3 DIY Embellished Jeans – Pearl, Studded, Ribbon Trim Frayed Denim

Denim is one of my favorite materials
and you can catch me in jeans all year round. Today we’re going to DIY three
really cool ways to embellish and improve your jeans that’s on-trend for
this spring summer. I thrifted these Jordache pants and cut them into shorts.
I mean they’re meh but we’re going to bedazzle them! I got these star shapes
split pins at Michael’s for two dollars and thought these would be a great no
sew or hammer option for embellishing. Because I don’t wash my jeans often I
thought they’d be pretty well rust protected. Start by marking where you
want the pins. I was going for a freehand sort of look, but still want to map it
out so that I don’t cluster fuck the pins in the wrong place. With the woven
material in denim it’s very easy to push them through even with such wide pins
and split open to secure. I place most of the pins over the pocket so that I
wouldn’t have anything scratching on my thighs for comfort, and even less pins in
the back of the shorts. This was such a quick DIY, I finished it in minutes. You
can place any sort of stud in a fixed grid pattern, or out your butt, but I like
that it looks like stars scattered across the sky. The next DIY is all over
Instagram. I have an old pair of acid-washed jeans and bought knit ribbon
trim. You can even get a ribbon with the red and green colors of Gucci or a
checkered pattern that’s also very on-trend right now. I like the red and
navy combo in this ribbon and the knit material would make it much easier to
move with the leg of the jeans. First I wanted the raw edge of the jeans and cut
off some length. Then folding the top of the ribbon over, pin it under the
waistband. Pin all the way down the leg and repeat on the other side, making sure
the ribbons are mirrored against each other. Then snip off the ribbon about an
inch past the hem because we’re going to finish it off with this cool detail of
the ribbon being longer than the pant, adding an extra touch. With this wide of
a ribbon you’ll need to sew down both sides of it. Sewing on a machine is faster but also trickier. I had to slowly shove the pants into the machine, sew down the middle and flip it over and sew back up to meet the end, being mindful not to sew it through the
pant leg, effectively sealing it shut. Hand sewing may be easier at a certain
point but I don’t recommend glueing because with pants any glue will
probably not be able to hold the amount of movement your legs will make. Another pair of thrifted jeans, this time flared. Again raw edging the hem with some
satisfying scissoring. Only, the PG kind of scissoring. Then with a grater I sped
up the fraying by doing a quick rub. Also PG kind of rubbing. Taking some small
silver beads and two different types of faux pearls, I parked myself in front of
the TV and hand sewed a smattering of the beads onto the legs of the jeans
using fishing line in a pretty random pattern. I was worried since these jeans
are so tight that the knotted ends would be itchy against my leg but it didn’t
bother me at all. You can use white thread instead if you think the plastic
line will irritate you. Be sure to bead down the back as well for a finished
look. I don’t know about you but one of my pet peeves is being beautiful party
in the front and just business in the back which DIY was your favorite let me
know in the comments and if you want to be featured on social be sure to tag me
if you recreate any of these DIY! Come find me @letitiakiu and I’ll see you
next time bye!


  1. I love the shorts! It makes me want to head straight to the thrift store and craft store to make them for myself!

  2. I just bought some flared white jeans!! I think I’m going to try the pearls to differentiate them from my other white denim

  3. The second pair with the stripes looks so good- I wouldn't have even thought of doing that myself!! Thank you for this 🙂

  4. Hey. Totally unrelated to this video, but could you do something on body acne? I keep breaking out on my shoulders -_-

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