3 Must-Have Homestead CLOTHING ESSENTIALS!

Hey it’s Jaime from Guildbrook Farm and today I’m going to tell you my top three farm clothes that I think are essential to
every homestead. Alright let’s get started. I thought about this for a while,
if somebody was getting into homesteading I wanted to come up with a
list of the top three clothing items that I think every homesteader should
own. Three things that I think are extremely important to having a homestead and to working on a homestead and we are going to run through them and I’m going
to tell you why for each one. All right you ready?
Number one: Gloves. You’re going to find yourself in all kinds of icky
situations touching things that you don’t want to touch with your bare hands.
If you have animals, you might find yourself mucking out poop and you’re not
going to want to touch that with your fingers. Trust me on that one.
It stinks. If you’re working in the garden you are going to be picking bugs.
That is your business. A gardener is going to be picking bugs and slugs and
guess what guys… You’re going to be squishing them, and that’s just
absolutely disgusting. So yes, gloves are going to help with
that. On top of that you might find yourself picking up debris from the yard
and dragging that over to a brush pile or something like that. You don’t
want to cut your hands on that kind of stuff. Some of this bark can be kind of
heavy, so having gloves protects your hands. And last but not least, depending
on where you are, at least here, we have tons of poison ivy. You might be grabbing
some sort of poisonous plant or if you have spiky amaranth like we do here
you’re not going to want to grab that with your bare hands guys. You’re going
to want to grab it with a pair of gloves. I think the number one thing that every
homesteader ought to have, is gloves. Now the kind that I have… cheap sock gloves
covered in latex. We had one subscriber that actually recommended these to us
after one of our February gardening videos where I was complaining about how
my really expensive gloves kept blowing out in the fingers. These things are
about a dollar per pair. We bought them on Amazon for like 12 bucks for a pack
of 12 or something like that. I’ll leave the link down in the description. And
these guys are totally worth it. I use them everyday for all kinds of stuff.
So number one? Gloves. Clothing item number two: Rain Poncho. I’m
not talking a rain jacket. A rain jacket is only going to come to your waist and
you’re going to have sideways rain that’s blowin into your boots. Guys, you need a
full on poncho that’s going to cover you all the way down to the tops of your
boots. So on a homestead you guys are going to have to take care of your
animals and everything else in any kind of weather, and a poncho is what you need when you got torrential rain that’s pouring in and you got to go out and
water the animals. You got to go feed your animals. You got to go out and check
on something in the garden, maybe. Who knows what you got going on. Maybe you’re going out to gather wood. So definitely get yourself a poncho. Now
don’t go cheap on Poncho’s guys. You don’t want to go get one of those
disposable garbage bag ones that you can get at an amusement park. You want to go get yourself a real decent poncho. If you guys have access to an army-navy store,
that’s the way to go. I got this one off Amazon. It has a cool benefit of somehow turning into a tent so if I get lost between say the barn and my house, I can
make camp. And last but not least… Number three: Mucking boots. I know it’s totally sexy
with the shorts, right? I personally find this the most important of all of the
clothing that you should have on the homestead. A really good pair of boots and
ideally they should be waterproof and they should be at least knee high. Now the reason for this is if you have animals you’re going to find yourself mucking out
stalls, stepping through poop, draggin out poop, draggin out mud, all that kind of
stuff. You’re not going to want those on your good sneakers because it’s going to
go with you everywhere. Mud. No matter where you are you’re going to be walking
through mud. You’re going to be hauling stuff through mud. You’re going to be in
your garden in mud, and you’re going to want to have some nice boots that are
comfortable, that’s going to keep the mud off your feet and keep your feet dry.
Waterproof is key with this one. And snakes. High grass. If you find yourself
in an area with weeds, grass, definitely having a high pair of good
boots is going to prevent snakebite. Those snakes can strike pretty high and having
on a good pair of boots can help prevent you from getting any kind of
snakebite. So the brand I wear is Bogs, and I personally really love this brand.
I think they’re extremely comfortable. They’re waterproof, they have really cool
handles for pulling on the boots, really easy to slip on and slip off. Anytime I
come outside I’m just throwing them on, obviously with whatever I have on, and do
my chores and kick them off at the door to go back in. Now full disclosure, I need
to say that after having these for about 14 months, the rubber on the boots
started to crack and dry rot. Rubber started pulling away from the side. So I
complained to the company and they sent me a completely new pair for
free. Now to me that speaks quality. Any company that’s willing to back their
product like that is good in my eyes and I’ll definitely deal with
them in the future because of the way that they back their product. Now these are
Marina’s. Marina’s are a lot lower and they’re more of the stylish version of
Bogs. The Bogs that I have are made for dairy farmers who are working in the
dairy, so commercial dairies are where Bogs originated, and that’s the type of Bogs that I have. What Marina’s are, are more of a designer Bog and to
be quite honest they’re uncomfortable as heck. at least I think so. I think
they’re really narrow and just uncomfortable. So just keep that in mind.
These might not fit the same as my pair but these are significantly cheaper than
my pair. Another brand that a lot of other people like to use are the ones
that ilaria likes to wear. So these are iLaria’s boots and these are Sloggers. Now
you might see a lot of other channels that really like the Sloggers brand on
there. They’re really cute. They’re a lot lower
than mine. iLaria likes them because of the derpy cows on them. They come in
a lot of fun designs. They’re not quite as functional as the Bogs, not quite as
comfortable as the Bogs, but they are significantly cheaper than the Bogs. So
these are another option if this is something that you want to get into or
something you want to purchase. Alright so there you go guys. These are my top 3
farm clothes that I think are essentially to every homestead. If you guys are homesteaders, I would love to know your thoughts on this. Do you agree with me do you disagree with me? Leave your comments down below, I’d love to hear
from you guys. If you guys like this kind of stuff, “Like”, Subscribe, make sure you
hit the bell so you’re notified every time we put out a new video, and we’ll
see you in the next video. Thanks for watching guys.
I’m gonna go make a tent out of this now. Seriously it has been the rainiest
spring we have ever had, and the entire week that we’re supposed to shoot this
video it’s calling for rain, and it doesn’t. I got hosed Tommy.


