101 Things That Change When You Dress Up

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In
this video, we discuss the 101 things that change when you dress up and improve your
style. Let’s get started! Coworkers ask for your opinions more often
and take you more seriously. When you walk in the street, men will observe you, and look
at you. Women will notice you and compliment you. Random people in the street ask for directions
because you look trustworthy and competent.Test driving a Maserati or a Porsche or BMW is
no longer a problem, you look great and they hand you over the keys. Random people in the
subway will compliment your style. Your guy friends will make fun of you at first but
soon they realize that you’re the style authority and they’ll ask you when they want to buy
a new suit. People will smile at you more often. When you go to the bank, you don’t
have to wait in line as long anymore. You’re more likely to get an upgrade at the rental
car station, at the hotel, or even at airlines. Your boss may actually feel threatened by
you if he’s sloppy. People assume that you’re more successful because you look more like
it and so they will come up to you more often. That’s also true for sales people, they will
approach you more often but they’ll also leave you alone if you say no because you purvey
more authority. Friends that usually just wear t-shirts all of a sudden dress up and
put on a blazer when they meet you. All of a sudden, you begin to see all of these details
and now you want mother of pearl buttons for your shirts, corosa or horn buttons for your
jackets and you look for hand sewing on your jackets. You can’t get enough of what to learn
more about style and you sign up for a newsletter, here. You learn to distinguish buttonholes
in a jacket and you notice the differences in lasts in shoes. You’ll likely start to
judge other people based on their sloppy tie knot or their outfits but bare in mind, this
might have been you just a couple of months ago. Some people at work may start to dislike
you because they assume that you want to be better than them but if you’re friendly, they’ll
soon realize that you just want to do your best and that you have great respect for your
job. Some people even think that you’re arrogant but because you know smile more and you’re
more confident, they’ll soon realize you aren’t once they talked to you. Moths become your
number one enemy and you do everything to keep them out of your closet. Suits and shirts
that you always thought fit like a glove, all of a sudden look like potato sack, too
tight and you want to get rid of them. All of a sudden you’re interested in Closets and
you think about configurations and hangers you need and anything else and to store your
clothes in the best way possible. You analyze other people’s style and you give them a nod
if you notice that they’re wearing a double sided scarf, an ancient madder tie, or a Solaro
Suit. All of a sudden you notice the imperfections in your body and how it impacts the tailoring
and the look of your clothes. All of a sudden you notice a scourge of huge, oversized armholes
all around you. You also dress up and wear a tie to work everyday. You’ll iron your shirts
better than your mom and you’ll want to invest in your first knit tie. Compliments from people
who don’t dress well themselves all of a sudden become less meaningful to you. Your alterations
tailor now knows you by your first name and you know where you can get your hats reblocked.
All of a asudden, you don’t want to leave the house without a pocket square any more.
You fully understand the difference between full canvas, half canvas, and glued interlining.
When you travel, you always look for nice haberdasheries or places where they sell quality
clothing. You realize that your suit or jacket can look very different depending on how you
accessorize them therefore, you buy more accessories and you get rid of that cheap five dollar
silk shiny tie because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Women now flirt more often with you, even
if you don’t do anything differently than before. You take a closer look at your washing
machine and you really pick your dry cleaner carefully. You realize sunglasses are not
just functional and you start playing with different shapes that complement your outfit.
When people see you in gym clothes, they are startled and surpised. People will argue less
with you and you will achieve your goals in discussions more easily. Acquaintances are
much more likely to invite you to parties.The name Alan Flusser starts meaning something
to you. You start reading blogs, websites and magazines about men’s clothing. Trusted
sources from the past such as GQ or Esquire all of a sudden seem superficial to you and
you stop reading them. Things like DB, Mop, or MTO all of a sudden mean something to you.
People want to take slefies with you. Co-workers and superiors compliment you on your presentations
at work. You ditch all your tennis socks and invest in over the calf socks. You even consider
going sockless over penny loafers. You try to match the color of your shoes to your belt.
All of a sudden you realize that you need shoe trees. You think about getting a pair
of nice suspenders. You don’t want to take off your jacket anymore and people will remember
you as the stylish guy even though they’ve met you just once. Flip Flops become a thing
the past. Square toed shoes become repulsive to you and you fully understand the difference
between Blake, Blake Rapid and Goodyear Welted shoes.Your new suit gives you a nice V-shape
as if you had worked out 5 times a week at the gym. You begin to understand the power
of appearances and now that you do, you start matching colors and patterns in a different
way. Your own standards are much higher so they can’t help you anymore and you just want
to find your own stuff. Your dry cleaner knows you and gives you a volume discount. All of
a sudden, people you know from high school befriend you on facebook. You understand the
importance of shoehorns and don’t put on shoes without them anymore. Sometimes, you get over
ambitious and you mix too many colors and patterns but you’re well aware that you can
only get better by trying and sometime you’ll make mistakes and it won’t look great. You
don’t mind being over dressed anymore. You also start to put together a spreadsheet with
all your measurements so you you know exactly whether something fits when you come across
it. You want to visit Rubinacci in Naples, Caraceni in Milan, and Savile Row in London.
You need to reorganize your clothes storage space, and you now want shoe racks. People
assume you have more authority and will interrupt you less and let you finish your sentences.
The meaning of “casual” is very different from before.
may be tempted to buy a suit during a sail but you realize that you can only wear it
once a year and you return it.You don’t trust the dry cleaner with your precious shirts,
so you hand launder them at home. You also become interested in other things like whisky,
cigars, or shaving. The black suit you bought years ago can now only be worn on funerals.You
start to dislike monochromatic all black and all grey looks. You look forward to cold winters
so you can wear your heavy overcoat, gloves, and scarves. When you travel, you always take
the biggest suitcase you can because you don’t want to wrinkle your clothes. At the airport,
you have to explain to the TSA agent what a collar pin, a collar bar, or a collar stay
is. You want shoes with leather soles, and stay away from rubber. You develop an affinity
to unusual fabrics such as tweed, solaro or fresco. You don’t throw away your shoes any
more, instead, you have them repaired and resold and you’re much happier with a patina.
You develop an interest in French cuffs, cuff links. You also try to come up with different
hair styles because the look is not just limited to your clothes. All of a sudden, you don’t
like the pair of glasses or sunglasses anymore, and you want a more attractive frame in acetate
or horn. You throw out your college hoodies and instead you invest in a nice pair of brown
suede shoes. You realize that man can never really have enough ties and you also want
to invest in your first tuxedo. The wire hangers you get from the dry cleaners become unacceptable
to you and you start investing in wider shoulder pad hangers to protect your investment. You
start wearing bow ties, and you always want to tie it your own. You freak out when you
find a vintage silk top hat in your size. You aren’t afraid to invest in your wardrobe;
you realize that a $450 pair of shoes will actually cost you less in cost per wear over
the years.Your significant other has to wait for you to leave the house.You enjoy seeing
yourself in the mirror and you like what you see and that makes you more confident and
people will notice it. You get excited if the dress code is black tie or Formal Friday
and you don’t like business casual anymore.You start hanging up your jackets in the car because
keeping them on when you drive wrinkles them. You realize that scientific studies that say
when you dress up, you make on average a quarter million more over your career. You also realize
that people standing in front of the judge or jury are much more likely to get a favorable
verdict if they’re dressed well. Now these are just a few things that I experienced,
let us know in the comments what you noticed changed once you dressed up and improved your
style. Also make sure to check out our other videos about classic men’s clothing and style
and sign up for our newsletter, here so they come right to your inbox.


