11 Reasons Why New Jersey Is The Most Underrated State


  1. this coming from a woman eating shoes….lol nj is a shithole bottom to top and every crack in between

  2. Me: Looks at the title Who said NJ was underrated??? I'm not from there but I definitely know it truly is not.

  3. This is not a New Jersey Video, this is a New York Video so dont say my New Jersey Is an understate!!

  4. Since when was New Jersey underrated? Connecticut is underrated! Yet we have nothing to show for it so what’s the point

  5. You forgot about Nauti Donuts! It’s in ocean city and has like- waffle donuts and maple donuts.

  6. the only reason im watching this is because i. live in NJ (jersey city) 
    when I was younger I went to asbury park and had that
    its actually really good

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