$300 Toddler Clothing Shopping Spree!

– This is literally the
best feeling in the world. Who, who would ever, like, who, (gags), wow, gagging, shook. Dead, sleep. (upbeat music) Hey, guy, what’s up? It’s Raven and Ziya. Ziya just got out of the bathtub. And we are about to get dressed
because today is Saturday. It’s about noon, I wanted
to get this started a little earlier but we got
a late start to the day. I feel like that’s a trend with my vlogs. I’m always talking about
how I’m running late because I always find
myself running behind with other things that I need to get done. Hashtag mom life, I was working
on some videos this morning. But I did want to get ready today before it got too late and head out. We are going to go shopping. Ziya needs some new clothes,
the seasons are changing. It’s October now, which means that finally here in Texas, it’s
starting to get colder. And we’re starting to move
into the winter weather. Ziya needs new clothes for that but also just kind of in general. ‘Cause, as you know,
toddlers grow really fast. So a lot of the stuff that she has here, in her drawer, she has basically completely outgrown it or destroyed it. Because she destroys clothes. (toy makes cow moo sound) She destroys clothes so easily. It feels like half the time
I buy something she wears it once and it comes back like this. Here’s a simple white shirt, she probably only wore
this shirt like twice. I don’t know if it, oh,
there you go. (laughs) It is so, I don’t even know what that is. But no amount of bleach was able to get these stains out. It looks like she was literally
just rolling on the floor scraping herself across the floor outside. I mean, they get really,
really dirty at her preschool. ‘Cause they do a lot of outdoor play, they do a lot of arts and crafts. They get really muddy and dirty and messy and wet, which, I don’t care, she’s a kid. I want her to have fun and get dirty but I just have to understand
(toy makes cow moo noise). But I just kinda have to understand that there’s no use in buying
her really nice clothes or anything because they
are going to get dirty really, really easily and
sometimes completely ruined to where I cannot even get the stains out. A lot of her clothes are stained. A lot of them are she’s just outgrown them and a lot of them are just summer clothes and she needs more warmer clothes. So that is going to be
the agenda for today. We’re gonna go to a couple of places. Of course we’re gonna start with Target. But, actually, surprise, surprise, I actually went to Walmart the other day and I actually found Ziya a lot of stuff. So I got a bit of a head start on this because I went to Walmart for
something totally different and I ended up in the
toddler clothing section and I ended up getting her a few things. I feel like a lot of you guys have been telling me that I need to
give Walmart more of a chance. It’s just that my
specific Walmart location is not good, trust me you guys, not all Walmarts are created equal. You might have a really good
Walmart in your neighborhood. But where I live there’s
hardly anything good in there. But lately I’ve been going back more often just to kind of give it more of a chance and I’ve been finding a lot of good stuff. I feel like with Walmart
you can definitely get good basics, the
stuff is really cheap, and for kids clothes, that’s
just gonna get destroyed, like I said, anyway, there’s no use in spending a lot of money on it or getting anything super fancy. Definitely the Walmart’s kid’s clothing has been coming in clutch recently. And I actually found a lot of good stuff. I’m always open to giving it a chance and seeing what I can find. It’s just that I love Target and I always find
something at Target, okay? So after we go shopping
today I’m definitely going to do a full lookbook haul with Ziya so you can see all the
outfits we end up getting. (Ziya yelling and laughing) Here’s some pants. How is your nose so snotty already? I just wiped it, come here. Stop wiping it with your hands like that ’cause you’re just spreading
around your whole face. You have to say I need a tissue. (Ziya coughs) – Ouch. Ouch. – Alright, I’ve got my signature, going to Target outfit on. Looking very stylish, can
you even see my pants? Black sweatpants from Walmart,
white t-shirt from Walmart, baseball cap and I’m
wearing fit Puma Slides. And Ziya is snacking on
the rest of her quesadilla from this morning that she
didn’t finish her breakfast but at least she’s eating it now. So that counts for something. You ready to go to Target? (Ziya woos in excitement) Alright, just pulled up to Target. You ready to go? Is this your favorite store? – Mhm. – Yeah? Are you ready to get some new clothes and new shoes? Yeah? – I want new shoes. – Yeah I see the shoes you have on now, they’re super cute, but you need some new rainboots for school. What kind of shoes do you wanna get? – A rainbow. – Huh? – A rainbow. – Rainbow? What kinda clothes do you wanna get? – A rainbow shirt. – What? – A rainbow shirt. – A rainbow shirt? – Uh-huh. – So you want a rainbow
