4 DIY Last-Minute Halloween Costumes | Brooklyn & Bailey

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hi guys. -Hi. -It’s Brooklyn and
Bailey and today we’re going to be showing you four
last minute Halloween costume ideas. And these costumes
are really great, because for all of
you that have yet to pick out your
Halloween costumes– -Or for all of those
procrastinators. -procrastination station. -These costumes are really great
because they’re probably stuff that you already have
laying around your house, and if you do these
costumes, remember to hashtag BBSpooktorials. -So that we can see
your recreation, and we’re super
excited to show you these costumes so let’s
go check them out. -To start off, my
scarecrow costume, I’ve just put on
some browns boots, and they can be whatever
brown boots you have. Next step, I’ve put on
my ripped overall jeans. They can be jeans or overalls. They both work for this costume. I’ve also added some straw in
the front pocket of my jeans to add to the overall
scarecrow effect, along with my straw hat,
and my scarecrow makeup. I also have this
orange plaid shirt that I recently got
from Target as well. -In case y’all were wondering,
I am actually Rosie the Riveter, and for her costume, I
put on these black boots, and these dark jeans,
and along with it, I also have a brown belt, and
a blue jean button down shirt. My hair is actually done by Cute
Girls Hairstyles– who is also my mom– and she just
recently put up a video on how to do the Rosie the
Riveter hairstyle, so if you need help, go check
out that video. And then on top of it
all, I have a red bandana. -The first part of my robber
costume are these black boots, and they could be
any black boots. They don’t have to
be a specific pair. And then you just have to
have black pants as well. So black jeans, or as I
have on, black leggings. We created this money
bag using the same method as our graphic
T-shirt designs, so if you don’t know
how to make that, be sure to click on that
video, so you can figure out how to make his
money bag as well. And voila, there
you have your bag to steal your money in
for your robber costume. Then I have this black and white
striped short sleeve shirt, and this black mask. It can be a superhero
mask or a mask, any mask. And then my black
beanie as well. I also have black gloves
and some red lipstick to finish off the costume. And yes, I did
fail at an attempt at a ninja roll in the park. -Can you guys guess who’s next? That’s right. It’s Waldo. And to start off Waldo’s outfit,
I have these plain black flats. And for my jeans,
I’m just wearing these high-waisted dark
jeans, but of course, any jeans you have
in your closet would be perfectly acceptable. As I’m sure all of
you know, Waldo always wears a red and
white striped top, so that’s what I’m wearing. And then to top it
off, I have my glasses and my red beanie just like
Waldo does in all of the books. And if you happen to have
an old camera laying around, that would definitely
be a perfect accessory for your costume. -Thank you guys so much
for watching our video. Give it a thumbs-up if you
found it helpful at all, and also, don’t forget to follow
us on Instagram if you want to see some of the Halloween
fun that we have, and I think that’s all we have for
the rest of the day, so we’ll see you guys next week. Bye! -Bye!

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