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anytime soon guys shall we start let’s go these are easy tips that will work for
any style okay this is for if you’re somebody that loves a tailored look get
it if you’re somebody that’s a little bit more like me I like to you know like
a little bit more Street inspired get it these tips are gonna work for everyone
they’re gonna make you look like money trust me okay starting off with tip
number one if you haven’t got a steamer get yourself a steamer right this second
by the way everything that I mentioned in this video will be linked below for
your convenience but a steamer I am new to the steamer game and it is a game
changer you want to look like your clothes are fresh out of the dry
cleaners yes and a steamer is gonna get you there it heats up super fast mine
heats up in less than 45 seconds I’ve got one of the like stand up ones that
you can get more portable ones they’re easier and more handheld these are gonna
get your outfits wrinkle free okay you’re gonna be looking very put
together and the great thing about a steamer is that if you have dry clean
only clothes you can actually use your steamer to clean them yes because it’s
boiling water it disinfects it’s fantastic tip number two get rid of your
lint there are two ways to do this use a lint roller use a fabric shaver lint
shaver something or other this little fellow now a lint roller is basically
like double sided tape on a roller you can get
these super cheap off Amazon you don’t want to be wearing a fly jacket with its
hairiness happening at the back there so get rid of your lint get rid of hair
dust whatever a lint roller is gonna be your best friend with certain items
especially tops jumpers that kind of thing they start to get those like
bubbles a fabric lying on top and that is where this little guy comes in
basically it is like a razor beneath this metal panel and it’s just gonna
chop them all off it’s amazing I also find it super satisfying to do all the
link collects in here you just take it out you trash it and you’re ready for
round two these are gonna make your clothes stay
fresh just like oh there’s something happening there and she looks she looks
she looks expensive okay she looks like a high-maintenance hoe that’s the vibe
we’re going for next is something that’s really overlooked but really important
and that is to always have clean shoes I’m someone who most of the time is in
sneakers but this does not make me exempt no especially white sneakers the
first tip is Jason markk this is great for leather shoes white sneakers stuff
like that little little kind of dirt marks here and there that you just want
to get off the especially if you have shoes of like complicated made out of
complicated materials things like suede or a mix of different materials I live
by the restory ReStory Restory whatever it is amazing it is a worldwide
service basically they will take your shoes they will clean them they will
give them love and care and they come back literally like the day you bought
them could literally be wearing Gucci sneakers and if they’re like dirty and
everything you’re not you’re not gonna look you’re not gonna look bougie
yeah you’re not gonna look like money people ok so just by caring for your
shoes in these ways you’re gonna look you know look fly as hell buying /
investing in quality basics I am NOT saying that you have to go out and
spend a hundred pounds on a white t-shirt no but do buy stuff that is
better quality that’s gonna last white t-shirt pristine I love the white
company for white t-shirts great quality they’re thick they’re not gonna be like
showing bits that you don’t really want to show especially for a white
shirt you want a good cut okay it doesn’t have to be fitted it can be
straight up and down but it’s a nice cut I am also a black turtleneck till I die
Stan okay everybody should have a black turtleneck you have that smooth
silhouette she looks like she knows what she’s doing
she looks put together she looks expensive you can pair these things with
whatever whatever jacket people are gonna look at you and they’re not gonna
know exactly what they’re gonna be like I don’t know what it is but she looks
good she looks put together I need her tips quality basics will get
you there you’ve come here I’m a luxury channel I had to I had to inject just a
little bit of luxury i 100% believe that if you are going to spend money on
anything get a bag get a designer bag you don’t
have to spend the price of a second-hand car on a designer bag I have a whole
video dedicated to bags under a thousand pounds a thousand dollars I will link
that somewhere somewhere up here designer items a the quality is there
they’re gonna last you forever okay and they just up the outfit they
just they just take you they just take you to that level okay it will just give
you that little edge that’s that all she’s put to get oh oh oh you see the
Gucci – okay okay I know what kind of girl were dealing with here okay the
next tip that will make you look like you’ve got a stylist and therefore make
you look expensive AF are sunglasses I feel like these are very overlooked but
sunglasses just make you look rich and unbothered a hair looks like money okay
her looks like she’s got a hell of money I don’t care about your opinion living
my best expensive bougie life sunglasses just make you look rich okay you
don’t have to spend designer money on sunglasses these are Gucci okay
but I’m sorry these are from Quay Australia and guess what
a hoe still looks like money a hoe looks arguably more like money
especially with gold lenses sunglasses make you look rich gel manicure is gonna
always make you look on ten you’re not gonna chip because chipping
is the thing that brings you down ladies gel manicure will last you it will not
chip off make you look raggedy no if you’re here for acrylics girl girl I’m
with you if you’re not here for acrylics and you’re a natural nail kind of lady
girl get it with your gel manicure honestly it makes you look like you spent
time on yourself even if you didn’t the next thing that I really think helps is to
have great skincare whatever makes you glow okay and give you that confidence
because confidence is gonna make you look expensive too okay whatever gives
you that confidence to go out there makeup no makeup whatever she’s glowing
okay she is just lighting up from within and
personally for me that is skincare if my skin looks great
I feel good whatever your routine is whatever makes you feel good good
skincare get it take your time with it the second to last point smell rich okay
and there is one scent ingredient that I think does it Oud people now if you
don’t know what Oud is Oud is a very popular scent ingredient I don’t even
know if this the right terminology in a lot of Arabic perfumes but Oud is this
kind of rich it’s like thick it smells ooh she thicc it smells smells like money
it smells mysterious it smells intriguing and I have two of my favorite
scents have Oud in them the Armani Prive rose d’arabie arabic rose and the lancome
Oud bouquet oh my gosh it smells like warm and sexy and just
trust me the next time you are going for a perfume
have a try have a smell see what works for you even better if you go through
duty-free use that time use that time to find your Oud and the last tip to look
expensive look like money make your hair look great find the products that work
well for you there is one product that I think no matter what kind of hair you
have really ups your game and that is a great hair oil so this one is the Shu
Uemura essence absolut nourishing protective oil and honestly if I’m just
here to just you know oh she’s looking she’s looking a little bit a little bit
dull okay just take a couple of pumps we take her through we take her through and
guess what she’s gonna be looking a little bit more put together less
flyaways shiny she’s gonna be looking like oh I see okay okay
shiny definition okay do you agree with these do you have any other tips to make
you look like money let’s have that discussion in the comments like this
video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already we would love to have
you join us have an amazing morning afternoon or evening wherever you are
and I will see you in my next video bye guys