  1. I really need to get back into dressing nice. I haven’t done much for the past quite a while as my job isn’t really conducive to dressing up and I changed sizes, I’m working on that part to. So I’m basically starting at square one, maybe 2 since I do have nice shoes, not much else though. I don’t even know where to start.

  2. I really like all the subtle and even not so subtle shilling you peppered in here. You sly devil, you.

  3. Gentlemen… As a woman myself, can I just say that a man who takes care of himself, and strives to look and be his personal best – is a man to be honored, cherished, adored and thoroughly appreciated. We live in a day and age where we just don't see many men who do this anymore. I'm not sure where along the line this just stopped being a thing – but I for one would love to see it make a comeback.

    There is an old saying, "clothes are what makes the man", and while I like and appreciate the sentiment of this saying – a well dressed man can absolutely annihilate his gorgeous image by having a complete lack of qualitative social skills.

    I have met quite a few men over the course of my life, who knew how to dress to the nines and had all sorts of style, and image appeal – but turned out to be completely and utterly intolerable to be around.

    Their upscale attired disguise were their only cards they had to play on – and due to their overcharged vainglorious egos – their wasn't enough swagger in the world to last them a measly round of stud poker.

    They would constantly dominate conversations with their unrelenting boasting and bragging – and they always seemed to know everything about everything, but clearly didn't. Their self obsession was the only thing they knew how to keep a conversation going on while they loudly and proudly talked incessantly about themselves… From their opinions, their thoughts, their wants, their ideas, their feelings and of course, all of their life stories – while never letting anyone else get a word in edge wise.

    People who are like this (and of course, it's not just men) are some of the most horrendously obnoxious people to be around, and they have a way of sucking the life energy straight out of you.

