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Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s video is all about ten things that
men wear women love. In this video, I’m going to talk about general
style advice for men, as well as specific pieces that you can incorporate into your
wardrobe that women love. You may wonder how can I tell you what women
want? Well, unlike Donald Trump, I know it all! Just kidding! In fact, I talked to a bunch of educated successful
women and the final list was compiled by my wife and business partner so it’s all proper
from the perspective of a woman. Don’t be surprised that sweatpants and sports
jerseys didn’t make the list because women like men to wear clothes that make them proud
to stand by you. So what are the general style guidelines that
you should pay attention to? One, take pride in your outward appearance. Caring about how you look is very important
if you want to make a good first impression. We all subconsciously judge and so do women. As a gentleman, you want to look a stylish,
appropriately dressed, and overall, just well put together. As such, if you go to a play at nice theater
and the woman is all dressed up, you don’t want to go in jeans but you want to wear something
appropriate. To learn what’s appropriate when and where
and what specific dress codes mean, please check out this video here. Style guide number two, dress up! Super casual styles are rarely going to impress
women. Of course, this is a general statement and
I’m sure you’ll always find the exception but based on our research, this is what we
found. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to wear
a three-piece suit or a tuxedo whenever you go out in the evening. At the same time, a collared shirt will always
provide you with a more polished look rather than let’s say, a t-shirt. Three, embrace colors and patterns. You can stand out from the sea of black and
gray and charcoal suits or jackets and add a dash of color. That can be in the form of a pocket square,
maybe a tie, or maybe even a boutonniere, don’t go overboard. One piece will help and less is definitely
more. That being said, I get constantly complimented
by women when I wear boutonnieres, these little lapel flowers. Ideally, you don’t want something that’s super
large such as a pink red carnation, instead, go with something like this light blue delphinium
that is small and subtle in color because it shows that you care without being too ostentatious
and flashy. if you believe that you can’t pull off a lapel flower, think about it twice,
no matter your age, I’ve talked to men all over the place and as soon as they put a little
lapel flower on, no matter what the rest of the outfit looks, it helps to attract women
immediately. Four, wear clothes that fit well. That means you shouldn’t have super large
arm holes, excessive fabric in the chest, or super large pants. If you’re in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, that may
be a problem because the outfit you had in the 90s was super baggy, so it helps to trim
it down. If you’re in your 20s and 30s, chances are
everything is trimmer already. Just make sure it’s not overly tight and it
looks neat. Five, don’t always wear the same thing. I know it’s easy, you don’t have to think
about it, putting on that same polo shirt day in and day out but it’s not a uniform
and dressing can be a way of expressing yourself in an interesting way. If you don’t have a huge wardrobe, that’s
no problem. Look into a capsule wardrobe and just use
a few pieces such as accessories to create a different look anytime. That shows women that you take pride in your
appearance and that you take care of yourself. Six, know what looks good on you. If you’re a bigger guy, wearing super skinny
lapels and super tight pants are not going to flatter you. For example, I have a big bum and big thighs
so I can’t wear skinny pants because it looks bad on me. If you have an oval face, don’t wear very
pointed collars because otherwise, you look like a conehead. rRather get something that’s a little more
spread. On the other hand, if you have a round face,
go with a more pointed collar, otherwise, the collar will accentuate the size of your
face. The good thing about well-fitting clothes
is that they hide your imperfections and highlight the things that look good about you. Seven, dress like yourself. By that, I mean you always have to be comfortable
in the clothes you wear because if you’re not, it shows. You won’t have the same confidence, you will
look more slouchy, and just the way you present and talk will also be impacted by what you
wear and such, it’s important that you know your style and stick with it and that you’re
not necessarily always impacted by the latest trends. That being said, if you’re a casual guy, it
always pays to take things a notch up because it shows that you care and women will notice. What are the 10 specific pieces that men wear
that women love? One, wear real shoes. By that, I mean leather shoes, not cheap ones
that are glued but Goodyear welted or blake rapid stitched, maybe in a classic style with
a high quality leather because it will upgrade any outfit. If you wear boots, that’s okay. You can find nice boots but always try to
find shoes and boots that are the upper end of the spectrum that you can afford because
it will always reflect well on you. If you wear a belt, make sure that the color
matches the shoes otherwise, it looks very immature. Two, women love a crisp collared dress shirt. It should be nicely pressed. You can go with lighter colors, maybe a slight
pattern, and it doesn’t matter if you wear a jacket or not; just having a dress shirt
will always help to make a favorable impression on women. That being said, make sure it fits properly
and not like a potato sack. You don’t want any excess fabric but it shouldn’t
be too tight so you have X wrinkles in the front. Three, women love fitted sweaters. If you have a nice v-shape, a trim sweater
just helps you to accentuate that and make your shoulders look broad which is very attractive. It’s just like a well fitting dress on a
woman, it just highlights the benefits of the figure and it’s just pretty attractive. Four, women love a unique suit. Just having your regular black or charcoal
suit won’t cut it anymore. Yes it’s true, having those basics in the
wardrobe are great for business but may be opt for a sort of pattern like a pin point,