shirt and rainbow shoes? – I want the rainbow shoes. – Jump down. Good job, now hold my hand. You have to hold my
hand in the parking lot. Thank you. (upbeat music) Can you get a basket? Look at this, boo boo. You see the Pikachu stuff? And the dog in the plane. – Oh, yeah, that plane. – I see him. (Ziya mumbling) That’s Minecraft and Mario. You don’t know nothing about that. They’re starting to bring
out the Christmas stuff. (Ziya groans) Oh, that’s cute, bunny rabbit ears. What is this? A unicorn hood on a jacket. And a dinosaur. Oh, look at this pretty jacket. Fluffy. Oh, it’s so soft. You wanna touch it? Is that so soft? Oh, this is cute. – I want it, I want it. – You like this one? – I want it (mumbling) – Harry Potter? Hmm? Oh, it’s Princess Knight? I see it. You guys, something crazy just happened. I think this might be the first time in Raven Elyse TV history
that I have gone into Target, and this time I actually went to Target for a specific reason,
I didn’t just go there just to go there, but
the first time that I’ve gone into Target and walked out without buying a single item. I did not spend a single dollar. I walked out empty handed. And I always find
something at Target, okay. I don’t know what’s going on. Literally, it doesn’t
matter if I go to Target for nothing or for something,
I’m gonna find a way to buy something. I looked all around the kid’s clothing. Just really did not see anything especially for the prices
that they had the stuff. And they just didn’t
really have that much of a selection anyways, I don’t know if it’s because they are still
switching the store around and restocking things or like, we’re kind of in between seasons right now so they haven’t gotten
all the new stuff in yet. But I just didn’t really see anything. Also I was getting cranky because I’m super hungry right now. I really have not eaten so I need to stop and eat right now first before
we got to any other store. Okay, update, just pulled up to Chipotle. So we’re gonna take a lunch break and then we’ll see if we can get this shopping thing together. (Ziya coughs) Are you eating your chips? You don’t want it? Okay, guys, so it is a few days later from the last clip that you saw. We did not end up getting
anymore shopping done that day. After the Target fail,
which was really weird. But it’s few days later
and I am at it again. Trying to get the shopping done. Ziya is over here playing on her little piano thing. (laughs) Ogden got her this for her
first birthday, I think. I wanna go to Old Navy,
I wanna go to Carter’s, and then I wanna go over to the other mall and just kinda see, I also need to get, something special. Because you guys may have
heard me talking about the big giveaway that I’m gonna be doing for my one million subscriber celebration. So I also need to go to the Apple store to buy some of the
prizes for the giveaway. So you guys are gonna see some of that in this video as well. I’m really excited. This is like the best
giveaway I’ve ever done so I hope you guys are excited. Again, just make sure
that you are subscribed to my channel and make sure
you watch my next video. The next video that I
upload after this one is going to give you
the actual information on how to actually enter the giveaway. Like I said, I’m going
to the Apple store today to get part of the prizes,
that’s not even all the prizes. So you’re definitely gonna wanna make sure that you are subscribed and like I said, watch my next video so
that you can actually enter the giveaway in my next video. For now, we are off to the stores to get Ziya some new clothes. You ready to go shopping? – Mhmm, yes. – Okay, so we just pulled up to Carter’s. I had to take my hoodie
off and change my shirt because I thought it was gonna be a nice fall day, chilly,
you know, fall weather. But keep forgetting that we’re in Texas. It’s literally 80 degrees today. I thought this was gonna be
a nice little fall festivity. Wear our hoodies, go shopping for jackets and new fall clothing and
it’s literally 80 degrees. And it is November, so that’s just Texas weather for you guys. I took Ziya’s jacket off as well. She is insisting on wearing her sunglasses right now even
though it’s not sunny at all. It’s really foggy. But yeah, we just pulled up to Carter’s and then we’re gonna go to Old Navy and then maybe check out TJ Maxx. We’re just gonna see what we can find. She needs comfy warm clothes. Because I know, eventually,
it will get a little colder. Hopefully, I think so. (laughs) So I’m just looking for
stuff like leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts,
as well as a new jacket. ‘Cause her winter jacket from last year is a little small on her. Hoodies, things like that. You wanna put the jacket on. It’s not cold, it’s actually hot. If you wear that you’re gonna be sweating. So you don’t need it, boo boo. I’ll let you wear the glasses but we don’t need the jacket okay? Let’s leave the jacket in the car. – Uh-uh. – Please? – Uh-uh. – I’m telling you it’s too hot. – Mommy put your hat on. – Put my hat on?
