23 things I wish I’d known before starting my business ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. I’m a fashion designer with a double background
in fashion and business. A few months ago, I asked if you’d be interested
in a video about what I’ve learned since starting my business and the answer was basically…
“yes please”! This video is not easy for me – you’ll hear
several things that I’ve never talked about on this channel because, well, some of it
is embarrassing and because talking about your weaknesses online exposes you to judgment. But I think that sharing my experience can
help you, if you want to start a business. And when other people say that their company
creations were like a walk in the park, I think they’re not telling the whole story,
or I’d want to know how?? In this video I’m sharing what I’ve learned
about creating a product, about marketing, finances, sales and resilience. If you want to start a business or already
have one running, you’ll find this useful (hopefully), and if not, you’re welcomed
to still have a good laugh at my expense. The first question should always be: what
is my service or product? What do I want my brand to stand for that
makes me unique? Personally, I always knew what I wanted to
stand for – that was clear – high quality, ethical production, great fit and direct selling,
to keep my prices more affordable. I focused on knitwear because right now knitwear
represents 50% of anyone’s wardrobe and yet all we see in stores is leggings and sweatshirts
and I wanted to give more options. That was my plan… and then all kinds of
people started to pitch in and they knew exactly what I should be doing and how, even though
they were not entrepreneurs themselves and they usually had no idea about the fashion
industry that I was getting into. Listening to an advice is great – no question
– but only to a certain point. Then you need to stop listening, put your
head down, get the work done and bring your product to the finish line because no one
will do THAT part for you. There’s a time to think but after that comes
the time to just do. How to allocate my time smartly? When I first started, I focused on what I
knew the least, which is finding fabric suppliers, finding sewing factories – this kind of
thing. And I ended up not doing enough of what I
actually had experience in, coming from a business background and it is – marketing. Isn’t it ironi… that in the first year
I neglected what I’m actually the best at, in terms of experience? Now looking back at it, I would say that marketing
and sales has to represent at least 50% of your time right from the beginning. If you put a product or a service out there
and no one knows about it, you can’t expect to sell anything, clearly. If you knew how many designers I met, who
say “I don’t do marketing. If my product is great, people will notice”. But no. No, people aren’t looking for you, they
won’t notice your product, unless you show it to them. There’s absolutely nothing disgraceful about
going out there and talking about a product that you created, because I’m assuming that
you believe in yourself. Now, if you say “I really hate selling,
I’m a very, very poor seller.” That’s okay, if you’re aware of it, but
then make sure that you have someone that does the selling for you. Next point: planning ahead of your launch. When I started my first collection, it came
out way later than I had planned, because when you work alone, everything awaits your
attention, your feedback, your input and your thinking time. Nothing gets done in parallel, it’s more
like one thing after the other, so everything takes longer. I would say plan everything, and then multiply
that time by 2 – that’s the time you’ll realistically need. For all of your suppliers, you will be a small
client, so you will have less priority. At each step of the process, things might
get delayed and throw off your timing, so you need to just be aware of that and plan
accordingly. Especially, if you’re announcing your upcoming
launch date, which I recommend you do, because then you start building awareness for your
brand, people can already register for the newsletter, etc. For my latest collection, I did pre-orders
and I communicated in which week I would start shipping out. I did plan in a lot of buffer and yet the
buffer was used up completely because just one of all the suppliers delivered their part
late. But for my clients, shipping started exactly
when I said it would. How to finance my company? I spent 3 full weeks writing a business plan
that no one read. Not a single bank. And I know it, because when I asked them for
feedback, they said things like “Oh, we just don’t finance finance projects, because
most businesses fail”, which technically is true, but I also have experience in business
and I think that my business plan is viable… if you’d just read it. I lost four months trying to get a single
bank to even read my project – never mind. But one day, I did an online simulation for
a car credit. Guess what? When you get a car credit, no one asks if
you actually got a car with that money. Now, if I were to start again, I would also
look into crowdfunding platforms, like IndieGoGo or Kickstarter. They’re like a way of testing if people
like your product – if they’re willing to pre-order it, then that’s a proof of the
