4 Must Have Men’s Jeans | Best Types Of Denim Colors

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alright guys look for a – sexy savage days don’t doubting jeans are an
integral part of any man’s wardrobe garlis as to your style personality what
side the world you live on what age you are jeans are an important part of any
man’s wardrobe you can’t have a full wardrobe and not have some great jeans
when I say great Dean’s I mean jeans that go all the way from casual to
dressy yep you can throw on jeans and just throw in a t-shirt running out of
the house or you can throw on jeans put on the button up and put on a blazer and
look like you’re wearing a suit today that is how versatile and integral jeans
are today but far too many guys for doing jeans not quite right so what I
want to help you guys do today is understand how to pick the best jeans
for your situation jeans are great for just throwing on running out of the
house or can even be dressed up for high-fashion and that’s saying something
when jeans first came out they were basically utility pants working people
wore jeans you needed a tough pair of pants they resisted tearing staining and
all other kind of thing they were work pants but just like anything else we
even asked we fashion poor people have found a way to take something that take
something from this category and move it over here especially like when we grew
up you didn’t have a lot of different clothes if you had to make your clothing
count and stretch so jeans were integral part of a wardrobe today though jeans
are taken on this whole new things and the choices are kind of mind-boggling
what do you want do you want slim do you want your trait cut do you want regular
cut do you want a boot cut do you want skinny do you want slim you want rod do
you want distress oh my god so a lot of times guys are just like man forget it I
just going to wear what I know and grab stuff you’ve had all your life early off
of my professional life Paks only had one pair of jeans I had 32 suits and one
pair of jeans I like a lot of you with not using jeans to my advantage until I
actually sat down and discovered what worked best for me
first things first it’s all about the cut the cut of the genes or the fit is
the most important things slim fit works for 90% of the people out there again
slim fit fit for 90% of people out there if you haven’t seen my video on slim
versus skinny check the tag on here go watch that video and come back to here
once you’ve seen that you understand the difference now we got to get down to the
color I always suggest for guys to get dark dark blue so dark almost black let
me show you what I mean these jeans are perfect from a fidelity I also want
minimal stitching and I don’t want any discoloration rips or tears and of
course slim fit is great these are the Impala from fidelity after you get the
dart and blue knocked out then you want to go with a little bit more of a mid
wash this is a mid wash for me if you want to go with a little bit lighter of
a wash and I know for a lot of you guys you won’t see much difference in these
jeans but for me I look at the front these are my casual pair of jeans same
fit as the previous ones same kind of stitching but they aren’t thick but
they’re much more appropriate for just throwing on a white t-shirt a black
t-shirt a polo shirt is running out I’m not a family going past mid wash because
they get to be too light they’re almost baby blue almost white and they just are
lack they just lack any kind of seriousness in my opinion some people
may prefer that especially if you leave much more to that bad boy style
personality plea when you’re really into the contrast but for most people those
are not necessary how do you get your dark blue then your mid wash you want to
go with black again with black jeans it is all about quality don’t buy cheap
black anything don’t buy cheap black anything because once you’ve washed it
one or two times it’ll start to favor you kind of Ashley dusty look
these are my favorite black jeans and they’re from a company rag-and-bone
unlike my blue jeans unlike my blue jeans these actually have the button fly
you can notice you really can’t see the stitching there’s no distressing and of
course it has the tapered at the end the beautiful thing about black jeans they
can be dressed up dress down but you want to make sure that they’re dark
enough to wear in that all-black look the look that I call black out these
jeans fit perfectly and I think to round out any Jean collection a guy needs a
pair of charcoal gray these are charcoal gray pair from the brand Jo look again
the stitching you can’t really see the stitching from afar slim fit no
distressing tapered at the end and for those of you who’ve noticed all my jeans
tend to fit the same way whether they’re dark blue mid wash black or grey they
look great on they can be dressed up they can be just now you can throw on
this jacket or you can throw the sports coat or blazer with them and make a
great classic look again most guys only need two to three pair of jeans in my
opinion the dark dark blue and either that mid wash or the black after that
you can decide to get the grey and then the blue you didn’t need however you
don’t need to get 10 or 20 pair of jeans those will do remember if you get your
jeans Kara’s most important what I do when I wash my jeans is I turn this
inside out I washed it I’m cold and then I let them air dry
I don’t dry them in the dry because I don’t want them to shrink up take care
of your clothes they’ll take care of you if you have any questions check the
description I’ll try to leave some answers to the most commonly asked
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  1. Great video Kevin! I recently started wearing jeans at work about a month ago, the women cant take it, i went from playa playa to bad boy at 53 😆! Which style black jeans should i be looking for on the Rag $ Bone site?

  2. One question about this subject, Kevin, what do you think about white Jeans or pants in general for men in summer? The answer might be interesting for others, too. Thanks!

  3. I must ask Kevin, what do you think about the "athletic fit" style? I watched your last video about slim fit jeans. In the near future I'll go give them a try, but last I tried them they were so uncomfortable. I used to wear relaxed fit, but recently tried athletic fit and I love them.

  4. Why do all you guys on these fashion videos,all do the same colors of jeans, there are more colors besides black gray, blue.

  5. Thoughts on sporting white denim during the spring/summer? I feel it can look killer with a nice pair of boots/ cuffed with loafers

  6. Do what you prefer. There are good brands out there that's why this type of advice is good – then again companies are putting out all kinds of stuff today, good and bad. Boot cut, straight, slim, regular, blue, dark, light, distressed, relaxed doesn't matter, it all depends on materials and fit. Don't know about anyone else but I have to have some space, though the style curve has changed. Low rise, skinny and ripped are out of the question but a comfortable straight fit above the waist is cool – but I had to buy myself a good sewing machine years ago to learn alteration techniques, to fix them my way. Wranglers tear easily, Lee's fade fast, Levi's range feast or famine, missed the whole hip hop revolution entirely (though I cherish my LRG's though). Polo, RL and RRL are pricey, and presently the whole boutique "selvedge" trend seems like marketing. Wish they just made jeans as they did back in the day (hint manufacturers) rugged for work, cool with shoes, boots and sneakers that can take washing and drying, but please no low or shallow pockets, flex or stretch material, elaborate back pocket designs or that "made in China" smell. Have about 10 pairs presently but mostly reach for my 1969's, only be careful they do stretch. Also our denim mills are just about extinct. A GOOD pair of jeans- how do you feel?

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