  1. hoping to get property here in so cal soon…just made an offer on 2.6 acres yesterday. would love to move in the homestead direction.

  2. Definitely need to get myself a poncho asap if I'm going to get more work done in the garden. It's been raining a lot in WNC mountains, too. I miss the sun!

  3. thoes gloves are amazing for outdoor work! i use them for everything and they are way more effective then any garden glove on the market

  4. Before watching I thought number one boots number to loves number three I'm not sure.
    Rain poncho is great advice. My dad worked construction for years and years and I have his big heavy duty yellow rain jacket that comes down to about my knees I love it it's great for out working on the farm.
    And, oh yeah, I love my Boggs. 3 1/2 years of daily wear, and they're still going strong. They're super comfortable just like the day I bought them. I am considering getting a pair of ankle boots for summer though it does get hot working out there in the high calf boots.

  5. Do the boots have inserts? Love that they backed the product, sold. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Some how think he was enjoying that hose spray. LOL

  6. Y'all crack me up, I completely agree with your top 3. Also the change in your scheduling sounds promising, we love your bloopers at the end of filming. Trying your tomato chips right now, smelling awesome if they taste as great as they smell I'm sure we will never buy chips again. Thanks again and keep the videos coming.

  7. Great job on this one ๐Ÿ™‚ Your videos are getting better & better. Love that poncho! Yea on the gloves if anyone out there hates the rubber gloves I picked up the cheapest pair of cotton with traction dots to work with in the colder months …they work out great for me & still protect against the pricklies…I think they were 3.00 at Tractor Supply…support your local walk in retailers if you can.

  8. Agreed! I think my boots are Sloggers (they were gifted), but work just as well. My son bought me fancy garden gloves for Mother's Day last year, I think the brand was Bamboo? Supposed to be resistant to poking thorns and needles? Nope. Plus the rubber stuff dry rotted over the winter. If there were a number 4, it would be a hat.

  9. You could send us your rain, we've had 3 weeks without. got a but this week, but everything is still brown

  10. I used to wear those gloves at work but when they get wet they would give me fissures.
    We use xtratuf and muck boots but my wife just bought a pair of Grundens Deck Boss Boots. Look them up. So far they have been really good boots.
    Great video.

  11. Wouldn't have guessed the artificial rain. Nice job again you two. I do notice you start talking faster Jaimy.

  12. Also a wide brimmed hat, sunnies, and sunscreen.๐Ÿจ๐Ÿจ. Oh btw, my neighbour wears his old cricket pads when he's cutting the grass cause some bush grasses are like knife blades and cut you to smitherines.๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ yep, it's an original and a funny sight to see!!

  13. Nooooo, dont throw away the wood, make your own charcoal. I just discovered how to make it, and thought I would share, lol.

