$250 summer clothes/swimsuits try on haul!!

hey guys it's ashlynn so in today's video I'm going it to be doing a clothing try on haul this is kind of like first summer and spring I guess I'm gonna try to get this up before my coming first because that's when I get out of school and I'm really excited for that so I'm just gonna kind of do this as like a little intro to summer I don't really know accompany 70 all of these clothes the company is called love sohna I don't know if you've heard of it before I have before they reached out to me and I was really excited when they did because they have some really cute stuff on their website they let me pick out $250 worth of clothes I am so excited to try them on for you and show them to you because I'm so excited about these clothes so without further ado let's go ahead and get started I know and start with the stuff that I'm wearing right now because I'm wearing a couple of the items they sent me this top I don't usually wear tank tops on if you see me in the tank top really but I thought it'd be really good for the summer it's just this like bodysuit actually it's a bodysuit but it like doesn't look like it I've never actually had a bodysuit and this is it really nice also the skirt is from lips onna I'm obsessed with it actually it fits me so well all around it just fits really well which honestly I was really surprised about because it's online and I don't really know how it would work but it's really good also my mom thought it was a Levi's skirt because over here I was like a little red tag it looks like it would be a Levi's skirt which is kind of fun I mean I'm also going to tell you the sizes of everything I got I'm gonna try to remember to do that because I always usually forget the bodysuit is an extra small the denim skirt is also an extra small and it's the light wash when they have a dark wash and a light wash one the next thing is a dress and I didn't think I would be getting a dressed just because I don't really usually wear dresses I'm like an everyday today I'm going it to be in Mexico very soon and there will be Mexico videos and stuff but I wanted some kind of like different things so got this my dad's gonna look at me in a second anyway this is the dress that I got I love the print on it I think it is so cute it fits me really well it's really nice because if the straps don't for you you can just tie them that's where they do it's really cute and I love the flowery design on it in the length it's just really nice in the back also is like a little stretchy yeah there's that this dress bear with me you might not think it's that cute at first but it was so cute online and it is also when you put it on it just doesn't really look like it when you hold it up this is it the dress it's hard to show but then there's these really long things pieces of fabric I don't know but you just tie those together and I think that is what makes me love the dress the most I didn't know if I would like it at first but then when I tied it I really did like it then I got just a shirt and I don't know if you know but brandy melville sells at this exact shirt there's has some stuff on the back I've been wanting this shirt from brandy melville for a really long time I just haven't gotten it it's basically just there like car shirt but this one is from up so not and it's really nice it's really great material and I've already worn this to school I really really like it it's very trendy ok this was like the last thing I hid in my cart I didn't get it to like wear it out I just kind of wanted it just to like have it cuz it's something different that I don't have and it's like fun I don't know it's a reflective jacket and the one thing I don't like about it is how cropped it is because that's what is like making me not want to wear it out but I'll insert some pictures of what it looks like with flash because it is really cool I know you've seen them before but they're like so awesome it is really cropped though which is still one thing I don't like about it but the quality is great it's really fun like I don't know what where you would wear this but I'm glad I went up a size because it would've been really small my god we get some more size moving on this next thing is a tube top and I know butterflies like the whole butterfly trend is like a thing right now I've seen this on des before and I thought it was so cute I don't know when I would wear this I thought it was kind of fun basically there's just a lot of butterflies on it um the one thing I don't like about it is I gets really it's like a really short tube top but like with some high-waisted shorts or jeans would be cute claudi's good again literally everything I got from love sent out surprisingly I wasn't expecting like really great quality to be honest but it's really nice and everything I got I really really like bear with me on this next thing I got some really interesting things on their website just cuz I was like feeling kind of out of my comfort zone and I wanted to try some new things I got this which looks a little crazy but personally I love it some people might not like it I had a friend over yesterday and she's like oh I think it's so cute and it would be great as a swimsuit cover-up which is what I was thinking of I wasn't thinking of wearing it like out like maybe sometime but I think it'd be really cute as a swimsuit cover oh thank what you want but I think it's so cute and I got it in a size medium because I wanted it to be bigger so I could wear it as a cover-up and it's really long and you just like we're over things so I don't know it's very multi-purpose I don't know the last clothing item before