10 Outfit Ideas EVERY Girl Should Know!

Ready for date night? you see what I did
there so to get ready for date night I love using a volumizing mask yeah just
get a little bit actually one of my favorites currently is from NARS and for
my outfit I’m just wearing a red jumpsuit so it could be one and dying so
I don’t have to spend too much time on my outfit and then I matched it with
this red beret and my all-time favorite velvety red shoes pink is one of my
favorite colors so I thought you find it too a monochromatic pink look I’m
wearing a bubblegum pink denim jacket with a bodysuit a faux leather skirt and
my favorite pair of pink slides these are from Vince Camuto and they are so
incredibly comfortable I love them I’m wearing this rust colored jumper
paired with this white mock neck top underneath for leggings I decided to go
with a pair of sheer ones and then I finished the look off with a matching
pair of roughs shoes this is a look I would wear for everyday running errands
or even going to school mustard is another one of my favorite
colors to wear especially when I’m feeling a little bit down yellow
definitely brightens up my mood and it makes me feel more cheerful so I’m
wearing this top for the Munich low and I tucked it into this ModCloth floral
skirt with my favorite ModCloth yellow flats and a matching beret Green might not be a color that you’ll
see a lot in my wardrobe but I’ve been really loving these two green skin care
products the origins drink up intensive mass it’s great for hydrating your skin
and then I just have this new brush set from pixie and for my birthday I got
these beautiful flowers feeling blue why not wear all blue today I was feeling a
little bit blue so I decided to put together my favorite blue look which
comprised of this puffy jacket this oversized ribbed sweater and these mom
Jean her shoes I finished them off with my favorite sky-blue heels and for
accessories you have to bring around a baby blue camera for this next look I’m wearing this
oversized purple sweater with this bigger boy hat and that’s my hat with
this dingleman skirt and then I decide to match my shoes again so that I’m
having this like purple theme this look is perfect for Dave shopping or hanging
out with your girlfriend’s when I think of why I think of my wedding day which
it’s not coming anytime soon but I thought it’d be fun to put on a white
gown that is not for headings this one is very sexy with the open back
and I love the crochet detail in the boob region another thing I’ve been
loving that white is why do i earpods oh my gosh I love my air pods
thank you so much Annie I feel like it’s a match made in heaven this is my version of a power suit I
don’t have a typical nine-to-five job I wanted to put a fun spin on the regular
pantsuit and blazer look so I’m wearing this black jumpsuit with a black blazer
from Macy’s and I belted it with a very thick belt to highlight my waist area
to keep everything looking very minimal I’m wearing these black strappy sandal
heels last but not least I thought be fun to
finish off this video with my favorite rainbow dress this one has all these fun
candy color stripes down the middle which makes it ultra slimming plus it
has a waist tie to bring everything together so that is my lookbook for you
guys inspired by the rainbow I hope you guys feel inspired by this creative
lookbook be sure to come down below and let me know which look was your favorite
I’d love to know but it’s a toss-up between a mommy pink or a mustard yellow


  1. Adding a pop of color to your day! Follow my daily life on Instagram @FashionbyAlly!
    Where's your favorite places to shop?

  2. I was going wow on all the looks !! Everything looked so good n pretty on u !! Wow wow..
    Green n red jumpsuits are my top fav !!

  3. really liked all the color in this lookbook! all the outfits were so cute! I loved the red, olive green, and the white dress the best! Great job on the video Ally! (:

  4. Awwwwwww…. I loved red & green…what a coincidence that all of my favourite colours are your favourites too😍😍

  5. FashionByAlly thank you so much for inspiring me with all your videos you post, I am contemplating on starting my own channel and you help me get inspiration for it, so thank you for being you! πŸ’™

  6. You're such a high-spirited person, just looking at you makes me smile, you're super cute. 😍😘❀️🀩

  7. I loved the white backlace dress & rainbow dress ❀❀❀ you are looking beautiful in every those outfits

  8. Love your outfits ideas 😍
    Could you please make a wedding ceremony outfit ideas? I have to attend my brother in law wedding in october and i have no idea (even if i have time)
    Thanks keep going with your awesome videos πŸ™πŸ‘

  9. Hi Ms. ALLY!!! been a fan since 😊 Can you make a video about WHAT TO WEAR when you have nothing to wear or outfit hacks for a VERY conservative school hehhehe. BTW, boots is not really a thing here(thanks). In college already but the University Guards are VERY strict with our outfits. Even just an above the knee skirts ahaha & sleeveless blouse. Heh πŸ™ SAD (Philippines).

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