10 Differences Between Shia and Sunni Muslims

The issues between Shia and Sunni Muslims go back to the 7th century and the death of the Prophet Muhammad in the past decade there has been a ton of spotlight on the differences between these two branches of Islam According to a 2009 study by the Pew Research Center the vast majority of the 1.8 billion Muslims who are in the world are Sunni, but let’s take a look at some of these differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims how’s it going? Everybody? Thank you for joining me on another episode of FTD facts I’m Leroy Kenton and this is a question that a lot of people like myself who are not Muslim or just some different religious backgrounds really don’t Understand so I’m gonna get into the intricacies and some interesting facts here on the differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims so let’s begin with the facts right now first of all, let’s talk about the split if you will now when the Prophet Muhammad died in the year 632 he didn’t leave a successor to lead the Muslim community So there was a lot of dispute as to who would lead them from then on The title passed to Abu Bakr and then after him came Ali the Prophet son-in-law But after Ali his sons Hassan and then Hussein claimed the title Hussein’s martyrdom became a central focal point to those who believed that Ali should have Succeeded the Prophet and not Abu Bakr but Sunnis also believe that the first three caliphs before Ali as Rightly guided and as devoted to Allah Sunni rulers embarked on a massive Conquest that extended the Caliphate to northern Africa and Europe now I want to take a bit of a closer look in terms of how their beliefs actually defer So she has considered Ali and the leaders who came after him as imams Most believe in a line of 12 Imams the last of whom a boy is believed to have vanished in ninth century in Iraq She has known as twelvers anticipate his return as ahmadi or the messiah Sunnis emphasize God’s power in the material world while Shias value martyrdom and Sacrifice now despite these differences in opinions and practices Shia and Sunni Muslims share the main beliefs of Islam and are considered by most to be brothers That’s why you don’t hear anyone calling themselves. Shia muslim or sunni muslim. They’re simply muslims So just want to clear that up before I continue this episode. So now let’s talk about a little bit of where they’re located Around the world now more than 85% of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims are Sunni They live across the Arab world as well as in countries such as Turkey Pakistan India Bangladesh Malaysia and Indonesia Iran in Iraq and Bahrain are largely Shia the Saudi royal family practices a conservative brand of Sunni Islam known as Wahhabism now in terms of their religious leadership scioscia Muslims believe that the Imam is pure by Nature and that his authority is Unquestionable because it comes directly from God therefore Shia Muslims often Venerate their Imams as Saints on the other hand Sunni Muslims say that there is no basis in Islam for a hereditary privileged class of spiritual leaders and No basis at all for the veneration of saints Sunni Muslims argue that the leadership of the community is not a birthright But it’s actually a trust that you need to earn so Sunni and Shia Muslims follow the Quran as well as the prophets hadith or Sayings and the Sunna which are the customs. They also adhere to the five pillars of Islam now in countries ruled by Sunnis the Shias tend to be among the poorest of the population they would often see themselves as being victims of Discrimination and some form of oppression but on the other hand extremists often denounce Shia as heretics, but I’m not gonna dive too much into that because it’s a lot of opinions and Speculation of what’s really considered oppression and all that stuff and I’m just gonna leave that for people that want to debate that But I want to move on now into a huge distinction the Muharram as well as self-flagellation So Muharram is the first month in the Islamic calendar, right? And the tenth day of Muharram is a Day of Ashura now in the Day of Ashura Some Shia Muslims marched in parades across the streets and flogged their own backs with whips or chains This is to celebrate Hussein and his martyrdom while this practice is permitted by some Muslims the Shia community Has completely banned this practice. Another distinct beliefs is their belief in angels So she is believed that angels were created by God and they obey God’s commands they have limited free will but they also have no desire to commit sins and the Sunnis on the other hand believe that God created angels from light and they believe that they do not have any Freewill whatsoever and they always obey God’s commands She has believed in takea which is to be able to deny faith under grave dangers So like if somebody’s holding a gun to your head and they’re saying denounce your faith It’s like okay yet denounce your faith and you’re not breaking anything in Islam Now this extends to the belief that the true meaning of faith is hidden until the coming of the 12th Imam So the Sunnis don’t really place as much importance to the inner meaning of the Quran They accept that there is an inner meaning. Yes sure, but they stress more on the literal meanings rather than subjective interpretation and Offered the hadiths, right? So the habits are collections of reports regarding vomits teachings and life Though the cron takes precedence over the Hyatts. These texts are often used in Islamic law especially to settle disputes Shia Islam rejects Sunni Islam zku tube al citta or the five allegedly Original hadiths it also rejects hadiths attributed to Muhammad’s wife Aisha likewise Sunni Muslims reject Shia Islam’s four books so that concludes this episode on the differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims as well as some of the similarities that I touched on as well and again guys like I said at the beginning at the end of it all even though there is Differences of opinions and certain beliefs and of the day we’re also brothers and sisters regardless of what we believe and I just want to end there so guys if you enjoyed this video give it a big thumbs up and subscribe if this is your first time here and be sure to leave your Comments down below and let me know any future topics that you wanted to cover here on FTD facts And guys you’ve reached the end of another video, but before you go I want to leave you with some video suggestions Here’s some more videos about the different religions that we’ve covered on this channel as well as if you want to know any more interesting Facts about the different parts of the world or anything in general we have videos for that as well So click on something right here and be sure to come back every Monday to Friday for new episodes Thanks for watching and I’ll see you real soon


