Hi, guys welcome back to my channel today’s video is all about the top 10 fashion mistakes that I always see women making now I Doubt anyone does all of these 10 things at the same time But I’m sure we can all relate to some of these things at one time or another I am definitely guilty of some of these fashion mistakes, so this obviously does include fashion and mishaps But it also includes a bit of style as well, so all of this is purely in my opinion So if you disagree that is totally fine You rock your style the way you want it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks But I do hope you enjoy these top 10 fashion mistakes, and you learn something along the way But if you do happen to be new here Then welcome my name is shea and I would love for you to consider subscribing to my channel I know everybody does these classic kind of annoying interests sometimes? And you’re probably going to subscribe or not subscribe regardless of what I say But I did start my Youtube channel less than a year ago, and I am almost approaching 100,000 subscribers, so that is crazy to me So I would love for you to consider subscribing if you haven’t already I mainly make videos on Luxury and fashion, so if that interests you then definitely join my youtube family already So the first mistake that I often see women making is wearing shoes or heels that are the wrong size many people love shoe shopping I love shoe shopping, but a lot of times when I go to shopping if at the end of the day, maybe after work Maybe after a long shopping trip you know you go into a shoe store You’ll try shoes on and you buy them but at the end of the day is when your feet are the most Swollen so you’ll try on shoes think they fit perfectly? purchase them and then go to wear them you know you put them on before work you put them on before church or wherever you’re Going in the morning, and then they’re slightly too big a lot of people are kind of lazy And they decide not to return the shoes and they think that they can just kind of get by with the size they purchased But I can always see this tiny little gap between the shoe and the heel and that just doesn’t look good I can see this a mile away And it really does bring down an outfit when you’re polished from top to bottom but your shoes don’t fit right sometimes it even makes The person not really walk as well as they would have if they just had the right fitting shoe Especially with heels the second fashion mistake that I always see women making is wearing too much jewelry A lot of women think that they always have to have something in their ears and on their neck I do think there are Certain pieces of jewelry that you can definitely combine and lay on and it looks amazing An example would be my Miranda Prize jewelry that you’re pretty much always seeing me wear in almost every single video They did give me discount code. I love giving it out to people you do save 10% I am wearing my lift stheards I’m wearing my Haley necklace. This is this one, and this is the Kingsley necklace. I love all of their jewelry I’m constantly talking about it, and I love how no matter what you can definitely always you know layer everything But I don’t ever think it’s too much but the problem comes in when you wear a very chunky necklace and feel the need to then put on a stay matte pair of Earrings that is just way too much if you’re wearing a bold pair of earrings Then just skip the necklace if you’re wearing a very bold necklace then just skip the earrings but when in doubt just go for the more dainty, gold, silver, tone jewelry And I think you’ll be set the third fashion mistake goes along with the last one which is not wearing any jewelry at all Now I understand it just can be a personal preference, and that’s totally fine if jewelry is not your thing however I do think jewelry is kind of like the icing on the cake I often think about it as you doing a full face of makeup But just leaving off the lipstick and that just doesn’t look right so in my opinion. I love dressing up My outfit was really nice jewelry It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive or anything but it really does put the icing on the cake or on the outfit the fourth fashion mistake is cat hair or Lint now if you’re a pet owner, you definitely know what I’m talking about and if we are not a pet owner then you’re probably going to think I’m crazy, but I am 100% guilty of this we do have two cats in our house and we try our best to keep on top of the fur and Vacuuming but no matter what if I put on a black pair of pants a navy shirt a dark jacket Anything that is dark it attracts fur like crazy But if you don’t have pets you probably still occasionally get lint from maybe a blanket or different types of materials