– Mhm. – I don’t wanna wear a hat. – Mommy (mumbling) – Okay, come here, hop down. – Put your hat on, mommy. – I don’t wanna wear a
hat, why are you so bossy? – Put your hat on mommy. Here’s your hat. – I don’t wanna wear the hat. – Put your hat on. – (laughs) Why you want
us to be all accessorized going into the store? (laughs) I don’t need it, boo boo. – Put the hat on. – I don’t need it. – Put the hat on. Put the hat on. – In a minute. – I’ll put it on after this store, okay? – Put the hat on. – Okay, okay. Is that better for you? – Uh-huh, I need a hat, too. – You don’t have a hat. Maybe we’ll find a hat in the store. Come one, let’s go look. Go ahead. What is that? Bathtime basketball. Uh oh, pick it up please. – Uh oh. Mommy hold my hand. – Let’s see, your section
is further back here. ‘Cause you’re getting bigger now. (Ziya mumbles) You need to find what? We’re looking for pants and jackets okay? Oh, this is cute. Poodle, is that a poodle dog? You like that? Or do
you like the ballerinas? – Um, ballerina one. – You like the ballerina ones? Is this your size? This
is four through 14. Let’s look at the shoes, maybe. You hear a baby? You like any of these boots. – I wanna hold you. – I wanna hold you? You like these brown boots
with the glitter on it? – Uh-huh. – Oh, look at these. Those are so cute with little stars on it. They only have size seven I
think you might need an eight. You like that one, it’s cozy? Do you like this one with the unicorn? – No. – You don’t like that one? Why not? Which one do you like. – The jackets. – You don’t like this? – Uh-uh. – I like that one. – The jacket one. – You like this? You already
have like 15 of these. – That one. – We already have that. – The jacket one. – Which one, this? – No. The jacket. – This? We already have this though. Do we need another one for this year, too? You wanna try it on? It doesn’t have a zipper, boo boo. – I don’t want it. – You don’t like it? Take it off. – No, on. – Well you can’t keep it
on, we have to buy it. You wanna buy it? – No. I leaving it off. – Okay, put it back on here. What you got? What’s that? – A fork (mumbles) – A fork? That’s a thermos
for your lunch at school. And we got a bunch of stuff. – Those are mine. – Those are yours? Yeah. – You can see that (mumbles) – You got a lot of cozy stuff. And some stuff for Christmas. Alright, so we’re done with Carter’s. We got a good amount of stuff actually. A bag full of stuff. Ziya found some stuff that she liked. Now we’re on our way to Old Navy. And I always find cute stuff there. I like that they’re not
super baby-ish, tacky styles. They’re more like calmed
down simple styles which is what I like. – I want some toys. – Some toys? They don’t really have toys here. This is your section
over here, toddler girl, up to five T, let’s see. We got some cute t-shirts. Which ones do you like? You like that one? Look up here, what about these? I see some pretty pink and sparkly. – Whoa. – Invent the future. Always, amazing. You like that beanie? This is a silly monster beanie. Look at that. – (mumbles) Put it back. – Put it back, okay,
you don’t like that one? Radiate positivity, that’s cute. Hmm? Is this a long sleeve? Yes, they’re 30 percent off. Best sister in the universe. – I have to take this back. – Why’d you take it out? I like these positive sayings. But I should probably get the
stuff that’s not all pink. Ziya, leave it in there,
stop messing with that. Do you need a big poofy jacket like this? You do need some boots. Hey, did you just kick that? – No. – Oh, this is a cute
jacket with the pink fur. – Pink fur. – You like that one? Oh, cute jean jacket. I think we have to get this. Alright so I’m looking at pants. Like stuff besides
leggings and sweatpants. She literally has no jeans
right now that fit her. We got a cart, by the way,
to keep her contained. I found these really cute boyfriend jeans. They’re cuffed at the
bottom, have a little bit of distressing and then,
here, you wanna hold those? – Um, no. – No? Okay, I’ll hold it. And then these green cargo pant things. Huh? You like those? – No. – You don’t like em? – Put it back. – Put it back? – Put that blue back. – Put the blue ones back too? You don’t like em? – Put it back. – Oh, you just want me
to put it right here. Yeah, so we got boyfriend
jeans, green cargo pants, then also these medium washed jeggings. Skinny jeggings with the elastic band. Which are honestly easier
than the real jeans. Ohhh, look at the
Christmas dress over here. Looks like Mrs. Clause. Let’s see, hmm? – (mumbles) – That’s a what? Let’s
