$350 Summer Clothing Try-On Haul ft. Papaya

I don't need to sound alarming but guys I turned 23 next week June 6 I want your guys but enemies hi guys what's up what embeds my channel for today's video Isaac you top the title this is a clothing haul hashtag another door and another Hall and all these faces are from highest thank you so much to papaya for sending this because honestly I remember in high school I would shop there all the freaking time so like to be able to work with them as almost see like but yeah see if you would like to know the pieces that I got just going to keep watching as always if you guys like me and you want to see more of me which I hope you do go ahead and follow me my screw down because you will see an outfit of the day version of all the items that I'm gonna show you guys in this video anyways that's going to get started we're gonna start off with the top I'm wearing you guys this top is so freakin cute you guys know that I love off the shoulders but this is a combination of a cold shoulder because of like this design right here with the strap and off the shoulder and you can't really like take off this shot I mean I feel like wear it like this if you want to but for today I can that's just like when I wear it as it is because it's really cute it is this red one and has these lace detailing on the sleeve and I feel like it just adds a little more unto the top like it's not very simple but it's not super out there and I love love love love wearing this with next item I'm about to show you guys because it kind of just like gives me that like bohemian chic look and it is this flared pants you guys I got this jeans from papaya and this is in the size 3 and this is what it looks like you guys now this has a fake pockets in the front which kind of sucks but in the back you have with me real pockets but you guys this is probably the most comfortable shoes I own and it's also flared jeans so I'm gonna wear this with one just because I'm only 5 – and that's on a good day so this parent would wet juice is gonna be the like perfect length but this is just what it looks like it's also high waisted which is awesome because this top right here is a little bit crock so this one and this one is just like the cutest outfit it is the perfect brunch outfit in my opinion and then the next one I have is this what I call is in a body suit this is so freakin soft and stretchy and it's not one of those body suits that has like a really thin material like I would say that this is kind of thick but not thick enough where you can't wear it during the summer time if that makes sense so it is this body suit and this one hugs my body really really well and I also print out with the flare jeans earlier I have to pause really quickly because one of my problems with wearing body suits and like jeans is that you can see the lining but oh my goodness you guys look at this you can't see the lining of the bodysuit is that not amazing also sorry for how I look right now but like you can't see the lining of the bodysuit and it's like right here unless I'm just born with it you can barely see it I don't know if it's the jeans I don't know if it's a top you can wear this with boyfriend jeans and mom G's high-waisted shorts and just like pretty much anything and even maybe like a fancy pants like palazzo pants you can definitely dress this up and down and I love the colorway so I had to get in the color white so I can wear this with a lot of things moving on I have this floral top and to be completely honest I'm not like oh my god like this is so great about this top because when I go like this the whole top like goes with it not really liking that however it is a cute top as almost like you're not moving like this it's just in this floral top again it's like a nice top for church or like brunch with your girls are like your boyfriend or whatsoever and it's super area which is cute but again the only thing I don't like is that if I go like this my whole table kind of raises and I think it's still super cute on to the next item I picked up another jeans and this is also another great cheese because you guys know that I really don't like wearing skinny jeans or just jeans and in general I mean I wear the same jeans over and over again because I have a couple of them in the different Levi's but this one is actually surprisingly we're comfortable and it's very soft and stretching you which is awesome and the color is nice because I don't have in like denim wash hair and this is what it looks like it has this like little distressing on your knee again it makes the booty look really really nice doesn't the size 3 and my waist is size 25 if you guys were wondering that I have this really basic top but not really basic because it has like detail on the sleeves yes it's on the strap it's just like this tour Coy's like brown circular detail right here and I feel like it just adds so much the top like this one would look super cute with layered necklaces and I also print it with the jeans Tyra showed you guys earlier and it's very very cute it's not super thin and it's also not super thick which is awesome because you can wear this in the fall or winter time as well as the spring and summertime this is probably one of my favorite tops that I got from papaya and it is this like white chiffon top this is great as a bikini cover-up or such a random top to go to brunch do the beach and just like pretty much anywhere it is one of those things that you like tie in the front and these sleeves are so freakin cute you guys because it's just so flowy and it has this like lettuce like design to it and not designed but like lettuce shape to it and it's so freaking cute moving on this is another top that I am very impressed because of the fit however this is a little bit on the thin side it is one of those call tops I think that's what it's called where it's like a regular tank top and the part right here kind of just like