$1000 clothing haul in LA

hi welcome back to our Channel I'm Lily and I'm he's eating an apple but we're doing a basically $1,000 clothing haul from LA because we spent too much money here already and we're not even done with the trip sorry if the lighting is bad we did not bring a ring light to LA or any kind of light so this is just the room lighting but we just wanted to show you guys all the clothes we got to make myself feel better about spending this much money because if it's a video then it has a purpose other than me just spending my money for clothes to wear we have all of our bags in front of us and stuff I guess we'll do store by store and we'll show you everything we go and tell you like sizes and pricing just in case you guys want to get it because some of these stores we don't have in North Carolina where we're from and we don't know if they're just in LA but if you're won by you then you can go or go online one of this these stores I have never heard of before but it's where I spent the majority of my money um everywhere in LA has air Outfitters like there's an Urban Outfitters every mile in California but we drove an hour and a half to go to Laura's boutique in Santa Ana from where we're staying because we really wanted to shop there and that was the closest one and it brought us to a mall which is where we did the most damage many hundreds of dollars so all this money waste fund was our own money that we saved up for this trip because we knew that we wanted to do a lot of shopping when we're in LA so this is why we went crazy is because we literally set an amount for us that we wanted to spend on this trip should we start with urban yeah okay I only got three things from urban but it was still so much money I've already mourned some of them to the tags are not on it so the first thing I got is this like cropped purple shirt it was on sale for like $15 and it's long-sleeve it was $20 this purple-topped from urban Donna yeah it was like 1999 and then I got this table which kinda reminds me of the nurse scrubs but I tried mine it was pretty cute and I thought it was different and it's just like a cropped purple shirt and this one was how expensive this was $50 but I think it's coming to this brand I don't really know I played with this Urban is weird brands that are really expensive but it like ties on here you know and it's just different and I want to expand my clothing that I have I got this blue one piece I like scrunches and there's a little gap thing and I do a picture and this all like put it right here so you guys can see what it looks like on because you wouldn't really be able to tell but this wine was $35 for the one piece from urban and then what I got from urban is I only got myself two things I got this cute little hair bow thingy that you can like put your hair at half a pack down and you click a little scrunchy and then there's a bow and it's pink and white and it's like checkered I don't know if you can tell but it's really cute and this was only six dollars guys I go straight to the sales section and any store and this was only ten dollars so I was like okay fine so is this cute like cropped in the front um like burnt orange and then this please can I get like tighter at the end which is good for me because I have like short arms so then the sleeves aren't like fall all the way to the end and it's like all these clips of the front and yeah this was really cute only ten dollars and then I also got my boyfriend a shirt but I'm not showing you guys that because I know he's gonna watch this video and I want to be a surprise so that's all we got from Urban so packed owns all the stores we went to whenever he went to the mall and Santa Ana I got three things I was about to buy another one but I realized I should probably slow down on my money but each one of these things was $18 or $20 it was around the same price and they all kind of look the same but they're just different colors so I got this pink little tank top that scrunches and to be neck and then I got the exact same one but it's white with these little black flowers on it and both of these are brandy melville and then I'm pretty sure this one's brandy too but this one is not a v-neck but it's just blue cheetah print on it and I'm pretty sure this is the one that was $18 and both of these were 20 but that's what I got from PacSun because this is the last item into and I was running out of money all right I got this little cute black shirt and it ties in the front if you can see and it's like tighter at the bottom kind of gives me that pirate vibes but it's really cute on and yeah oh well I guess I was like yeah and it was 2495 but I'm always there for a deal it was I sing buy one get one free yeah buy one get one free if I got like one of these shirts so I've got shirts then I got this one for free and it's like this pretty low-cut bright yellow shorts a shirt but I was saying I could even make it like you know a little more or less off-the-shoulder with a girl that under would be really cute if I didn't get this one for free it would have been 16 95 we visit India the sizes but I'm pretty sure all of them are smalls yeah he's actually a medium so the majority of them are small so that we have a check and then I got my boyfriend another shirt packs on but again I'm not showing that I do think already up he's a lot smarter with your money than I was so the next one is Wars week which was the reason we went to the mall and I'm the most excited like we've been to shopping or no I don't so much stuff I went there looking for bodysuits jeans and a sundress which I got all of that stuff so I got this cute little sundress and has this little bow on the front and flowers on it and this was $33 crazy sure this is a small and it just has little ties on the shoulder so you can change the length of the straps and then the two body suits I got pressured both were $25 are used to tag off of this one with this one has $25 but this one is just white with these flowers on it and there's a little bow tie thing on the front and it's a v-neck and this one I literally don't know what the name of it is because I already ripped off the tag the dress though was the clear and dress if you wanted to find it on their website I literally don't remember what this one is called I'm sorry but then I got this one piece which I'm probably not gonna wear that much but I thought it was really cool and the one time I'm gonna me something like this I'm