    What I'm trying to say is – appearance will never hold more clout then a socially skilled person. You could wear an Armani tuxedo everyday of your life – but if you don't have the tact and decorum to be an enjoyably cordial person – then knowing how to stylishly dress yourself is a skill that will never be able to serve you. At least not to the level that it is capable of.

    If you have made it to the end of this, thank you for taking the time to read my little blurb of unsolicited input – I want to add that I truly love and appreciate what this channel advocates for. Anyone who aspires to better themselves will always have my upmost respect and admiration. Cheers!!

  4. Wow. About 95% of this applies to me. What a huge change from my 20's.

    I have to add that you notice things like when your otherwise well-dressed coworker laces his oxfords in a criss-cross pattern, you can't stop staring. Then you subtly mention these interesting videos you have been watching and perhaps forward the one on how to tie your shoes correctly.

    Oh, and if you find that vintage top hat in 7 5/8, please let me know!

  5. Because of dressing fashionably well, while I'm at clothing store, I'm asked if I work there (nine out of ten times) and often, I actually help them regardless because of enjoying the art of it. 😀

  6. one thing that happened the first time i went to a department store while well dressed, was someone thought i was an employee. it was super weird.

  7. I didn't know the term "california closet" – i just know what it is and have something like it in my closet (the one where it used to be a sliding door in your regular bedroom) Man I learn something new every video!

  8. People now always mistake me for a jazz lounge pianist when in reality i am a jazz lounge guitarist.

    People say i look really professional

  9. In the social work field and if you work for the state or federal government it is always buisness casual and if you wear a suit or tie, its seen as overdressed. Bear in mind that case management requires doing home visits usually not in the best of areas in town, and require a wardrobe that can be washed alot, how can we look great without looking cheesy.

  10. so at work I dress with brown chino's blue oxford and blue jacket, with gold buttons and people notice becuase of the very casual setting. how ever I got this first office job due to upgrading my wardrobe and i don't plan on down grading. I appreciate the tips and the other videos because it gives me things to say to people on why I dress up so much. I am so glad for these videos on youtube. Im no brad pit but just making these simple changes has impressed my family friends and current girlfriend peace all

  11. I noticed these things when I started wearing a dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes, a tie and vintage hats to school.

  12. Once again outstanding video
    What I noticed and which is also proofen: you will receive more help in case of an accident or robbery

  13. The oddest conversation I've ever had about clothes was what the differences between boxers, briefs and boxer briefs.

  14. I have no money to dress like this at all. And anyway I'm an extreme introvert so most of what you said sounds like a nightmare to me and diverts me away from dressing like this.

  15. i think I am the female version of this ..but women are pure evil and do not come around to another woman who likes to dress well, can I work at your shop ?

  16. … when are these things going to start happening? People don't really compliment me or ask me for advice or anything, except, like, my family. I've become more judgemental — that stuff's true…

  17. My generation was brought up with the "don't worry about appearance" mindset.
    When I realize that was not true AT ALL, I experience almost everything on this list.
    Even Tinder matches happen more often, lol

  18. I stil wear black suit for evening oppurtunities. Didnt change my mind. Yes I wear it with colorful neck tie.

  19. I'm musician and my problem with dressing up is really with during performances, I can't really utilize my arm with the piano freely or breath nicely with the belt when doing vocals. Please help advice a little on these.

  20. Good fact — you automatically begin to walk taller with a sense of command when you know you look better than your old YT profile picture.
    Negative fact– many of your relatives hound you about "wasting" your money on clothes. After all, they say it's "just a suit!"

  21. Compliment!
    May I ask you a question: How do you keep the moths away? I've tried essental oils such as levender or patchouli, but they have a rather strong smell.
    Thank you.

  22. The opposite is also true. When I see a man wearing a wrinkled shirt or unpolished shoes, I think, "Oh poor fellow. There is no one to take care of him, and he doesn't know how to take care of himself. He probably lives on junk food." When I see a man nicely put together, the first thing I think of is "He is clean." and then "I wonder if he is a lawyer."

  23. 20 yo university student… my style now consists of button up shirts, dress pants like chinos and alike, sweaters, ocassional sports jacket, and leather shoes. Also, i ditched the regular tie knot and the Windsor and opt for more fancy tie knots.

    My experience has been that alike what said here, people believe i have a better Job, friends who at first got suprised at my look, now are less so, and rather take me as a the sylish guide, asking me about ties and jackets.