And you do see kind of like the lint or the fur on the dark shirts or pants or whatever. So I cannot leave the house without Lint rolling my entire outfit if it’s dark Some people do choose to skip this step and they leave the house And you can see it in certain shadows that there’s lint cat fur it’s very subtle oftentimes But it’s still there and there are lid rollers in almost every single grocery store aisle for 99 cents I have one in my kitchen I have one in my bedroom and I have one in my car and any time my outfit is showing any sign or shadow of Lint or cat fur. I am rolling my outfit, and then I’m leaving the house looking good the fifth mistake is chipped nails now I know there’s tons of people out there that are very on top of this they never let their nails look terrible They’re very polished and manicured with their nails, but then others kind of you know let it go It’s not really that important to them like many of my other tips if your outfit is put together your makeups on point you have a fabulous handbag your Shoes look great, but you have terribly chipped polished nails Then it just doesn’t look good. It brings down the entire look So what’s really helps me with this is actually paying to get gel or shellac nails at a local salon and by the way Gel and shellac are the same thing it like took me a few months to figure that out. It’s really not that expensive It’s usually around twenty to twenty-five dollars depending on where you live and where you go and everything But it really stops your nails from chipping I mean, I go two to three weeks And my nails don’t chip at all the only reason I have to go back to get a different You know color is because my nails actually start to grow out, and there is a gap between my cuticles and my nail So I will go back and they will change out the color and I’ll start the process over again And it’s another twenty to twenty-five dollars it really honestly saves me a lot of time I don’t have to worry about chipping nails. I don’t have to paint my nails every other day It’s just a lifesaver, and I really do recommend it if you have been watching my videos for a while And you’ll notice that I usually do have neutral or a very light color and nail polish on and that’s for two reasons One I actually do just really like light colors and neutral colors It’s only because if I wear a dark gel polish, then when my nails start to grow out It’s a lot more obvious than I need to get the polish change where if I do a light color that’s kind of closer to My skin tone. It doesn’t have to be brown it could be light pink It could be like a Whitish color But light colors really kind of mask or hide the fact that you need your nails done again So it’s just not as obvious and I can really extend the length of time in between getting my gel polish changed. The sixth mistake Is Saggy Jeans also known as Diaper Butt. I gonna thank my husband for coining the term Diaper Butt he’s the one that made it up, because many years ago when we first got married He started to notice that a lot of the jeans that I was wearing kind of sagged And he said that I it looked like I had a diaper but so he was always always always saying you’re wearing your diaper but jeans now once he pointed that out. I have started seeing so many women everywhere in the grocery store Just at the mall like everywhere kind of with this diaper but look. When people buy jeans the jeans in the store like in the fitting room are the tightest they’re ever going to be so People try them on in a dressing room. They buy the ones that fit the best they go home They start wearing it and as They start wearing it the first two or three times the jeans start to stretch out a little bit over time usually within a month Or two the jeans do not fit nearly as well as when they did in the dressing room aka Diaper butt. So what I like to do is when I’m buying jeans I actually go a Smidge tighter than what I really want them to look like that way after I wear them a few times usually two or three times They really kind of stretch out to be exactly the perfect fit I no longer have diaper butt jeans my jeans fit really great my butt looks pretty good I’m a happy camper, and so is my husband so that leads me into my seventh mistake Which is when women always buy the same size clothing I often hear people say oh I’m a size six or on the sides four I’m a size 12, and then they just fix that number because that’s what they are I’m always really confused by that because every single brand style just everything in general I am completely different sizes for every single thing I really do love online shopping in it at the same time it is hard for me because I really never know what size I’m going to be so a lot of times when I