concept which you can then use to get financing from a bank or somebody else. Crowdfunding – to me – seems to me to work
best when you have a design-intensive product, an aesthetically pleasing product or when
you are a mono-product company. How much can I sell online? Well, you need a lot of traffic to sell something. If 0.5% of website visits convert into sales,
to sell one thing, you need 200 visits. 0.5% is probably a pretty good conversion
rate, when you’re starting and I’m assuming that your website functions well and looks
good. It’s not about how much you can sell or
how or how much inventory you have when you start. It’s about how much traffic you can get,
really. And for that – use your skills. Whatever you know how to do – that’s going
to be useful. For me, it was online marketing, from my previous
career. For you, maybe it’s PR skills, photographic
skills, a better network than what I had when I started. This brings me to the topic of my online presence. I’ve strongly disliked my websites for as
long as I’ve had it. Why didn’t I change it earlier? Great question, glad you asked. Because I didn’t know where to look. Main reason for everyone not to have a better
website. And because I didn’t have the time… I didn’t take the time to research better
providers. It’s a huge mistake – one that I only
corrected recently. If you visited my website in the past, you
saw something static, non-flexible, very limited, in terms of features. I couldn’t intergrade videos without linking
to YouTube, I couldn’t make my Instagram posts shoppable. I needed to recommend related products on
a product page, so I had to manually insert static photos and text boxes – a nightmare. I believe that for 3 people who bought something
on my website, there are like another 10 who left without buying anything. Which means lost sales and that’s obviously
not ideal. So in the last couple of months, I looked
into providers and into what a website should be able to do. And let me be very clear – having just a Facebook
or Instagram page is not enough. You need a space that is yours and that does
not depend on an algorithm. I do social media, you can trust me when I
say: algorithms change all the time, you can’t count on them. So having a great website, whatever you sell,
should be a top priority nowadays. But what should go on the website? For that, I asked a friend of mine, who is
an e-commerce expert – bonus – and he said “well, to start, you write down everything
you want your website to include on little cards. Priority 1 is super important and should also
be what I’m talking about on the homepage. Priority 2 should be sub- parts of these points
in the navigation bar. Priority 3 is a must-have but not super sexy,
so that typically comes in the footer. Then, you will need good product photos on
a neutral background – that’s for your webshop. Good headshots that you can use on your website
and in all of you social media channels. And photos that aren’t simple product photos
– you need a mood, a concept. All these things, you need in a mix of wide
formats and vertical formats, because you don’t know yet what you will use them for. If you don’t think your home is fancy enough
for a photoshoot, I recommend to book a location for one day, plus a photographer, and maybe
even a videographer, because getting professional-looking shots is essential. It is so so worth the investment. Then comes everything, related to e-commerce:
size table, shipping info, etc. Everything you need to know as a customer,
when you shop online. And then, all of the mandatory pages: FAQ,
contact page, terms and conditions, privacy, cookies – this stuff. If you want, you’re welcome to just go on
my website and copy the footer. Then comes the question of “what I want
my website to be able to do?”. For me, the main criteria was that I did not
want to learn how to code. I wanted a system that would give me ready-made
modules that I can just put together. I filled in the products, the text, the images,
the videos – boom. Done. That’s all I’m able to do. As far as e-commerce is concerned, for example,
on a product page, I wanted a direct link to the size table, and to the exchange and
return conditions. If you’re thinking any website does that,
just know that not many platforms do a lot for it! It is more efficient to decide which features
you need before you look into which platform to go with. Then, the next question is traffic. I never wondered how much traffic my website
can actually take, sustain. And I learned the hard way that most providers
only allow about 300 simultaneous visits on a given page and that’s not a lot. If you have, let’s say, 10k Instagram followers
and you post a story with a swipe-up link to your website, you will get 300 visits. That sounds reasonable to assume that your
website will then crash – just like mine did for the last 2 years, all the time. I met two gentlemen from Shopify and their
first question was “Are you using Shopify?”. Mmm, not right now. “Is your website crashing?” Yes. “Well, you should be using Shopify.” Well of course you’d say that, and they
went like “No no, really, do you know Shark Tank?” Yes, I love it. “Well, on Shark Tank, people use Shopify,
because of the traffic peaks on their websites.” Oh.. Wait, hang on a minute. Then where were you 4 years ago, when I looked