maybe a houndstooth, or a herringbone, because when you go out, you can do things that are
a little more fun such as for a cocktail party. To learn more about cocktail attire and what
you can wear, please check out this guide on the website. Today, every successful man has a suit and
so having something a little more unique helps you stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have the money to invest in a
new suit right now, I suggest to upgrade your old one wearing a pocket square. If you’ve never had a pocket square, get a
solid white linen one maybe with your monogram, and for a good selection, please check out
our shop here. Once you have a white pocket square, I suggest
to go with something more colorful just like the one I’m wearing here for example, which
is burgundy and it works with my tie at the same time, it has a little green and blue
simply so it’s different. A matching set of tie and pocket square is
a no go if you are a stylish man who wants to attract women, at the same time, jit ust
costs a fraction of a new suit so it’s a wonderful investment. Five, women love a casual jacket. It doesn’t always have to be a suit jacket
or a blazer but instead, maybe a Harrington jacket, or a suede leather jacket, or a linen
Safari jacket. These are just things that you can wear when
you go out for a walk or pick up groceries but they just make you look dapper without
being overdressed. At the same time, these kind of casual jackets
help you to transition between the seasons very easily and to learn more about those,
please check out the in-depth guides on our website. Six, women love modern glasses. If you still wear those very thin titanium
frames from the 90s, they are still not stylish and outdated anymore. Go with a classic frame maybe something bolder
but a nice shape that is modernized and today, you can find where you can find things for
a hundred bucks or you find other makers; it doesn’t cost a fortune anymore to get a
nice well fitting pair of glasses. Be daring, be bold, and you will get noticed
for sure. Rather than with a color, try to impress with
a frame. Maybe the size and the styling of course. The same is true for sunglasses and if you
want to learn more about classic and stylish frames, please check out our sunglass guides
on the website. Seven, women love layers. Most women really like to dress and they try
to combine patterns and they have different layers. If you, as a man, add maybe a cardigan or
a sweater underneath a jacket or just on top of a dress shirt, it just adds an interesting
element, it shows that you care and it makes you more like them and therefore, more attractive. Eight, women love subtle cologne. Yes, you can use deodorant and that’s okay,
but having some cologne makes it interesting, especially if it’s kind of your character
scent because they can immediately tell if you’re around by just walking past you. At the same time, you don’t want to be that
guy who uses a lot of axe or a really strong aftershave that can be smelled from yards
away because people will avoid you, they will talk bad about you behind your back but they
will never tell you directly to your face and so you may be ousted from social events,
simply because your cologne smells cheap or it’s too strong. Smell in general, is a very powerful sense
and it can really make or break the entire experience someone has when they get to know
you for the first time. Nine, women love a great leather bag. Nothing makes you look like a schoolboy more
than wearing a backpack. As a grown man, instead, invest in a nice
leather bag, or maybe a satchel, something that suits your style. Maybe something with linen, if you’re a little
more casual. Overall, having a bag when you travel, or
go to work, really upgrades your outfit and make you look more mature. Ten, wear something that she picked out for
you. If you’re a relationship and you watch this
channel, chances are, you’re not the kind of person that is dressed by their partner. At the same time, if you know something that
she likes and you wear it maybe in a date night out, it makes her feel special because
you thought about her and it just helps to create a really nice experience for both of
you. For example, my wife really likes the double-breasted
rope striped suit from Ralph Lauren which was the first expensive suit that I was able
to afford. Whenever I wear this suit, it brings back
memories of the early days of our relationship and it’s just a very fond feeling and that’s
something that you can do with clothes too. I guarantee you if you were her favorite thing,
it’ll be a great day. in today’s video I’m wearing a combination
with a brown suit jacket and a pair of light grey trousers dark brown and gray is not a
combination you see a lot at the same time it’s warmer than maybe a navy blue with gray
because it’s fall and that’s why I chose this outfit for my tie I went with a contrasting
bolder pattern in subtle colors it’s a houndstooth tie made of bourette silk from Fort Belvedere
I designed it myself and you can find it in our shop here in three different lengths so
no matter if you’re short regular or tall you’ll find a tie that works for you the pocket
square is likewise from Fort Belvedere you can also find in our shop it is made of silk
and wool and picks up the color in the tie the suit jacket is from A Caraceni in Milan
and it’s vintage it has wider lapels that are bolder and they’re not necessarily very
fashionable at the moment but they are timeless and they always work and they suit my style
it’s kind of my signature if you will my dress shirt is quite simple with French cuffs from
I am wearing it with a pair of silver and carnelian cufflinks which are red and they
pick up the color of my tie it’s matched by a ring that also is sterling silver with a
carnelian I’m also wearing a boutonniere which is this little lapel flower and I do this
because it’s probably the item that I’m most complimented out when I’m out and about by
women these socks are shadow stripes socks in grey with turquoise from Fort Belvedere
and they work but with the pants at the same time they contrast my burgundy Derby shoes
in a longer more elegant last I think they’re from cobbler Union if you want to take your
outfits a notch up or two please check out our accessories in our shop from Fort Belvedere
all of which I designed myself


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