  1. Lmao you with the sunglasses omg I die also agree about the bag and clean shoes
    ‘A hoe looks like money’ omg I can’t
    And when you did that roll with your tongue I effing can’t right now!
    Also I’m here for acrylics! 👏🏼👏🏼 thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. Steamer is such a life hack, damn, that fabric shaver thing as well, I’ve just ordered both lol. Putting on a nice pair of sunglasses feels like Bruce Wayne putting on his batman mask lol. Couldn’t agree more bout skincare and hair, looks like you’ve got that nailed 👌

  3. Great tips. I totally agree with you. I need to wear perfume and nail polish. 😂😂😂Awesome video, love it. ❤️

  4. “High maintenance ho” hahaha LOVE you so much Girl!! All your tips are spot on!! Sunglasses YASSS!! This is actually a very well thought out video, I do have a tip white teeth use a whitening toothpaste! If you have red lipstick on and your teeth are not white you’re not going to look expensive no matter what you do! BRAVO!! YotaStyle

  5. Love the video!💕 l agree with all the tips and to add pedicure a woman should have fabulous feet. Especially in summer, the little black dress 👗 is a must for any season. Good video, good tips. You’re hilarious 😆.

  6. Great video and thanks for the tip on perfume. With so many on the market it’s impossible to know what to buy, I’ll definitely be trying these two out 🙃 can’t go wrong with a chic white shirt, it looks great with jeans or dressed up. I think classy shoes or designer sneakers and handbags also transform any outfit. Thanks for sharing babe

  7. Yasss everything you mentioned I agree with. Gel nails, clean sneakers, designer bag (I have too many 😫) perfume, skincare etc.. is checked off my list. I purchase lint rollers by the pack. I have them all around my house, my car, and a mini size I carry in my purse along with mini perfume atomizer & tide to go stain remover in case I have an accident. You got to stay looking fresh & clean. I am missing a steamer though. And one tip I will like to share. A nice fitted blazer. You can wear a blazer with sneakers, heels, leggings etc. makes you look rich and well put together even on your casual days 🤗

  8. I've been binge watching your videos and I'm asking myself why we aren't best friends 😂😂 you're hilarious!! thank you for the quality content xx

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  13. OMG! The perfume thing. I tried a LV perfume the other day and after a few hours I caught a whiff and thought “Daammnn, I smell like a rich woman!” 🤣. Also, de-pillers (sweater shaver) are amazing!!

  14. Watching this made me remember to do my nighttime skin care!!! Also try Jo Malone velvet rose and oud!!! And also Rose Absolut which I think might be exclusive to harrods! xx

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    You are so entertaining! Can’t stop watching lol.

    Great tips too!

  16. Everyone is sleeping on Quay! I LOVE them! I have four pairs and they hold up beautifully. Their oversized “cafe racers” are the ones I reach for on a daily basis. I have white and black ones for different looks and that’s really all I need

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