I get to jewelry and swimsuits are these jeans which look a little big weights they are a little big on me but that's also kind of the style if you might think they're ugly but I don't know they're again like out of my comfort zone I don't really wear these types of jeans and I don't know when I will get myself to but I thought it'd be fun just like try them out and again just like go out of my comfort zone because I don't really do that often these I got in an extra-small I'm definitely glad I did because I'm like a small girl and my legs are small and so I don't know how they look on you but we can try to make them work with some outfit they like fit me really well overwhelming to ankles but they're just like a little big kind of like up here and like in the back but again with the right outfit you can kind of make it a work but these are really good at jeans especially for the price like these are really nice quality again and now onto the swimsuits this one I wasn't sure if I was going to get but I did and I'm getting it some people might hate it and some people might love it I don't know I'm kind of like in between like I don't know how I feel about it I mean I think I like it I mean I got it the one thing don't like about it on the bottoms these are the smallest bottoms I've ever seen I could not wear these out literally my mom would ground me probably I would never wear them out they do come with it though which is kind of nice but at the same time like I just like cannot wear those I'm gonna be wearing those but the top is pretty cute in my opinion it's just like a roughly girl you swimsuit it's kind of like this is what my friend said she said that it's kind of like what a toddler would wear but that's not what crossed my mind I thought it was just like really girly but also kind of gave me like Coraline vibes with like the buttons for some reason I mean I'm gonna wear it because I think it's I think it's good but other people might not think so it's different it's again out of my comfort zone I keep seeing the same things in this video but it is the next swimsuit I'm kind of obsessed with again the bottoms are a no I'll show you them first they're not as bad though like I really don't think they're as bad but again they're just more cheeky then my mom would prefer me to wear I don't know if she'll ever let me wear these but that's what these look like and then the top is it's like kind of straight across one it ties in the back which is what made me want to get it because it's just like a fun touch it adds a lot to the swimsuit in my opinion I wish my mom would let me wear these bottoms though because I love the set itself did the last time sue I'm a little obsessed with I love how like retro it is I don't know a lot of this stuff is kind of like retro II this swimsuit is adorable because these ruffles on it I don't know that just the cut of it I love because last year I had a swimsuit and it was kind of like that vibe it like it was like a triangle and it like went up around your neck this one doesn't really go around your neck but it's amazing I love it and I'm definitely gonna be wearing this a lot this summer again it's one of the ones I liked I in the back but the straps aren't as big the bottoms make it really retro II again they're cheated and my mom would prefer me to wear so again I don't know if she'll let me out of the house with these but that's as they look like they look really we like showing them up here but they're not as viewed on I don't know I kind of like how they look on me but at the same time I don't think oh and I'm having I don't think I'll end up being I was aware of them they're just like high-waisted and very retro that whole swimsuit is very old-timey I guess then the last two things are jewelry sets which it's kind of fun this thought I've been wearing in the video is really cute it's just a little bracelet and it's like marbly things I guess and then it's a little turtle on here which will be fun to wear to at the beach it also comes with four other bracelets like in the set there's this one which is really pretty also this infinity one with a little heart on it and all of these adjust except for this one I'm wearing this I thought was so cute but it's a little like earth and then the last one in the side just says it love the other set that I got is like a beachy kind of set I guess the first one is just the simple bracelet just like beaded the next time it is that same kind of idea but also with this shell then this one has just like a little black Jeff and the last one is just a little starfish which is really cute it is again really really nice quality anyway that is the completed haul I hope you guys enjoyed I would definitely recommend love sohna their stuff is such nice quality and I'm not just saying that because I send it to me I'm not like forced to like say good things about their stuff like I would tell you if I didn't like them I was actually pleasantly surprised by everything that I got I'm so excited because I can have some good stuff for vacation and just whenever by the way all of their stuff came in this like little bag not little bag but it's just like this bag and that's also a nice touch that they added thank you guys so much Washington City have you guys enjoyed don't forget to comment like subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video bye


  1. Love your videos Ashlyn! I am obsessed with those lights in your room I was trying to find them at Walmart but I can't lol. Do u know if you remember where you found them or how much they were? I know every Walmart is different.

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