into all of the platforms available and I didn’t see you? Turns out, they come from North America and
they’ve only really tackled the European market a couple of years ago. That’s why they were not on my radar yet,
last time I checked. Shark Tank is an American TV show, where people
come in and pitch their ideas to a jury of investors. I used to watch Shark Tank, when I was living
in New York. Die Hölle der Löwen is the German equivalent
of that show, I don’t know if there’s anything similar in France – let me know. But basically, it’s primetime TV and TV
generates a lot of online traffic, I should have though about that earlier. If a system works for Shark Tank candidates,
it probably can take a lot of traffic. Long story short, in the end, I did go with
Shopify because I believe that it’s the most powerful system among all of those for
which you do not have to learn how to code. I also wanted to have video content on my
website, because fashion shouldn’t be static. I wanted to have an automated feed on my homepage
and dynamic effects like a hyperlapse. It makes the whole thing just a lot more modern. What helped me personally a lot during the
research, was to look at websites that I think are well-made and to see which features they’re
using. Then, try to replicate that with your own
personal touch. You can check what platform any website in
the world is using if you type in the URL of the website on www.builtwith.com and it
will spit you out the platform, the email system, the payment system, the shipping system
– all of the widgets that they’re using. Super useful. That’s another resource that I wish I had
known about four years ago but now I know about it, that’s why I’m sharing it with
you, so you don’t have to look for it. What about other marketing channels? I would definitely advise that you start Facebook
and Instagram ASAP, already at pre-launch, but not at the expense of your website – you
need both pillars and I would strongly recommend that you try to keep them separate. For me, when I started YouTube, I noticed
that some people watching my videos were visiting my website afterwards. While it was bringing traffic, I was afraid
that it would make my sales depend on YouTube and I didn’t want that, so I worked to generate
traffic directly to my website, from people who were not necessarily following me on social
media. Right now, social media represents less than
20% of the traffic that goes to my website. So even if Instagram and YouTube shut down
tomorrow, I’ll be fine and I think that’s essential. PR, like gifts to the press, mailings, etc.
is another channel. I think it only makes sense though, once you’ve
already achieved a minimum level of awareness. In the beginning, I did my homework and I
sent multiple mailings and things to the German press, because I’m in Germany. To the French press, because I’m French,
and I got zero answer. Not a single one ever. Now, I do get featured, but it will be in
Russia, or in the U.S., in countries and in magazines that I actually never solicited,
so I would, really advise that you focus on your customers instead of spending time trying
to convince other people. Focus on your customers – the press will
follow, eventually. If you’re starting a business and you don’t
have either money, fame or connections yet – the three magic jokers, then starting
online is a clever thing to do, because this way you don’t need to spend time convincing
all of the gatekeepers that used to be the press, the buyers, the opinion-leaders in
your industry. That is the strategy that I used and my website
was key in reaching potential customers early on, without waiting for Vogue to write about
me. Because I’d still be waiting. I said earlier that my e-commerce platform
is now Shopify. I tried three so far and I researched all
of them. Shopify is optimized for commerce. It’s beginner-friendly, because you just
need to pick a template and enter your products to be able to start. But then, when you grow, and realize you need
additional features, you can just add them as you go, while keeping the same template
and the same platform. This is why you see both, small and big businesses
use Shopify with different features and at the end of the day, each website looks different. I don’t want my webshop to look like anybody
else’s! Shopify is sponsoring this episode: if you
want to try it out for 14 days FOR FREE, just click the link that I put in the video description
down below, and see if it’s for you. I’m very happy that I switched to Shopify
and I can absolutely recommend it. I feel like I could keep talking about entrepreneurship
for hours but I suggest that we take it to the comment section instead. If you have a concrete question on building
your brand, or your website, share it below, and hopefully I can help, or somebody else
in the community. Let’s share. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. Thank you very much! And if you want to watch more, I linked here
and down below a previous video of mine, explaining how I increased my productivity, since I started
my business. I found a system that works for me and it
might help you as well. Other than this, I will see you soon again
in the new video and until then, take care. Bye!


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