see, four T, three T, why does three T look like only boy stuff? – I see Barbie. Right there. That’s Barbie. – Is that a Barbie? Of course they put the toys
right next to the kid’s clothes. – Ziya and mommy. – And mommy. What do you want for Christmas? You have to start making
your Christmas wishlist. Oh I see where the three T girl stuff is. Woop, shoopdedoop, shoop, dedoop. (gasps) Look at these little
Nike satin pink pants. – I like them now. – You like that? – They’re mine. – That is so cute but these are two T. Do they have it in three T? Those are so cute. With the white stripe. Man, why are they two
T? You need a three T. Ralph Lauren dress. Of course they don’t have these. Oh, yes! Ah, yes! It’s our lucky day, found em in three T. I don’t know if we’re gonna do a formal Christmas look this year. Oh, this is a cute little
Nike pullover, too. Simple, gray, cozy,
yeah, we’re getting this. Good Nike finds a TJ Maxx. Alright, just finished
up at Carter’s, Old Navy, then we went to Famous Footwear. I was looking for boots for her, they didn’t have anything,
then we went to TJ Maxx. And that’s when we found
the cute Nike stuff and we actually found this as well. Ziya is showing you. It’s like some floam squishy stuff that never dries out and I thought that that would be nice to have. ‘Cause I have playdoh
for Ziya at the house but all the playdoh dried
up so that was on sale for six dollars and it never dries out. So I thought that was a cute
little thing for Ziya to do. So we bought that at TJ Maxx as well. Now we are heading over to the mall area to go to the Apple store,
’cause like I said, I need to get some giveaway
prizes for you guys from the Apple store as well as, I still had my eye on that maroon velvet Adidas thing that I saw in Nordstrom when we did the shopping
challenge with Craig. I still want that, so I wanna
see if they still have that at Nordstrom as well
as see if there’s any. I was trying to think of what
other stores I could go to to check for shoes for
Ziya, that would have boots. Like toddler boots. You like your, what is that called, floam? What is this called? – Foam. – Foam? What colors of foam do you have in there? Let me see. What colors did you get? – Green, that’s green, – Mm-hmm. – And green,
– Mm-hmm. – And yellow,
– Mm-hmm. – And pink,
– Mm-hmm. – And orange,
– Mm-hmm. – Orange,
– Mm-hmm. – And pink,
– Mm-hmm. – Purple. – Mm-hmm. Oh, pretty, sparkly Vans. – That one is pretty. – That one’s pretty, too? – This is my favorite. – That one’s your favorite? – Mm-hmm. That’s this one.
– This one? – This is mine. – Oh, yeah, you have those already. You’re wearing em right now. We’re just looking, thank you. (employee indistinctly responds) Thank you. – That’s mine. – Yeah, you have those. Let’s not mess it up, let’s
put it back to how it was. Ziya. Are these legit Uggs? Yes. Black uggs, do we need to
do Uggs again this year? I’m not sure if we do. You just outgrow em so fast. Oh, these little Doc Martens are cute. – Mommy? – You like those ’cause they’re glittery? – Mommy. In another shoe. – Hmm? – I need the other shoes. – You need the other one? Yeah, this is just for display. So they just put one so you can look at it and you have to ask for the other one. The black sparkly one. – This one. (mumbles) – Hmm? – This other sparkly one. – And the other sparkly ones. We need boots though, boo boo. Hmm? Oh you’re saying ‘dos’. Yes, two. Dos means two, very good. Can you put those back? Let’s look at these boots over here. Come here, look at these boots. What do you think about these? Do you like these? Right here, Ziya. – I like these. – You like those? You already have those. (Ziya laughing) You dancing? Okay, show me what you’re trying on. The hunter rainboots. Can you stand up so I can see? Wow, you like those? Those are gonna be good for school. For jumping in the mud, right? You like em? How do they look? (Ziya screams) Good? Okay, but what about these? – No! – You don’t like these? Why not? Because they’re not pink? Is that why? You can’t buy everything pink. – These are pink. – Yeah, but what about those? – (mumbles) They’re black. – Those are black so you don’t want em? Pink? I think we have to do pink if
it’s a Raven Elyse giveaway. – [Employee] This is a seven plus and we carry eight plus
and then the new versions are 10, 10s, 10s max, and 10 R. – The newest one? – [Employee] So we can
look at the newest one. – Okay, yeah. – [Employee] This is,
I’m gonna get a SIM-free, unlocked phone so then that
