10 EVERYDAY OUTFITS | 1 CAPSULE WARDROBE 2020 | Fashion over 40

hi I’m Jess welcome to my channel and
this edition how to create a whole host of outfits using one capsule wardrobe
you might have seen my video recently where I created my capsule wardrobe well
I thought it’d be fun to show you all the different outfits I would put
together just using that rail of clothes I will admit I found another box of
clothes in the house move so I’ve actually added in three pieces it still
keeps me just below 50 pieces all together but for full disclosure there
are an extra three pieces in there okay let me get started and I will show you
as many outfit ideas as I can possibly try on so first up the outfit I’m
wearing which is just my skinny blue jeans which came from Gap I’ve got my
ankle boots on there which came from Everlane though I will put a few different
options in the description below I’ve added a blouse which is quite old
actually that one came from Zara and my black waistcoat just to give it a 70s
vibe so chilled everyday kind of outfit that I tend to style in a couple of
different ways different browsers etc really easy to put together and if I
need to look a little bit smarter I’d take the waistcoat off do the shirt up a
bit and I’m putting on my cardigan and back-to-front
jumper just leaving the cuff showing a little bit tucking it in just to give me
a bit more definition at waist and adding my lovely camel handbag that I
got from Polene Paris really any tone would do I particularly love camel at
the moment but I think it’s all about tucking a jumper in having a nice small
collar around the neckline and a good structured bag
back to my very relaxed mode again with my boyfriend jeans and black t-shirt
that came from organic basics I’ve just added my golden goose trainers there but
smartening it up a little bit I’d put my white structured blazer that I got from
The Kooples just to add a bit of polish to something that’s obviously very dressed
down I think it works really nicely as a contrast and then just elevating the whole outfit
a little bit more with a nice structured handbag and then I often wear these to
basics at night as well just obviously take my trainers off putting on a pair
of heels I really love the contrast of those quite scruffy looking jeans with a
nice pair of heels and the lovely blazer it’s my perfect kind of effortless chic
really just not trying too hard just some lovely pieces and that all seemed
to work nicely as a whole inadvertently doing an entire outfit out
of Sezane here with my jeans my boots and the silk blouse all coming from one
of my favourite pairs stores so these black skinnies are part of their new
organic denim collection more anything I absolutely love the first thing they’re
perfect as a pair of skinny jeans and in my black handbag and my waistcoat again
I think it’s obviously got about the 70s vibe but it’s still chilled enough to
wear out every day you can never really go wrong with a bit
of a monochrome look so this time I paired my skinny jeans with a white
jumper which just so happens to come from satin but obviously any white
jumper would do in all honesty I’d pair any of my handbags with this kind of
outfit but if you want to stick with a particularly monochrome look obviously
just put a black handbag an easy way to just smarten this look is to add high
boots with it as opposed to my little ankle boots
obviously issue height but makes you feel a bit more polished as well so as
you can see what I was saying just taking off the high boots and adding
pair of trainers instantly makes it feel more relaxed mix makes it feel more
everyday outfits kind of wear and in reality this is often how I will dress I won’t
be doing the school run in my high boots but if I want to polish it a little bit
more a lot of smarter code smarter handbag just playing with those
individual elements really until I’ve got the look I want to achieve that’s
often how I get dressed really is just playing with an outfit and adding bits
taking bits away until I finally come up with something I think looks really nice
together and it’s not about matching colors at all which I often say in my
videos I mean in this look I’m wearing a blue silk dress with a brown belt and
brown boots but somehow it all works together to make this trust feel more
relaxed I’ve added my black anine Bing cardigan pair of black tights and a
little black boots I really like layering my outfits and I think the
overall look can be quite effective and it just makes your dresses more
versatile I don’t have to save this one for summer I can easily wear it in
winter too I know I said just ten outfit ideas but
typical call me I got carried away so I thought I’d show you a couple of extra
ones so here I’m just wearing my long cardigan over the top of my leather
jacket I’ve got my straight leg jeans on and just a plain black t-shirt so long
as your leather jacket is quite tight any cardigan would work over the top it
just adds another texture to the overall outfit so I’ll stop changing outfits now
but we’re really lovely to hear from you in the comment section below which was
your favorite outfit I styled in this video it’s always good to hear from you
and if you’re not already subscribed that would be really lovely too and can
find me on Instagram fashion and style edit I shall see you in a couple of days
with some more fashion for you

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