‘19 FESTIVAL LOOKBOOK I Palm Spring Girls Trip


  1. It’s the most wonderful time of the year: FESTIVAL SEASON! Check out the new Eggie Spring Collection + some BTS of our #eggiefest Palm Springs trip 🌵Shop the collection here: http://eggie.us

  2. Sorry for not knowing but are Ellen and Francis twins ? Or do they just look super alike and chose similar outfits for the shoot?

  3. im so proud of you kid!! i remember when you first launched this project and to this day i would still die for the prairie girl dress. the style is just so fun and cute and i love how important it is that you treat all the workers that create the garments kindly

  4. Ben outdone himself, the editing is marvelous. 🙂
    You girls look like a kpop girband! I'd be so intimidated in your presence, you are so pretty XD lol
    I am very happy to say this launch looks BOMB! And what do you mean you decided against that robe?! I need that robe! T_T XD Good luck with this new Eggie collection Jenn!

  5. I thought to myself, "Ohmigod, I use the same Charlotte Tilbury eye cream, SKII essence, AND Laneige lip mask!!" …and then realized that I only got them because of you two's recommendations LOL. Such a fangirl bahaha. But they really work and I love them all, so thanks!

  6. Ben killed it with this video! And wow, from all the critique you got previously… it’s amazing to see a company really work hard to please their customers! I see those sustainable pieces splashed into the collection 👏🏻🙏🏼 Everything looks amazing and it’s inspiring to see someone run a company the right way ❤️

  7. Ben you clearly outdid yourself. I can’t imagine how long that took you to film and edit 🔥🔥🔥 also awesome look book

  8. I can't stop replaying the first part of this video, the camera movements, the editing, the music, the styling, everything is so so perfect 😭

  9. I love the way the clothes look 😍 but does anyone know if they've made any changes regarding sustainability?

  10. 60's cactus chic is the only aesthetic that matters (seriously jenn this collection is amazing congrats!!)

  11. The level of happy that I am for jenn is so intense I cant explain it. U deserve the world jenn love u girl sm 💘💘💘💘😭😭😭

  12. WOW the fact that Ben filmed and edited that video. He's come so far. Congrats on being a power couple!

  13. The video looks freakin amazing. Ben is just getting better and better. The clothes look great. Much improved!

  14. It's kinda weird but I got emotional at the part where you were thanking everyone. I've been following you for so many years and I've grown through your videos. I can honestly tell I feel so proud of you and of everything you have accomplished! You made me see fashion from a different perspective and basically you made me love fashion, so I love you for that Jenn! ❤

  15. Great vlog, loved the editing & aestheticcc also really appreciate Ben's editing & supportive personality!!💕🙌🏻✨

  16. For the first 3 minutes, I thought you're going to the Plam Spring Festival. Then I know it wasn't what I thought. omg lol

  17. I absolutely loved the transitions in the intro and thought it was super creative and smooth! the entire lookbook was so much like a music video which clearly shows how much effort thought time and process were put in to make this masterpiece!

    ps love the music choice and the fact that it was a mix of Korean and Chinese which also indicates how diverse the lookbook was in the Asian aspect! <3

  18. This is incredible!!! Loove the collection! the styling, the editing! You ladies brought iiiiiit!!!! Slay all the way! <3

  19. Hi Jenn! I saw your IG post on the girls wearing the matching robes before the massage. Can you tell me where the robes are from? I love them and would love to use them for a wedding I'm in. Thanks so much!! <3

  20. I was born in Palm Springs! Hope you had fun! Loved this video! Great fashion and backdrop

  21. does anyone know what's the font used on the intro for 'eggie' ? i tried looking for it everywhere and couldn't find it 🙁

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