10 Pieces, 30 Back-To-School Outfits | ZULA Altered | EP 4

Hi guys! Welcome to this episode of Zula Altered. I’m your host Leah and today’s- video is actually inspired- by my times at university. So I know a lot of people are now- entering the new semester, which starts in August. As I went into school, I wanted to look, like, stylish, but at the same time because I was staying on campus- I had a lot, like, restrictions in terms of what I could bring to school because- you know, you can’t lug your
entire wardrobe from home lah. I mean, I wish I could but, you know, that’s not gonna happen. I’m here to give you some advice on, maybe your wardrobe to make- your life a little bit easier. So, today what I’m going to be doing is I’m- I’m going to be styling 10 staple items- and turning it into 30 different outfits. Before I start going through all the clothes right, I would like to say that these are 10 staple items that you can have but of course- you are not only gonna bring 10 items to school right? And I would say that you can feel free- to change up the items as and when you like. If you don’t like white jeans, you can go for denim jeans. Let me just go through all these items with you- to explain a little bit about- why I picked out the certain pieces. I think everybody has a denim jacket in their wardrobe. I mean, I wouldn’t make a sweeping statement- but… I would say at least 80% of the population owns a- some style of denim jacket. I went for a cropped denim jacket- because this is actually very trendy for 2019. I chose more, like, [a] ripped, boxy denim jacket- it’s also because you can play up
with the shapes and layers- when you are pairing it with outfits. So, this is just a plain white, you know, kind of oversized shirt. And I know in uni, a lot of times- you have to go for presentations, you have to be a bit more formal. You have to button up everything- and then you can pair it with, like, a pair of pants. I think a lot of times when people buy white shirts, they just go for the typical plain white, like, maybe cotton material design. I really like the unique pattern. So if you can see, it’s a little bit see-through. And even the smallest, like, difference- in fabric or design can already elevate- your outfit to another level. Okay, so my third piece here, is actually this red wrap dress- and I’ve probably worn this on my Instagram, like, a couple of times ‘cause I- love this dress. The reason why I chose the style of a wrap dress is- because I feel that wrap dresses are very versatile. I can make it as a top or even a skirt. That’s how many ways you can style. So, next I have a turtleneck- and don’t! Please don’t scream at me, like, “Leah! Oh my god, it’s so hot in Singapore! Why are you wearing a turtleneck!” But your lecture theatre is very cold right? Don’t lie. It’s very cold. Even though the weather is hot in Singapore, you can still lup (pull) this over as, like, a sweater. Long-sleeve items right, you can actually pair a lot under, like, t-shirts. Or, like, you can even roll it up, like, have it cropped, like this. Here’s a t-shirt. So, I didn’t go for the white or black t-shirt, like, most people would go for. Honestly, if I ask anybody in this room ah, I ask you, “What is your staple t-shirt that you have?” You’re like, “Oh yeah, just a casual white t-shirt- or a casual black t-shirt.” Right? Right? No? With an oversized t-shirt, you can easily make it cropped by just tucking it under- or, like, tying it to the back. You can just wear it as a dress- ‘cause I know a lot of people in uni- just wear t-shirts and then go to class. I approve! Because sometimes you’re just too lazy- to go and, like, put on some jeans- and you just want to wear an
oversized t-shirt as a dress- and there’s nothing wrong with that. I have a blazer! And okay, so I would say… I don’t usually see people wear blazers in uni. The reason why I chose this brown blazer- is because, one, it’s oversized. It tends to be able to cover more parts, so like I say, cover more, better than cover less. Because it’s such a relaxed fit and- it’s such a neutral colour, you can wear it out on, like, on a casual day- or you can even wear it to presentation. Because it’s also so long right, you can actually just belt it in front- and make it a whole-ass outfit on its own. Yeah, so this is, like, a dress blazer. The reason why I chose this- instead of just a regular bandeau tube top- is because, one, it has straps. So you can either wear with straps or without- because I feel that for this tube top, because of the ruching detail here, like this ruffle detail, it actually can stand on its own. It’s kind of the stretchiness of this material- that allows you to play with, like, the different silhouettes. So if you’re not keen on showing your arms, what I can suggest is- either wear a t-shirt inside- or, like, a printed, like, word here. So that at least it doesn’t look so- simple, like, a regular black jersey t-shirt. I have this pair of white jeans here. And I know people are going to be, like, “Oh my god, why would you put- white jeans in your wardrobe?” But… this is something definitely different- from the regular blue denim jeans. And I’ve been wearing white jeans a lot recently- ‘cause I like how chic it looks. I really like the button detailing down here, so…it’s, like, small details like this that help elevate, like, a simple pair of jeans. These are my favourite pair of grey slacks or pants. As you can tell, I wear it very, very often. It’s, like, in pretty shitty condition- but… They are so comfortable and so soft. Grey also is great for formal wear. If you pair it with, like, casual t-shirts- or something more simple on the top, you won’t look like you’re just running- out of a business meeting or running out- of a presentation when you go to school. Find options that are high-waisted, you find options that are, like, wide-leg, that are more flared, then it would definitely give off a
more, kind of casual vibe. Everyone… needs a pair of shorts in uni. If you don’t like shorts, change this to a skirt. ‘Cause, it’s just something that you run around- in on a normal basis. I know a lot of people gravitate towards denim shorts. As I said, denim is a very versatile piece – but I went for more tan cargo shorts. Don’t go for shorts that are too short- in that sense. Because you never know if you wanna- wear it to class one day. FBT shorts are great… for sleeping. Try not to wear it to school. Not that i’m judging! These offer the comfort of FBT shorts- but at the same time, also the presentability, to be able to go- to class, you know, looking put-together. So, the last few things that I have- are actually accessories. So, I have a cap here as well as a belt. And for all these looks, i’m gonna be matching it with, like, a plain pair of white Converse- and these things are of course optional. So yeah, I hope you enjoyed my explanation- of why I chose these pieces- and let’s just jump right into the looks. Okay guys, so I hope you like the outfits! And I guess three tips to take away from this video- would be the versatility of the items that you choose- is very, very important. I guess the second tip for me, it would be, you know, don’t be scared to kind of layer up the pieces. And you know, there’s nothing wrong with, you know, expressing yourself in that sense. So, I guess for the last tip is to actually- not just restrict yourself to these 10 pieces. So, think about bringing different silhouettes- and different types of clothing to school- and also think about the different kind- of accessories that you can use to pair with it. So, thank you guys for watching this video- and if you like this video, feel free to leave a comment down below- on which outfit was your favourite. And also, if you hated all the outfits, please tell me how you would style 10 pieces- ‘cause I would really love to know. And also, let us know what else to do- on new episodes of Zula Altered- and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Bye!

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