11 Easy Fashion Hacks! DIY Clothes Ideas and Organization Life Hacks for Party Fashionista!

Hi, guys, are you getting ready for
another shopping spree? Hold it right there! Here at crafty panda bubbly, we are sure you have plenty of options in your wardrobe you’ve never thought of before! Don’t believe us? Then check out all
these ideas on how to tie a scarf! Our friend Anna will get you through these
hacks in no time. For most of these styles you will need something pretty big, like a long silk pareo, an Indian dupatta or even a good old woolen poncho They might be slowly going out of style but it would be a shame to waste so much
soft more material, wouldn’t it? Basically, the bigger, the better! A square shape is also a good idea for most of our tricks. Just look at this one! Where Anna simply folds a big scarf in a harmonica and then puts it through a
rubber band wrapper around her waist. So simple, yet so effective! Don’t forget a
safety pin. Nobody wants a wardrobe malfunction in
the middle of an important romantic encounter. Let’s talk material for a
second: the good news is, with scarves anything goes! If you’re buying a new one,
there’s just but one rule to follow – you have to feel good in it. Silky textures
for the summer, soft wool for the winter. Look at this brilliantly simple way to
make a sexy edgy top in just four swift moves! A triangle shaped neckline will
accentuate your shoulders and arms. We know what you’re thinking: “Oh but those
hacks work only for skinny women…” Wrong! It’s all about the type of material you
use. The pattern and the way you want it wrapped around your body. Remember, big patterns make you visually bigger. so plain colors and vertical stripes are
your best choice if you wish to smoothen your shape. For example, if you have broad
hips and tight shoulders wear a top with a large pattern and plain pants or a
clutch skirt. This way your hips will seem smaller and your silhouette will visually have more balance. Likewise, if you need more volume around
your hips, choose buffy, flared skirts with contrasting patterns. You’ll be
amazed what a proper piece of clothing can do. Whatever your body type is don’t
be afraid to experiment! You never know what you may come up with. But, remember, you are gorgeous just the way you are! And don’t need to hide it! Flaunt it! Here’s an exercise in organizing for all
our gorgeous viewers! Go through your wardrobe and tell us in the comments how many of your clothes you haven’t been wearing for more than a year? Ready? Ah yes, we thought so! But don’t worry, we’re no less guilty than you are. Don’t go
throwing those out just yet! Here’s a compilation of some sewing hacks that
will definitely get you inspired to reuse them once again. For example, let’s look at this simple hack. Just four press buttons and underwear as a template, and you got yourself a skin-tight bodysuit! Isn’t that clever? Might be a savior for
all girls with broad hips, where a top rolling upwards is always an issue. Not anymore! You can use practically everything you
find in your wardrobe! Yes, including your boyfriend’s undies! Necessity is the
mother of invention, right? Look at that ridiculous oversized t-shirt! Where did you get that from, girl?