do online shop I end up having to return a good amount of things because I want it to fit perfectly so in one brand I might be a size zero the next brand I might be a size four and then the next one I might be a size two And that’s all even dependent upon the actual style of the shirt or pants or whatever I’m wearing you’d be surprised by how many people Buy the size they think they are or they should be rather than what flatters them the best the eight Fashion mistake that I often see women making a wrinkled button-down shirts now for men and women button-down shirts are Notorious for being wrinkled looking wrinkle in General doesn’t look good, but for some reason I see it the most when it comes to button-down shirt I think it’s probably because They’re the most difficult to iron you have to you know make the sleeve lay really flat you go around all the buttons There’s the collar to worry about you guys know what I mean now. If you’ve been watching my channel for a while You know that. I am a huge lover of buying more inexpensive clothing, and then really dressing up the outfit with designer Accessories like handbags or designer shoes that kind of a thing, but when it comes to button-down shirts I really think it’s important to actually invest in high quality brands and materials for that particular type of clothing I have so many forever 21 or H&M button-down shirts And those materials are obviously a lot cheaper than higher end brands those shirts wrinkle like crazy. I could spend 25 minutes ironing the shirt to perfection, but as soon as I get into the car I twist, and I turn or I go about my day. It’s immediately wrinkled again So I found that when I invest in higher quality materials for Button-down shirts It’s a lot easier to actually iron the shirt, but then the wrinkles stay away all day long So that is why sometimes investing and high-quality brands can be well worth it And maybe that’s why you’ll like my YouTube channel. The ninth fashion mistake might be a no-brainer But it is dirty shoes again you would think this would be a no-brainer, right? but I see this all the time a lot of people would never ever walk around with muddy shirts, or muddy Pants or mud across their face But yet, a lot of people find that it’s acceptable to have really dirty shoes now I do understand this some of the time a lot of times I do see it with tennis shoes or sneakers or Like boots in the fall like maybe people are going pumpkin patch picking and you know they’re out and about outdoors And I totally get why it happens but I think a lot of people kind of forget to actually clean their shoes and then they continue to go out and It just doesn’t look really great cleaning off your shoes will not only be good for the shoes But it will actually extend the life of them, and it will make your outfit look 10 times better And finally we have reached it to the 10th mistake Which is very close to my heart because if you guys know me or you’ve been following my channel for a while you guys know A happy love for handbags more specifically designer handbags, but hey, I mean like any handbags are really good But the tenth mistake that I always see women making is not changing out your handbag for the occasion now Not everybody has to have a huge handbag Collection or it can be remotely interested in handbags like I am I mean like I kind of take it to the extreme sometimes But I do think everybody should have a select few bags that fit various categories for example There is a difference between a large everyday bag and a smaller more dressy bag even at weddings I’ll often see a woman dressed to perfection. She has a beautiful slim fitting dress her shoes are gorgeous She just looks so nice for this event But she’s carrying like a large tote bag That just doesn’t look right at all So this party could be because of the laziness of changing out the bag and she’s kind of more focusing on the outfit But in my opinion handbags complete the outfit it just seems really odd to me to be completely dressed up for an occasion But then not tie to look together with the appropriate bag and we’re at the end of the video So we made it if you like this video, enjoyed it. Maybe learn something at all I would love for you to hit that like button and maybe subscribe If you haven’t already I would love to have you back and if you guys can think of any fashion mistakes that I didn’t cover that really kind of bug you or you think people should kind of be aware of then make sure to comment it down below I Would love to read what you think there is so many more that I could have mentioned I’m kind of interested to see if you guys mentioned those as well So thank you again for watching and I will see you very very soon in my next video. Bye you