  14. I have long dark colored aprons that I wear on sunny days. Keeps my shirt and jeans cleaner. Try some rubber conditioner on those boots, to prevent cracking!

  15. Another 3 items I would add: denim jeans, the high quality ones, because they are long lasting and protect your legs from all kinds of things. Bugs, poison ivy, stinging nettles, barbed wire etc. next would be a long sleeve cotton or wool shirt, for much the same reasons as jeans. Bonus of wool – it doesn't burn well if it's wet. Finally, steel cap work boots, preferably leather. These come in varying quality, but if it's high quality, they will last a long time and will prevent you from stubbing your toe or accidentally crushing it. I enjoyed this video very much, and agree wholeheartedly with your list, especially the poncho and boots, as it rains a lot where I live. Keep the great content coming ๐Ÿ˜Š

  16. Got all of it except the poncho!! Got to get me one of those!! Great video guys! Love the outtakes at the end!!

  17. Love your outfit at the end, I wear my summer pj's out to the barn with my muck boots, hubby just laughs!

  18. I love Sloggers boots! They're especially great if you have an allergy to rubber, like I do. I was so very happy when I discovered them!

  19. good video!!! my boots came from "wally world", and for $12.99, I can get new ones anytime there's a need. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Enjoy all your videos! From your comments and reading the bogs website, can I assume you have the "ultras"? Some reviews said they were good for cold weather. Do you find them too warm in the summer months?

  21. LOL…you guys crack me up! We're getting chickens soon and I thought we should probably get some sort of "outside" shoes so we don't track any poo indoors. I don't think I need to go as hardcore as you guys do…but the idea is good just the same. By that I mean we don't have goats or much mud at all… Fun video! Thanks!

  22. Funny thing, every spring and fall I am layered up and getting rained on and cold, yet have had a hard time dropping the money on poncho. You might of pushed me over the edge and given it some more serious thought about getting one. Boots and thick leather gloves are on top of my list for must own items.

  23. I need to try Bogs. I have a cheap pair of rubber boots and they lasted six months. I really like Alaria's derpy cow boots. Sorry if I spelled her name wrong. ๐Ÿ˜†
    I love that you had to make your own rain for the full poncho effect.
    Enjoying the more frequent vids. I can get my GF fix more often! ๐Ÿ’™

  24. Hi. your clothes on the clothes line are getting wet
    Also when you pick your bugs from the garden why don't you feed them to your chickens? Thanks for the videos.

  25. I agree those are three types of clothing. We live in Oregon and we have rain. Why we have never thought to on a poncho instead of our rain coat. We do have rain pants. I found your Channel and can't wait to watch more. I am subscribing. We started our channel 117 days ago and have been VLOGing ever since. We are Heartiness Approach.

  26. Liked the vid ! Also I use muck boots so far so good with them I have chickens and a garden looking to get goats! Anyway I think what I'd add to your list is overalls … I live in Virginia and we tend to have a lot of snakes where we are so boots and a good pair of overalls are a must! Esp when cleaning out the coop! I get poo from wait down lol and just not messing up my daily clothes is good too .. just a thought ! BUT it can get pretty hot in the summer!

  27. I love the humor in your videos (especially the bits you include at the end).

    Boots were the first things I purchased over the winter when my yard practically became a mud pit. Gloves weren't far behind. I think I'm going to have to check out the ones you shared, they look like a great deal!

  28. I nearly spit my coffee out over lost between the barn and the house! There are days I have started in one direction and ended up on so many side trips it felt like I was lost!

  29. haha! seems that you guys have created a run on those ponchos over at Amazon. they are almost out of them, like "order soon, only 3 left in stock".

  30. I was wishing for the behind the scenes with the water hose rainmaker … and you delivered hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I got my Bogs here at 1/2 price! http://www.6pm.com/bogs-women-shoes/CK_XAVICogzAAQHiAgMYAQo.zso
    I love them and they have worn well for me, size right under my knee.

  32. Totally agree with the boots and gloves. Typically we wear leather gloves and have the finger tips blow out the ends after a couple months. Also had the same issue you had with your Bogs with our Muck boots… Im still wearing them and haven't contacted the company. But that is an idea. We don't usually wear ponchos.

  33. I wear those same gloves! Great for digging in the dirt! I have not tried the Bogg's but I use Muck boots. Actually never thought of getting a poncho. Good idea!