An elderly auntie sent it from Hawaii? Well, let’s not diss it too much, just a couple of stitches and a bit of wiggling and you can turn it into a very cute, armless cocktail dress. With pockets! Wild thing, you make my heart sing. Thanks, auntie! Again with these oversized shirts…. I guess we’re all guilty of getting a bit
too carried away in the shopping mall. Or maybe you found something really cool
and cheap second hand that you just couldn’t pass! And now don’t know how to
incorporate it into your daily style. Howdy there, cowgirl! You know what else is massively cool? Being able to use one piece of clothing
in two different ways. Anna will show you how to make a sexy
evening dress out of an oversized sweater. And all you need is just two
safety pins for that hack. Look at that color! If you have a boring
black top laying around the easiest way to upgrade it is to use a bit of bleach. You can use tape likes shown here in the video. Or you can cut out paper shapes of
whatever you want. Just be sure to work on a clean surface. You don’t want your
surroundings to get bleached as well. Safety first! Since we got ourselves some
new old clothing – took care of whatever’s been gathering dust – it’s time to use
some simple storage hacks to make that wardrobe ready for all your future
shopping adventures! Undies out of a wet white box? Say whaaat??? You know that magic folding trick you’ve seen your friends do, but never figured out how they do it? Watch our video! And if it’s going too fast you can pause at any time. You will be able to fold t-shirts flawlessly in seconds! Saving yourself time and bother! And here are a couple ways on how to fold some sweaters. some of you might
agree: they are particularly tricky… If you simply hang them on a coat hanger
they might stretch and lose their shape. Try our folding techniques instead and
worry no more! We all know that folding clothes in a proper way not only
influences their lifespan but also the amount of space we have in our wardrobe
in general! Everyone’s a bit messy once in a while. Though making a habit out of
those little hacks will definitely make your lives easier! Rolling up is one fashionable way to do it. And you can roll almost everything
with a bit of a stretch. Be it towels, hoodies or jeans. There are even
different ways to roll it! This will also take less space in your luggage. And we all know how difficult it is to fit oneself in these tiny cabin bags, right? Here’s one more advantage of proper folding: less ironing. Unless ironing means less burned clothes when you lose yourself with a joyful chat with your BFF over the phone If only there was some way to make our drawers bigger on the inside… Well, until then, we just have to learn how to make the most of the space we already have. Good jeans are meant to be thick. And don’t give in
to folding so easy. So why not try these two versions of rolling them up in a
cute denim burrito? Choose whichever one you like. The second one is great if you want to know which pair of jeans you’re grabbing exactly. That’ll do! Hey is that a little bit of space there? You know what they say, style is in the
details. A tiny piece of thread sewn between the seams can make all the difference. Pull and zip it in! Simple! We’ll show you
some clever ways to use everyday objects and make your clothes nicer and rooms
tidier. No space in your closet? No problem! Check out what you have laying
around. A can pin is your friend if you need to squeeze in that extra jacket. And a shower curtain ring will help you organize all those shells and scarves you bought for those stylish clothing hacks. It’s crazy how many clothes we can
still fit in once we know how to do it. We assume that by this point all of your
clothes are laying around everywhere. Worry not. We are not done here yet! Some pieces of wardrobe are made to malfunction. So why not use a bit of
ingenuity and stop those arms from going up. Take two safety pins for each arm and
two rubber bands. Attach them to the inner lining of the shirt and see what
happens. You may still need to fix your hair but no more fixing those shoulders! Ay, senorita? Who said your old boyfriends business shirts are good for nothing? Use the bottom part and sew in a piece of elastic to transform it into a sexy elegant skirt you can wear even for company meetings. Don’t make it too tight
though and allow a bit more space than the size of your waist. It’s easier to make it tighter than wider. Let’s see how we can modify our
jeans to make them something completely different. Sometimes your jeans become too loose because of wear and tear, but don’t worry, here comes our good old rubber band again! This is a very quick fix you can
even do during your lunch break. If you’re in a hurry, that is. See for yourself! Here’s before and after. How about shortening your jeans without the
use of scissors? Impossible, you might say? Not for us! Check out this clever way of shortening jeans by just using some pins and a thread. You could use a sewing
machine for this hack. But we think sewing it manually is a bit safer in
case you make a mistake. Want to add a bit of flair to your old pair? How about
a bit of destruction with a grater? Another modification is a bit of bleach
sprayed as if it were blotches of paint. Use a bottle with holes in the cap. It’s the irregularity of the spots. Or just use scissors. Why not! Take the
shorter threads out with a pincer. Washing it out in a washing machine
takes too much time. Amazing effects all the way for all our rebellious pandas
out there! Imagine how much you would have to pay for new jeans with an effect like that. You know what, guys? Let’s finish it off
with the absolute classic: how to sew on a button. Seems pretty obvious, isn’t it? Well let’s not diminish its importance. After all we started our sewing
adventure with fixes as simple as that. So how many clothes did you upgrade and
fix already? See you next time!


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