  1. Hey guys!! Just in case anyone is wondering – I will definitely go back to my normal background, but I thought it would be fun to switch it up to something white & clean. I love channels that switch up backgrounds, filming angles, etc! I really enjoyed editing this video too. So thanks for watching XOXOXO

  2. Loved the tips! As a sahm of 3, I really would like to look a little more polished. Most of these tips are so easy to put into action. I don't have many clothes, so I'm picking up pieces here and there. I would love a handbag suggestion for someone just exploring the world of luxury handbags. (Bonus points if I can keep a diaper or two in it. LOL!)

  3. Damn, just stumbled upon this video and these comments frighten me – people, it's her video, her opinion you do not have to agree and if you don't like it just stop watching -_- and most importantly, she said at the beginning that she is not any guru and you do not have to agree with her so unclench your bums, guys… And regarding 'mistakes', while shoes or amount jewelry or way of wearing jeans are rather personal things of style I do agree with chipped nails and dirty shoes. It looks as if the person just neglected her hygiene, I was taught that hands are like a business card for woman so keep them neat. And some of the girls, I understand that you are focused on your career or studies which is great but removing nail polish takes 5 minutes or less? If you know that you'd be busy the whole week just don't apply a nail polish and work natural look. And shoes: sometimes the whole outfit is great & clean but then you take a look down on the feet and you're like… well, you know what I mean.

  4. I’ve seen so many reply’s to comments that state this video is judgmental saying “This video is for fashion just get off it” but you are judging the comment saying this is judgmental….if that made sense 😂

  5. I totally agree with all your points , it’s nothing bad to be neat, sometimes I can’t but I’m always trying to be so people commenting that are only “rich” or “easy-life” problems are just ignorant with bad habits

  6. Shea has some excellent classic ideas. Helpful to those who don't know all there is about etiquette. try not to be offended ladies. Don't watch if too wounding. No, I don't have Luis Vuitton money either. There are less expensive brands. For Shae, Pls note, a number of repeats re: "If you watched me many times before (approx.) wasn't really necessary. All the best and go for it. I'm enjoying what I learn and the reminders. Thank you.

  7. I like most of your videos but didn't like this one. I agree with all the other comments that this is judgmental

  8. This video is very stupid….same size clothes. Then obviously when you're ordering clothes get a bigger size it might help. I went school 4 Fashion…and it all depends on the fabric. Some companies use cheap fabric & some use expensive.

  9. I love this vid and I do these tricks all the time but I can’t be on top of my nails all the time cause I’m a freshman (15) and I have art class 2-3 times a week so I almost never have SUPER fancy nails I usually get fake nails so that way they don’t chip, get the dead skin around my nails away, and then get a solid color 😂🥰🥰

  10. I do shellac but I have to do dishes…. Etc… And it only last about 1.5 weeks but only my pointer fingers & thumbs are what chip 🙁

  11. Not wearing a jewelry is not a mistake it’s a choice I’m sorry 😐 but you are not right about lot of things

  12. Sheesh she is just trying to make us look our best and if u don’t like what she said just exit out and don’t listen 👍

  13. What an ultimate guide. Hope these ideas make me even more stylish. To get fashion and lifestyle ideas more, check out: https://www.aprajitakohli.com

  14. Thanks for quick tricks gone wrong. Speed counts. Please add a date or season with year. Appreciate.

  15. this video should be called "I'm judgemental AF" … maybe some people can't afford the nails & the jewelry or the fancy clothes & make-up! maybe some people feel beautiful without wearing 16 lbs. of foundation and hair extensions! if that's your thing and that's what makes you feel beautiful then that's fine for you but keep in mind that some women can roll out of bed , throw their hair in a messy bun , put on a t-shirt & jeans , some lip gloss and they look absolutely stunning … the reason for that is their confidence & inner beauty! maybe you should watch their videos 🤷‍♀️

  16. In case I missed it please advise women not to wear sandals unless their feet are picture perfect. I don’t wear them because I know my feet are ugly and I want to spare those around me the horror. But some ladies go to restaurants looking like they’re ready for the beach and believe me, they’re not.

  17. I think if cloths cover you private parts your good. And your shoes don't matter as long as you have something on your feet. And wear as much jewelry as you want. Most people can't stop nail polish from coming off, like me I'll do my nails, then one day later I'll see parts chipped off.😂 but ladies it's okay you do you everyone's diffrent. And it's your life😍😚

  18. High maintenance much? Some people can't keep buying a handbags all the time, get their nails done and hard working men can't keep their shoes clean. Judge others much? You keep dressing like the queen you think you are if it makes you feel better but judging others is rude.