    I've gotten into nice conversations about leather bags and so on

    As soon as i get a Job that allows me, my next step up is due: signet ring with my family cresta couple more ties and some more jackets and shoesn right now my better shoes and my jacket is a more rare ocation but this is because i only own one of each

  24. the other day, I bought a beautiful wool knee-length topcoat in a light tan colour.
    wearing it for a week, ive been complimented by random women i wasnt interacting with in any way twice.
    i also was standing in a grocery line with one item, and a lady in front of me who’d be waiting for close to 10 minutes allowed me to cut in front of her, despite not waiting as long as her. I was wearing my new topcoat then as well.

  25. A neat tip for men wearing glasses:
    Don't be limited with the selections of frames your optical store has. If you like a particular sunglass frame, you can have that turned into your everyday glasses by swapping out the lens.
    Did that with mine and wow, lots of compliments. I choose to wear these glasses over contacts nowadays.

  26. Older vid, new comment…started closing more accounts for my new small business. No longer felt like a mouse walking into the lions' den. Successful doctors and practices started to view me as a peer and member of the club, no longer an outsider. I pitched, they actually listened to me, I closed them… Done and done but never done learning…thanks for the channel, my business and I thank you!

  27. Thank you for your great programs! It’s nice to feel validated hearing someone else confirm your beliefs! I appreciate the effort you put into your videos.

  28. My friends don't laugh with my clothes, me and my best friend always try to dress up the best (of course mine is always better) and now the rest is asking me to choose their clothing 😀
    19, jup TOTALLY, but hey, don't wear a sloppy tie on my birthday please !

  29. This might upset some feminists but it is what it is… I used to wear yoga pants to run around in while doing errands. A few times, men would walk past me, say 'excuse me' and then graze their knuckles across my backside. When I started wearing skirts in public, this stopped. I do not know if it is because a skirt does not reveal as much, or if a skirt signals something in men's brains to behave better but the 'grazing' stopped when I switched to skirts. Also, doors are opened for me, literally. People are more polite and friendly when I am wearing a skirt, my hair & make up are done, and I accessorize. when i care about my appearance and make an effort, people around me pick up on that, care more, and behave better.

  30. Flying to Denver in coach with a suit on. The Year was 1971. Stewardess comes up & says, "Sir, a first class passenger didn't board, would you lke to sit in their seat. A gracious invitation which I didn't refuse.

  31. 102: all of a sudden you find out you have forgotten to pay attention to developing your character.

  32. 103) You start to revert back to a 1940's style of living and mindset all the while a nuclear threat looms over head

  33. What I've learned. I've learned how little the opinions of others mean to me. I know I look great and I no longer need someone approval.

  34. can you make us video about female outfits as well! I feel like after watching your videos I dress like a Gentleman now lol

  35. You suddenly have to look for cleaner places to sit down because you don’t want to stain your clothes

  36. I noticed almost all of these happening after I found my style and my family especially loves it now I just need a good girl they tell me

  37. Wow! So much of what you said has already come true and I'm just getting started. I get comments from everyone at work, even people that rarely if ever spoke to me before. Ironically just today my boss made the joke that I seemed to be challenging him by dressing so well and was trying to 'show him up'. People do smile and approach me more and Ive been flirted with and even propositioned once this week ( happily married, but was flattering.)! All because of some attention to clothes and their presentation. I'm not sure if that just proves the world is shallow and superficial or that I've been socially naive. My bet is both. I also work a lot of receptions and business cocktail parties at one of my jobs and noticed a peculiar thing. Now that Ive learned about clothes and shoes, I've noticed that the young newer guys in these companies are dressed in high-class, high-price attire, with expensive tailored suits and $500-$1000 shoes, but the older executives and company presidents are mostly in less well-maintained, older style suits, a lot of which are off-the-rack that are sometimes even wrinkled, and nearly all wear cheap $100 shoes! Don't know whats up with that. Maybe they feel they dont have to impress, but are the ones to be impressed.

  38. I once wore a tie to traffic court, and got the ticket thrown out. Every other person there was dressed in sweat pants and such, and not one of them got their ticket thrown out.

  39. Wow that is a list!
    People do not run you over if you try to cross the street.
    They actually stop when they think you want to cross over and nods if you didn't want to do it.
    Depending on your mood, people get intimidated by the selfconfidence, but might be something to do with the fact I have lost 52kg of weight and overconfidence apperantly is a thing…

  40. Makes me feel 10 feet high, even when I just moved from tshirts and sweatpants to dressshirt/cardigan and slacks

  41. Interesting, maybe where you live. The people you are describing who live in the UK tend to be arrogant and unapproachable. If you need to ask directions ask a normally dressed person.

  42. Gentleman's gazette host is looking great! I stopped buying jeans and eliminated loose clothing. I now purchase clothes that fit. I make sure my belt and shoes match. I only buy clothing that will last for years.

  43. What are your thoughts on wearing light grey suede shoes with a brown belt as I do not own a grey belt

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