$1000 clothing haul… and a giveaway ;)


  1. I want to win the giveaway I always wanted that camera every time we went to Walmart i wanted that so much but we could not eford tit was to much money .MY INSTAGRAM IS morgan_clair1

  2. god damn stores are running out of names: “so i ordered this shirt from poopoo and i am so obsessed”

  3. Let’s just take a second

    Her hair looks good
    Her skin is so tan and clear
    Teeth r white
    Sis is tHRIVING

  4. hi hannah! my instagram is daniela.christina_ i wanted to say that you’re a great inspiration to me and my friends as well as my little sisters haha. my sisters and i love watching your vlogs as well as your main channel videos 🙂 your video about having your dead tooth pulled out and replaced really made me feel better because in a couple months one of my front teeth will be removed and in about a year the other one will be too, so both my front teeth will be taken out and replaced (this has a pretty wild story behind it haha). i’ve been really nervous about it for a while but i’m feeling a bit better about it now thanks to you. i hope you continue to spread positivity and have a great rest of your day 🙂

  5. my insta is @yoitsjaneee this is so fun!! and i am a small youtuber so yeah hannah is def an inspiration💗

  6. Hey Hannah, dude your actually fly as heck. I donated all my clothes to the over night shelter in my home town. I’ve been doing a total wardrobe flip.! I’m really into the 80s 90s kind of style and most of the stuff you bought really caught my eye. I would really appreciate and love anything you could give to me! My instagram is: its_alethea_ tho

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