s basically it. And of course I’ll show you all the final
looks at the end. Ok, so let’s take this to the next level with
an iconic brand match up. I have these Levis that I can get on, but
I can’t button them up at all. I thrifted these Adidas windbreaker pants
because of the elastic waist and I need a little bit more room than the
last pair and the three stripes will make them fit perfectly. So just like the last pair I’m going to cut
the jeans down the sides as close to the seams as possible. Then, I cut about an inch from the stripes, but I do recommend that you cut more because
it’s always better to have some wiggle room and then cut away the excess at the end. And I also cut away the mesh lining. But for these I cut around the pocket because
I want to keep the pockets and the Adidas logo. For these I want the jeans top stitched right
next to the Adidas stripes with the jean edges raw. So I’m going to pin the front side down the
stripes first. I’ll sew down to the top of the pocket, Then I’ll sew the next section to the inside
of the pocket, Then I’ll top stitch the rest down next to
the stripes. Now to sew the back side down and keep the
raw jean in the front, I’m going to fold under the fabric next to
the stripe leaving very little showing. Then I’ll sew it to the jeans right in that
small little line next to the stripe. Then, I’ll sew that extra pocket fabric to
the jeans right at the waist band to keep it in place. And lastly, I just have to expose that Adidas
logo so I’ll cut the jean pocket short, fold it
inside, and sew it closed. Next, I’ll feel around for the logo and mark
where it is. I’ll then distress the jeans in that area
to expose the logo. Ok, so next up I still have a ton of jeans
left over from that top I made a while back. Both of these are too small for me, so why
not turn them into one pair that fits. So I’m going to use the inside of the dark
jeans and the outside of the light ones. This is especially where your measurements
will come in handy. As you’re cutting just make sure to keep enough
to fit your measurements plus seam allowance. Don’t forget the seam allowance. Ok, so just like before, I’ll sew my fronts
together first. Then, I’ll pin up the back and try them on. Once again I discovered something very important. This is how they will look if I just sew them
all the way down, but I’m really loving them with a wider leg
like this. So that means I’m going to need more fabric, two triangle pieces to be exact. I also discovered that they are two big, so I’ll try them on inside out and adjust
the pins to make them fit how I want. Then, I’ll sew them down to just below the
pockets and measure for the size of my triangle pieces. Next, I’ll take another pair of jeans leftover
from that project and cut a triangle shape that size. Lastly, I’ll sew that in. I actually ended up taking the back seam down
a bit more and make the triangle shorter so that I didn’t have that extra seam up the
back. And I also kept that extra width from the
pockets in the back and just stitched it down at the waistband because if I had cut it short and serged it,
I would have had to sit on that hard seam. Ok, so lastly we have yet another pair of
Levis that have (ahem) shrunk, so I was inspired by my mom because she added
camoflauge fabric to the side of some jeans and made them flare legs. So I’m always trying to think of a shortcut,
so I thought why not add a skirt to the sides. I was originally looking for a pleated skirt,
but I found this flowy skirt and decided to go for it. So, I’m going to flow my skirt out as much
as possible and then cut the amount of waistband I need to add straight
down so that I get two triangle shapes. Next, I’ll cut my jeans straight up the sides
once again. Once again I’ll safety pin it together and
try it on. For this one I discovered that the type of
fabric that the skirt is made out of won’t give my jeans enough stability. And I didn’t really want my leg to be able
to step that far outside the jean leg part. So I decided to add some denim scrap strips
within the seam. I added four strips on each side. Two were 3.5 inches wide, one was 4 inches
and the bottom one was 7 inches. So I just pinned them down and sewed them
in with the skirt part. And it worked. It gave them just the right hold. So, now it’s time for the big reveal. The two snaps up jeans are really giving me
a 70s vibe and I am here for it. So I just had to throw on some chucks, striped
socks and this cool tee courtesy of the Zeina Blue
shop. I’ll leave the link to it in the description
box. Now let’s talk about this forced collaboration
between Levis and Adidas. With the added pocket on the side and the
Adidas logo peeking through…Yall! They were meant to be together. So I have on this killer biker body suit underneath
and I finally found a yellow blazer that I’ve been searching high and low…and
for only two dollars yall. Strappy heels and yes, yes, and yes! And let’s talk about the two too tight jeans. We did have to add pieces from another pair,
but I think it was totally worth it. I love the two tone, the slight flare, the
uneven hem, and the split pockets in the front and in the back. And then they were so easy to dress up with
this shimmery bow blouse and gold accessories. And the unique prize of the day goes to the
Flare Outs. I decided to go with the neon trend for this
one. And you can see that the little scrap strips
that I added are doing the trick. They are definitely the stand outs of the
day, and if you don’t like the jean being longer
than the skirt part you can always cut yours even to make them
look more like culottes, but of course I’m extra so yeah. So I hope you enjoyed this video, but before you go flooding the thrift store
for all the skinny girl jeans… Naw for real go buy all the jeans you want and if that skinny girl has the ordacity to
look at you like, You can’t fit those. Look here dead in the face and say, They’re just my size. (phone rings) Hey Orly. How did it turn out? It’s amazing…Look… Nooo! I thing I hung up on Orly. But I don’t want you guys to see it here. You have to go to her channel to see what she did. It’s amazing! Click the link in the description box and
go and watch. And if you enjoyed this video please subscribe and consider hitting that join button for
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