$17 Vs. $2200 Halloween Costume


  1. You can easily do those "High end" looks for way less money. Its just overpriced accessories on top of normal clothes.

  2. Going up four sizes seems extremely cautious, but I always do that when I buy super cheap clothes on eBay and it's usually perfect 😂

  3. Omg! I know exactly which website Jazz bought from because I'm currently working there! That boa is odd, but they do have actual feathery boas.

  4. I mean, obviously, yes, the more expensive versions do look better, more put together, but honestly not 30 to 50 times better, which is the difference in price.

  5. The expensive versions really just had one or two designer pieces with a bunch of cheap accessories. I feel like you could definitely get the expensive looks for less, and really for not much more than the cheap ones

  6. Nina, looking for a sword: “Oh, well it says it’s for men, so I guess I can’t get it.”
    Me: YES YOU CAN!!

  7. I can’t even get over how incredible Jazz looks in her expensive costume. Like photograph her now and she will look better than any vogue cover ever. Literally soooo stunning 🤩🤩

  8. Flapper costume is the lowest priced of the expensive costumes and the best of the 3. The pirate costume for that price….could have been WAY better. And the witch was pretty but could have been better at that price too.

  9. None of those costumes needed to cost that much- you can get the witch skirt off amazon for less than 50 bucks, and all of those costumes could’ve been put together with the help of thrift and online stores. 😒

  10. Sure they said they prefer the expensive one. But what normal person can spend 1500 on a damn Halloween costume hahha. Ridiculously overpriced. The same looks can be achieved for less

  11. Please keep this stylist! She was super friendly and nice and she brought out really nice dress and it seemed like she tried to keep the price points close togetherness

  12. honestly I get why people say that plus size shopping sucks but I don't think a lot of people see that shopping when you're very very skinny is actually a challenge just as much as plus size shopping is

  13. over 600$ for a belt??? Oh.. No thank you. Also that "cincher" is nowhere near worth what they have it listed for. That would be an absolute rip off :/

  14. The expensive ones were definitely better, Jazzmyne looks CRAZY sexy! But I’d do both versions of the pirate, even the cheap one was awesome.

  15. Jazz needs her dark eyebrows back, her expressions aren't the same!!! Light eyebrows are a little creepy…😳

  16. I don't know why but I thought that it would be great if someone took the inspiration from this concept and wrote a story or a novel based on the three characters 🤩 You all look amazing by the way as always !!!

  17. If you’re willing to put just a little bit of time and thrift shopping into your outfit, you can easily have a costume that matches the expensive ones for the cheap ones prices

  18. so by expensive "custom costumes" they meant high end clothes that fit their body types with cheapish Halloween costume accessories and a few expensive accessories

  19. Great video! Advice from this is collect individual pieces. All of these custom costumes are cute and make you feel great!!

  20. when she said menstrual in response to a specific period I thought she said minstrel, like she was telling the other girl to be a minstrel and i considered the idea, ngl

  21. Did anyone else catch that Jazz's bag was $298.13? Almost $300 for that tiny little clutch bag? I saw the exact same kind of bag at Goodwill for $2.00

  22. Im ten years old and i shop in the grown ups section so i never could be in a costume i want to be in 😢

  23. When doing a Halloween Costume it is also a good idea to plan when Halloween is 6 months out, you can start shopping for pieces and it spreads the cost out, also if you look for things you can where even past Oct. as everyday outfits minus any Halloween Accessories, this also makes the cost easier to deal with because your not just using it for one day. Most of the pieces from the expensive costumes looked like pieces you could use for everyday outfits, or could be used for special occasion functions. This is how I do my costumes including since I'm a plus size myself I want the money I spend to spread out for more then one occasion.

  24. I really appreciate that all of these women represent different sizes, so you can a smaller person, a medium one, and a larger one.

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