gonna have it and this one is Josie snake body sue and it was $27 but it's just like a neon green in one piece thing and then I got cue pairs of jeans because I heard the large batik jeans are like really stretchy and they make your butt look really big so I got two pairs of them these are the Samantha high-waist jeans which were $42.99 and they're just black ones and they have rips all the way down the leg I don't know if you can see it in there but there's just a bunch of pricks on them in a giant hole right here and then I got these one sort or 4699 did the Claire boyfriend jeans so they're just blue and they have a bunch of rips and holes down them but they're boyfriend style from Laura sweetie I got he's really cute shorts that I feel like are just perfect for summer and they're called Luna striped shorts and there were $20 which I feel like is pretty reasonable loaner boutique was actually very reasonable Yahoo layer usually boutiques are very expensive but I didn't really see anything that I saw and I was like I can't get because the breaks and I got this really cute dress and it's all these buttons going down the front and it cut it straight down but I think it's really cute and this is the Katrina dress and it was only 1899 like that's actually cheap for a drought is really so oh and these are both smalls I think everything I got from Lord boutique was I smell and then I normally never wear red like ever but this is really cute you can't even tell so like Criss crosses in the front you can't really see when you're holding it up but it's just like a cropped red t-shirt and it says Celeste de top and it was only $12.99 and then these next two thingies I got are like my favorites all right so I got this yellow one and it ties in the front like that and then I would wear like a white banjo under it and then I got the same kind of deal thingy with this light pink one but some Long's please and it has a little tiny front that I wear been no wonder it I wore this today actually and I ripped off both the tags so I don't know which ones which but one is the adilyn top and it was 16.99 and then the other one was the Marleen top and it was $23.99 and that's all I got from Laura's boutique and the last store that I went to was the one that we have never heard of before it's called garage I don't know if that's like a common shopping place in California but I've never seen it before and this is where I spent a lot of money with because whenever I go into stores I just gonna grab everything I think looks cute and then I try it all on and trying it on usually eliminates a lot of it because it either doesn't fit me well or wasn't as cute as I thought it would be but everything I tried on I actually loved and I ended up just buying a lot of it they had like this deal on crop tops where you buy one get one half off so I got four of them because they were already like pretty cheap there are twelve thirteen dollars each so I just got this plain white one and then I got this like lime and this blue striped one which I wore today I post a picture in it and then I got this purple one so all of us were buy one get one half off so I stopped four of them because I don't really have a lot of tube tops like that and then I got these pair like army green shorts which were the last ones they had and they're just like army green and they have this buckle that is really on trend right now not sure why but I like it I'm sure this is so hey get small no this is extra small I'm pretty sure these are like $40 for these and they had all black pair but I really liked this style of shorts for a while and I just never found them for like if it's in price like I always called them on weird websites for like a hundred dollars so I was really happy whenever I saw those and then I got these keen shorts and their denim was buy one get one half off too I think so I got these jean shorts that just scrunch at the top and then there's little faux which is what I wore today with the striped tube top these were $20 because I got these half officer usually 40 but I got to pop off because I got another pair of denim pants so then I got these jeans which I'm pretty sure we're like 50 dollars but I really needed a new jeans which is why I got you a pair from lures boutique and then a pair from here because I even bought myself new jeans in the years and a lot of them don't fit me or I just don't like them anymore so these are just high-rise blue jeans but they have this white stripe down both sides of the legs and then they just cut off on the bottom but I thought they were really cute and I could wear them in school and it was anytime so that was last thing I got from garage and then I only got two things surprise I just got two of the banjos because they are a buy one get one half off like Lily said and I don't know if he writes of the price but there were thirteen dollars each so I just got a black and a white one so I could wear under the tops from Laura's batik because I actually don't own any tube tops I don't think at all so I got two and then lastly we went to like Venice today and I just went into this little shop you've got this cute little cropped t-shirt that says Venice Beach on it that was everything we got so far in LA we leave in like two days but I doubt I'm gonna buy anything because I actually have no money now so I'm probably not gonna buy any more clothes while I'm here because I think I got enough I just don't know how we're supposed to fit this all in our suitcase to bring it back yeah that's gonna be a big issue but we're in the middle of filming our like le vlog and like the week in our life being in California which will be up I think on Sunday so you guys can watch that whenever it gets uploaded but thanks for watching and comment down below your favorite pieces we got in this home haul yeah make sure you like it subscribe if you like our videos and to make sure you don't miss our California vlog that will be posting soon bye


  1. You have to come to estonia we have tub tops for under 5 dollars and its much much more cheaper than there

  2. confused on why you guys aren’t super famous yet. like i love your videos they’re actually really interesting. you guys deserve to be super famous. i wish i had friends like you guys lol

  3. Garage started in Canada and it was only really in Canada for the longest time but within recent yrs they started expanding into the us

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