12 Clothing Items Every Man Should Own

What's up guys, it's Jose Zuniga.
So for today's video, we're gonna be going over 12 style essentials that
should be in every man's closet. I get it all the time, if you're a beginner or
finally actually starting to care about your style and want to know, what are the
twelve essential pieces that every man should have in their closet, today you're
gonna find out. So this is a lot, so we're gonna go quick through them. Number one,
tailored sweatpants. Sweatpants are no longer a sign that you gave up on life.
If they fit properly you can compose comfortable, stylish, athleisure looks all
day, any day, if the situation permits of course. Number two, the bomber jacket. It
is arguably one of the most versatile styles of outerwear a man can own. It
fits in suits almost every body type and can be worn for three out of the four
seasons of the year. Number three, is a great crew neck
sweater. I call this the perfect in-between icebreaker piece. Let's say
it's chilly outside enough to layer but not enough to wear a jacket. Wear a great
crewneck. Or you want to dress formal but not wear a full suit, because you fear
it's gonna be a little bit too much. Wear a gray crewneck sweater. Number four,
white sneakers. Plain and simple, they're timeless, they work with everything and
they're just a no-brainer. That's why almost every brand has their own
iteration them. Following that one, number five is the white dress shirt. You name
me one outfit that you can't compose with the white dress shirt? Go ahead…. That's right, you can't. That's why you should
definitely own one, and as you can see, I actually own multiple. That's how
important they are. This particular one you see me wearing is one of the
sharpest ones that I own, and it's from a store called Tailor Store. Tailor Store
delivers custom fit clothing right to your door, starting for around sixty
bucks. And the best part is that they have an enormous selection of fabrics. So yes you are getting a custom-made garment just specifically for you, for
the price that you would pay in a department store for something off the
rack. And how it works is surprisingly super simple. First, you go through their
list of fabrics, like I said they have tons, so you have a lot to choose from.
Once you choose that fabric, you enter their 3D designers, I think this was
probably the most fun part. This the best part. They have so many
different options and styles that you can choose from, you'll probably be there
just playing around with a designer for hours to see all the different styles
you can compose. Once you nail down the style, the specific style that you want
for you, then you just submit three measurements, that's it.
Takes you about a minute and you're done. And after that in a couple weeks you're
going to get a shirt and delivered to your door that requires no tailoring to
it whatsoever, and that fits perfectly for the price that you would pay for
something off the rack. And little secret I got you a discount code. So not only
will it be cheaper, but if you get the shirt and it doesn't fit they have a fit
guarantee. That they will remake that shirt and make sure it fits perfect or
give you credit to allow you to tailor it at your local tailoring shop. So if
you guys want to start developing a tailored wardrobe, definitely check out
Tailor Store. Like I said, this is one of the essentials you need to own. So you want
to make sure you get it right off the back and not buy something cheap or
something that doesn't fit. If you want something quality made and that's gonna
fit straight out of the box that needs no tailoring, definitely check out Tailor
Store. I'm going to have them linked down below. The sixth item that you're gonna
need is obviously a good t-shirt. Personally, I'd offer a crewneck. V-necks
were popping a couple years back, but now crewnecks are making a comeback. They're classic, they look great and if it fits good you can compose almost any style.
You can even throw a jacket over it or just wear it by itself. Number seven, of
course a watch. It doesn't matter if it's super expensive or super affordable.
Nothing is more elegant than wearing a watch, as opposed to having to look at
your phone all the time. Number eight, chukka boots. I've talked
about these before. The great thing with chukka boots, not only are they
right now in style for fall and winter but this is the style of boot that you
can wear year-round; you can wear it through spring and summer. Out of all the
boot styles, if you ask me "What is the first boot I should buy?" I probably say
"the Chukka Boot!" Number nine**, the casual button-down. You're not always
going to want to wear a dress shirt. But you might not want to look too casual in
a t-shirt, that in-between is a casual button-down. All you need to make sure is
that it's cropped shorter and it usually can come in an oxford or some sort of
plaid or flannel. Again like these from Tailor Store. These specific fabrics, I personally designed more casual. So I made sure they were cropped,
I decided to add a button down feature, etc. That's the great thing with Tailor
Store. So if you like any of these designs or the white dress shirt, again
they're going to be linked down below. And go onto the 3D designer for free,
and design your own shirt. Once you've chosen all the things if you like what
you design, you can go ahead and buy it. And if you like it there's gonna be a
discount code so you can get it even cheaper. Number ten, are obviously a good
pair of jeans. If it's only gonna be one pair, always go dark.
You don't want to go light, you don't want to go black, you don't want to go
wash, and make sure that they're a straight or slim cut that, has no tears,
rips or distressing. This is a pair that you can wear all the time without people
knowing it's your only pair. So you want to make sure they're not as memorable,
and they fit right. Number eleven, Chino shorts. You're not always gonna be
wearing pants, Chino shorts are by far the answer. Go with khaki or Navy if it's
your first one or both because these are both staples that are gonna be wearing
through spring and summer. And finally number twelve, at least one sharp cut suit.
Even if you're a young guy, I say if you're plus 18, you should own at least
one sharp cut suit in your wardrobe. And the older you get, the more you can buy.
Alright guys, so that's it for today's video. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did,
don't forget to drop us a like down below. Also don't forget to check out our
sponsor, Tailor Store, they're gonna be linked down below. That's it for me today,
see you next time!


  1. Most versatile clothing items video?

    Preferably 5 shirts, 5 pants, 5 shorts that can mix and match with each other and are very cheap


  2. No money no honey…Some people don't have so much money for clothes. All your videos are great,you are great guy (I think) but like I said before…

  3. This what happens when you hire them to do your landscaping. They steal your clothes! Build the wall!

  4. Lol analog watch, people in the us only wear it for style. When you ask them what time it is, their brain malfunction and go straight for their phone.

  5. 1. Tailored Sweatpants
    2. Bomber Jacket
    3. Gray Crewneck Sweater
    4. White Sneakers
    5. White Dress Shirt
    6. Good T-Shirt
    7. Watch
    8. Chukka Boots
    9. Casual Button-Down Shirt
    10. Good Pair of Jeans
    11. Chino Shorts
    12. Sharp-cut Suit

  6. Jose what are the two fabrics for your 2 taylor made blue shirts? Is it Richmond Blue and Blue Hunting

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