  34. Good for Bogs! Reminds me of LL Bean. I wear my Wellies in the barn and garden mud.Gloves are a must have. Poison ivy isย not my friendย !ย  We have a healthy crop of the dreaded three leaf in our stone walls. I have light and heavyย farm rain slickers and would wear gortex rain pants ifย it was pouring. We don't see many rattlesnakes in central NH anymore. I'm sure you have more varieties… we do have cute grass and garter snakes that live in the garden.

  35. I LOVE my bogs. Mine don't have the handles, but they're taller. I haven't had any issue with mine other than I was stupid and didn't have my t-post slammer thing, to I went to jump on the sides to push it in… it was pointed backwards, not flat. Doh! We live in the Pacific NW, so we get wet. Really wet. BUT… though I did make holes, unless I'm literally walking in standing water, I don't get any leaks. Because the whole boot is rubbery and flexible. They are a bit hard to get on and off, but there's a protrusion at the heel so you can use one foot to remove the other.

    ALSO- they are WARM! I am always cold, but these can get toasty, which is great in the winter- not as great in the summer. But love my bogs, best gift I ever got. Love em.

    Also- if you're out a lot: DON'T WEAR COTTON CLOTHS!!! It hold perspiration and will keep you the opposite temperature you want. They have a lot of natural and synthetic fibers to help cool/retain heat depending on the season and your needs, and layer better than cotton. Spend more- own less. I personally have become rather fond of Colombia Sportwear (they have a omni-heat reflective sweaters and jackets, plus base layers that are easy to slip others stuff over), and Bombas socks, I only own like one set- they are pricey! Shoot, all of these are pricey, But I love them!!! I have never returned them, and I have bought countless other clothes that didn't work for me.
    And an odd tip I learned from a homesteader a long while back for when it's really cold- wear a fleece skirt OVER your warm pants. Seriously! Not too long or it will get yucky, but it traps the heat really really really well! I LOVE it! Forgot where I bought mine… he uses recycled Fleece. Oh yea, MouseWorks.

  36. I love my Boggs! Good to know that I can get a new pair for my cracked ones! Personally, I prefer rain pants and a jacket, rather than a pan hot. I have the regular kind for warmer weather and Neoprene for our cold, wet winters.

  37. In Australia a broad brim hat is essential as I suppose places like Texas would be as well if you live in a sunny area a hat that sheds your face ears and neck is very helpful in preventing heat stroke and avoiding skin cancer

  38. We arenโ€™t full on homesteaders yet but ramping up. We rent right now and praying about owning. Not only do you inspire me but I love your recipes for homemade stuff! I was expecting Jeremy to really pelt you with water when you said torrential rain. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Hey… donโ€™t get lost between the barn and the house ๐Ÿ˜‚! Have a blessed day!!!

  39. This video was super funny and interesting. The tent๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚I laughed so much. Fantastic. And all very true ๐ŸŒŸ

  40. Hey, maybe you can help me! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I saw the camo pattern on the poncho here and realized that it is the same as the pattern on your long sleeve shirt / pants you have. The camo ones with the leaf pattern. I find them really beautiful and wanted to ask where you got them from. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep it up!

  41. Old video I know but… Hahaha, I was just think why were you hanging your clothes to dry in the rain… then I saw your special effect at the end…lol

  42. Yes, you are so right
    the boots. I am a farmer and yes, having a good pair of knee high water proof boots is sooooo very important. And you can keep the farm โ€œout of your house.โ€ And I also agree about a good rain poncho and good pair of gloves. I will also have to add comment that you should always have several extra pairs of everything on hand. Especially because if SHTF/grid going down you wonโ€™t be able to replace a pair if/and when damaged.

  43. I'm kind of partial to my Red Wings. The only boots I have had last more than about 3 months. They aren't always the most comfortable boots but nothing else will survive me for very long.

  44. I love rocking my cow boots! I have the same sloggers. Great in the garden or picking wild cranberries in a bog.

  45. With gardening fun little tip putting cheap beer in a container letting sit out in the garden it will help with slug control my husband and I found that this works

  46. Living in Australia the land with the top ten deadliest snakes in the world all my kids began wearing rubber boots at abou age three everytime they stepped off the back porch as we would on very hot days have snakes come onto the back porch for shade so we learned to look down before we stepped out the door and I was pretty paranoid with my kids most snake bites happen when people hurt by trying to kill or catch a snake or if yjy

  47. Looking good with your sexy gloves, poncho, and muck boots, Jamie๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘ Good selections for most important items. I use my gloves and muck boots all the time. I don't have a poncho but that's a great idea!! Thanks for the video.

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