  19. I whole-heartedly agree with all your mistakes! Especially the purse one; Why wouldn't you match your purse to your outfit/ occasion? People who disagree with your points in your video are probably not that stylish to begin with do they don't bother to care about things like these. They think they are better off for not paying attention to details like you mentioned!

  20. I really enjoy watching all of you die hard fashionista types scurry around like lemmings. You make it your
    life's work to be the first one in on the latest styles and the first one out when over night, the fashion becomes
    soooo five minutes ago. Who's life are you really living? Also, why do you call women guys? Maybe because
    so many of you starve yourselves to be thin and you feel weak and woozy and confused????

  21. for 10, some women need bigger bags, like mothers. My mama always had a huge bag no matter what when I was little. likely for carrying stuff for me.

  22. Jell and shellac are not the same thing. Shellac is more expensive and lasts longer while jell is just s higher quality nail polish that lasts longer than nail polish but not as long as shellac. So its polish, jell and then shellac. Polish being the lowest quality and shellac being the best quality. Also shellac is the hardest to remove… most of the time you need to go back to the salon to get them to remove it. While jell you can remove yourself with nail polish remover. So no girl… not the same thing.

  23. I dropped my measurements and I regret it now. The shop was really small and losing the inches for the jacket made everything else too big now all my cardigans are too big the size wasn't realistic. They fall off. Now I have to weight train that part.

  24. Good advice I've done the shoe mistake. I've stopped wearing nail varnish apart from clear .I agreed with your comment s about jewellery .Thank you

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  26. Since I play piano and ukulele, I don't really have a choice to have nice long painted nails. Yeah, they can be painted, but it doesn't look the same ¯_(ツ)_/¯. In some ways, it makes it worse.

  27. This is AWFUL….a woman tearing apart other things women do…give style tips but this is so superficial

  28. Also the fact that you are so obsessed by money you presume we can all buy designer items and get our nails done….stupidity

  29. Hi there
    I just read a few of the comments below! People are not nice!!
    I for one think it’s great to hear advice about being well groomed! My husbands grandmother ( a gorgeous and delightful lady) was always immaculate and well into her eighties would never be without the matching lipstick, outfit and great (and well cared for) shoes and handbags!! And her nails were were always on point as well! And may I say her grandsons really noticed this and were very proud of her!! My own mother’s nails were always nice (and she like me had very soft nails!!)
    Also I like men to look well groomed as well. This doesn’t mean that anyone either judges or is mean! It is about a little bit of self respect. I have just taken out all my winter shoes – and sorted, thrown out some, and cleaned the rest. Does this make me judge others? No! It just means when I am really busy and rushing out the door that I am reasonably neat and put together.
    The advice on caring for your bags is great! Also I really like the idea of a container to put all the things out of your bag – so you can swap over bags! I am putting like items in little pouches now which helps as well! The other idea I like and will follow is a lint roller in the car!! Great idea! I have several around the house – but if you get dressed in a dim light – you can be in the car – look down – and roll your eyes!!!🙄 but I wouldn’t be without my beautiful dog.!
    Good video!
    Thank you for for reminding us to care about our appearance!

  30. I know this is a older vedio but l am new viewer. QUESTION: what's the cut off age for wearing Converse Kids style snikers. I'm 57 and dress stylish however sometimes these snikers feel great & with the right outfit l even get compliments. Your opinion???

  31. OMG! Why does your voice seem so annoying? I really wanted to get through your video because you had some good tips, but I just couldn't.

  32. I have nails that chip easily. When I have a special occasion or am going on vacation, I do get a shellac manicure, but getting shellac/gel done all the time makes them weaker…so ladies, be careful how often you do this.

  33. It’s disappointing to see all the negative comments. I mean, what did people expect when they clicked on a video with the title, “10 Fashion Mistakes . . . “? Some of it may be hurt feelings because they found too many of these are things they themselves do. I shop about 95% secondhand (I have champagne taste and wine box budget), and I get compliments daily about my outfits. The one I do find myself guilty of at times is “diaper butt.” No more, promise. 😊 Well done video!