way you know when the giveaway, if this works with any carrier. It doesn’t have a SIM card in there. They just put their SIM card in there and it’s unlocked to work on any carrier. And in the states or overseas, too. – Macbook air, rose gold. Ipad, whatever this is
called, sixth generation. Rose gold. And a brand new iphone
x whatever it’s called. Xs? Also kind of the rose gold color as well. Alright we are back from shopping. Ziya is upstairs taking a nap. As you saw we got a bunch of cute clothes and some shoes for Ziya
and that will be my next video I will do a try on haul. So Ziya can try on all her new outfits and show you guys how
it all looks together. So stay tuned for my next video. But, as you guys also saw, we went to the Apple store, and I got a few things for you guys. This is literally the
best feeling in the world. Like, who, like, who would ever, (gags), wow, gagging, shook. Dead, sleep. I’m excited and I don’t even get to, I don’t even get to keep this stuff and I was so excited to buy it ’cause this is like, this is like every youtuber’s dream, every, I
think it’s every person’s dream in general to be able to like, get cool stuff and give it away. That’s just a great feeling and especially as a youtuber, you know, the Apple product giveaways
are the big thing. And you know how it is. First thing that I got for you guys is a rose gold macbook air. I am so bad with the Apple
product names these days. I just can’t keep up with
what everything is called. I think this is a macbook
air, 12 inch, rose gold. Real cute, real nice, real fresh, so good. And then another winner
is going to win the ipad. So I got the rose gold, I
love how the Apple packaging is just like nothing, like
what the heck is that? But I got the rose gold ipad as well. Just going along with the theme. It really wouldn’t be
a Raven Elyse giveaway if I didn’t get the rose
gold one, I mean, c’mon. It’s the cutest one, don’t at me. Again, I don’t know
exact, this is the ipad sixth generation, 32 gigabyte, wifi, ipad. Very nice, very good, and fresh as well. So someone gonna win a macbook, someone’s gonna win an ipad. And someone (singing) is gonna
win the brand new iphone. (regular voice) That
just came out recently. This is the iphone xs? Very good and fresh as well. I got the rose color, I don’t
know if it’s called rose or what but it’s kind of a
metallic rosie color on the back as well so yeah. Brand new. Good and fresh. I don’t know why I’m saying
good and fresh so much. Like, what, James Charles
just entered my spirit today. But really awesome, I
don’t even have this phone. Literally, I bought
this phone for you guys and I haven’t even got
the phone for myself yet. I still have the iphone seven I think. So literally, I don’t
even have this phone, but I got it for you guys. It is the brand new, nicest
phone that they have right now. And yeah, someone’s gonna win the macbook, someone’s gonna win the ipad,
and someone’s going to win the iphone along with each of
those three things, though, there’s gonna be extra
stuff added to go with it. I’m talking gift cards, okay? (whispering) Target, Starbucks, Sephora. (regular voice) You
know, good stuff, okay? Good stuff. So yeah, you guys, if you would like a chance at winning one of
these three Apple products along with all the other
prizes that are going to be going with the products
then just stay tuned to my next video where
I’m going to be giving you the actual factual information to actually enter the giveaway. The giveaway has not started yet. I’m just getting the
prizes ready, like I said. And I wanted to let you guys know what some of the prizes are. And just make sure that you are subscribed and make sure that you
watch my next video. Because that is gonna be the video where I actually tell you
how to enter the giveaway. But for now just make sure
that you are subscribed to my channel, we’re getting
really close to one million. And when I hit one million,
that is when I’m going to announce the winners. That’ll probably be around Thanksgiving. Around the end of this month. So, yeah, I’m super excited. I hope you guys are excited. My next video is going to be
the try on haul with Ziya. So that she can show
you all the stuff that we got for her today as
well as the information for the giveaway, like I just said. So make sure that you
guys stay tuned for that. But that’s it for this video. So give it a thumbs if you enjoyed it. Subscribe if you are not already. Especially if you want to
be ready for the giveaway. And I will see you guys in my next one. Bye.

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