drops normally if that makes sense but you'll see in the trying better but this one is so sexy you guys and you can definitely dress this up or down you can make this look classy I don't know if they have this in the color black but I definitely want the black one or every single or color they have because it's so comfortable and very versatile up next I have a maxi dress and I usually don't pick up max just because like and I'm 5-2 on a good day so like I any maxi dresses will just like touch the floor for me unless I wear like super high heels but this is a really great summer dress and this is what it looks like this one fits great however I'm gonna need to end this because like I said I'm in a little shorty I'm only a 5-2 gal and this one is super long however everything in the top works but it's just the length of the dress that I need to like you know get it altered guys it's summertime and his sundress season sundress literally gives me life so I had to pick up this sundress is in this like salmon peach color and this one it looks like the only thing that I don't like about this is that I wrapped like this area right here and it's kind of big like I don't have a lot of things going on here I am a 34c however the fit on the waist and the length of this dress is perfect you guys it's just the breast area I'm just got to be honest so if you're like 34c and under I would not recommend this because it'll just look super bigger on this area but it is a cute dress it's a cute like date dress if you're going on a first date or a brunch or just like a picnic even know I said like I don't have a lot of things going on here but I have a lot of things going on here and it just didn't fit really well on me and also anything that is like a tube top doesn't really stay up here for me but this is what it looks like it is a really gorgeous like print and it's also a little tight around the waist area for me but the length of the dress is really nice the style of the dress is really nice but as far as sizing goes I probably should have gone I slice up because it doesn't really fit around this area and it doesn't stay like the top does it stay for me the next three dresses i'ma show you guys I'm very very very genuinely excited for them because they look so good you guys so the first one I have is this like cheetah and this is a cheetah print but this is what it looks like um and I know cheetah print allergic like animal prints are coming back or like I should I need to be trendy again so I wanted to like give it a shot I'm not someone who like likes crazy patterns I prefer like you know just like one colored solid color but this one I saw in the model and I was like oh my god that looks so good hopefully it looks good on me too and you guys won't like me like but let me just this looks so good on me so this is one of those cowl necks or like it has a very relaxed like oh yeah or like style right here which I love love love those kind of tops and it goes all the way down and this one goes below my knees like past my knees and this fits show freaky nice you guys this is also another item that you should completely completely get the pie and the great thing about this is that has a lining on the inside so it's not super thin and I'm going to Vegas next week like I've mentioned a million times so I will be taking this with me and this is something that I'm just gonna like where I drink the day when we're walking around and drinking like fat tuesdays or something but yes anyways I'm very excited I have this lavender dress you guys this silky dress and I know what it looks like it's a lingerie but it's really not it's like a cocktail dress for the club we're like night outs with friends and stuff and I don't have a lavender dress I just had to like you know step out of my comfort zone and pick this up because like look how pretty it looks when it hits the lion like it kind of just like makes it shiny and I personally am NOT a fan of body con dresses like I don't really like body con dresses because one I don't go out to clubs and all that stuff and I just like don't like you know dresses that like shape my body unless it's like a bikini and stuff however like this one makes my booty look good it makes me feel good and I think that's all that matters if something makes you feel good where it rocket who cares what other so I know this is a very like out there color but I feel like it's still settle enough for eight nighttime like hang out or like just a nighttime look and last but not least I have this like orange one like I said I picked up a lot of like silky looking dresses it is this one now this is something I would wear during the daytime it has this really nice lining here and the great thing about this there's like a little wiring so it'll definitely hold your friends um I guess what this is just what it looks like and like this perfect the fit is perfect but yeah so anyways that concludes at my home video for you guys I hope you guys join it again if you would like to purchase any of the pieces that I showed you guys I will have the product links down below and if you guys would like to see them in an outfit of the day or you just want to see me wear them out in a baaad go ahead and follow me on my Instagram which is offering that I acknowledge I will definitely be rocking these this summertime and in Vegas and yeah I hope you guys enjoy this video again thank you thank you guys so much for watching and I love you guys so so so so much and I will see you guys next time bye


  1. I used to love papaya, i haven’t shopped there in forever but they have some really cute stuff.

    I loved the lavender dress and flare pants

  2. Happy birthday!! ❤️ (also what is your Poshmark name? Your link to your profile doesnt work for me…)

  3. love their clothing. i wish they had plus size! does anyone know good plus size clothing stores similar to papaya?

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