  34. Do you dry your jeans? I heard that breaks the elastic in the jean fibers and makes them not stretchy, aka not form fitting.

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    Let us help you forge ahead of the fashion world. See more from the store here: https://www.allthingstops.com/

  36. TIP: DON’T machine dry your jeans if you want to keep them stretchy. on high heat, your dryer could burn/ wear down the elastic

  37. She says not to wear to much jewelry but she has on 5 rings a necklace a bracelet and earrings 🤨

  38. I like all of her videos. I love the way she talks and the crazy editing. I believe that you take some comments and not others. You don't need to criticize her, just take some suggestions and not others. I take notes on all of her videos. Also, I really don't know all this stuff so I am happy she is saying it. I don't agree with all of it nor will I do all of it but she has some great advice. Thank you Shea.

  39. Lmao to most of the comments below. She is not criticizing antagonizing or judging women!! Shes just giving her opinion on fashion dos and donts. If it bunches your knickers… Unsubscribe. #freeWorld

  40. I must say the comments under this video really expose a low level of self esteem. I encourage anyone thinking twice about my comment to look at a mens fashion videos and you will find the comments are much more productive. Of course there are special cases and this young lady surely pointed them out and even said you can do whatever you like. But, people are really dragging her for her opinion on a video they decided to watch :/ Quit making it hard for people who want to actually take quality advice and have productive discussions in the comments and just leave your thumbs down. There were a lot of great points in this video.

  41. Of course. Each tip makes sense
    Thank you

    I think no nail laker, with very neat nails can be good. If you have a very nice ring ( diamonds ), it loks much more beautiful ( european point of view )
    Thank you !

  42. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Love your tips girl! This is so helpful! Thanks for sharing!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  43. All these YouTube/influencers stars are so perfectly thin , tall, healthy, glowing, and beautiful basically all the things I wish I could be but just didn't get blessed with.

  44. high pitched grating voice… i cannot stand listening to you for more than a few minutes…. sorry not subscribing.

  45. Vis-a-vis jewelry, you say it's okay if you're not a jewelry person…..but it's not okay……so why not suggest an alternative, such as a
    beautiful neck scarf or pin on a dress; also, a pretty watch. Just sayin'…..Thanks for listening!

  46. Hi Shea, not every woman has the time, energy or inclination to judge another woman on the basis of stuff as unimportant and superficial as 'chipped nail polish' or 'shoe gap'! Not every woman out there attaches so much importance to appearance. I would absolutely not judge another woman if she had 'dog/cat fur' on her clothes. Not everybody has the patience to keep lint rolling multiple times throughout the day. Jeez! Have you thought about how the pressure to look impeccable and presentable all the freakin' time is robbing women of the LUXURY of living an IMPERFECT LIFE? Like, they cannot even enjoy a day out at the beach/pool because they're worried about not having the 'perfect' body to flaunt a bikini! Vacations have stopped being about fun, bonding, connecting with nature and just letting go to a source of unimaginable stress.
    Has it occurred to you that men don't face such pressure to the magnitude that women do? Has it occurred to you that women like you, who judge other women on the basis of how put together she looks instead of how much substance she has, are precisely what's wrong with the society?
    Also, your husband's comment about your diaper butt jeans was very offensive. And you buying into that comment was even more disappointing. I feel sorry that despite your polished appearance and outwardly perfection, you could not get yourself a husband that loved you for 'you' and not for how you 'looked like'.
    I'm sorry, but I am unsubscribing. This world could do with a little less judgementalism and superficiality.

  47. Whew! Holy cow are these comments bitchy! Thanks for the advice, Shea, and I agree with two of the women that said the wrong bra for the outfit you're wearing and the toes over the front of the shoes. Neither are a good look.

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