  1. There is no difference between shia and sunni Imam Hussian na shahadat Islam k liya di thi na k shia sunni k liya plzzzzz plzzzzzz in cheezon sa dooor raho or aik muslim bano na k shia sunni !!!🖤🥀

  2. It's prohibited in Islam to make any picture unnecessary. And Muhammad's (SA) picture making is More prohibited in Islam. Most of the things. Allah One and prophet (SA) is the final messenger. Who deny it S/He is not Muslim. So Siah is not Muslim.

  3. Brother I appreciate your research but you have lot of misconceptions in it. I will help you a little and send you a link in which their is a complete information about shia muslims, please do watch it.

  4. Dear brother please remove image of random painting of two man in start of the vedio
    Please like to make it top comment and can be read by everyone

  5. Brother No Problem Among Muslims. Sunni- Shia issue Use for the Political.

    World Muslims Believe in One ☝️ God and One Prophet, and One ☝️ Holy Book Quran , Believe in Heaven and Hell , Final Judgements, Believe in Angeles, Believe in Prophets , Doing in Hajj Pilgrimage, Zakath Charity, 5 time of Pray , Sharia -Islamic law Etc We are same No Difference Basic Of Islam

  6. Shia Hates everyone of those people that our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) loved in his life. Like Aisha R.A, Abu Bakr R.A, Umar R.A…They deny books of authentic Hadiths that came directly from Muhammad (S.A.W). Is it right?

  7. this video is not saying truth
    holly prophet just set his successor in his last hajj
    visit: https://www.imam-us.org/the-event-of-ghadir-khumm/

  8. Can anyone tell me… Why most of Muslims are not secular… Why they hate others religion…. Why some people killing others religion… Is ur religion holy book teach you for violence? If not then why this happened in the world…i know some people will come and bark at me that how dare to tell this about my religion…. But if any one can answer me positively than answer me… Other wise don't need to bark like dog

  9. Brother your information is wrong I suggest u to delete this video because it has false information and pictures of prophet which is fake. This could bring violence between religion and not good for ur channel and note no one has seen prophet so don't show pictures

  10. The great Vienna war 1683, the Sunni helped the Roman Catholic Church. They were called the Tatars who helped the Polish king111, who was Catholic . This polish king always like the Tatars who came to Poland, gave them no taxes and land plus their freedom of religion. The Protestant wanted the Holy Catholic church to go down and went on the Ottoman side and they did NOT succeed, Christains at their worst.
    So the 12 Sept is saint Mary's Holy name day, which is the memorial of that War with the Ottoman and Vienna in a nutshell.

  11. 🆘️So much suppression in Goverments. Why? We must have laws👉 GOD'S LAW.
    "Do not kill, love your neibour!" When will we learn not to hate?

  12. Sunnis and Shias: We actually don't have any problems, we love each other as if we were one and the sa-
    Corrupt Middle Eastern Politicians: Sunni/Shia bad! Fight Sunni/Shia, make Shia/Sunni good!

  13. Kindly don't believe this is totally wrong info. Admin kindly delete the video. Shia and Suni are same religion and have same believes, and only practices differ due to Hazrat Ali and Imam Hussain events during the 7th and 8th century. This video is suggesting that they have different believes, like in the angle discussion part.

  14. We are all on the same direction (the straight path to Allah) but through different sub roads. This path will surely lead us to paradise.

    "What Allah has joined together, man must not separate".

    The struggle between Sunni and Shia muslims are actually a gift given by the anti Islam forces (Jewish) to disunite muslims. Allah will unite us very soon and inshahallah muslims will rule the world.

    O assembly of Jews, accept Islam (the path to the truth) and you will be safe, Otherwise, satan will surely lead you to the wrong destination, Hell.

  15. This is all false information. Stop stating some wrong information about differences between sunni and shia if you don't fully know what is really facts about it.

  16. You don't have the right information, prophet Mohamad appointed Imam Ali as his successor during the ghadeer khum . Please get your information straight.

  17. What prophet Muhammad PBUH called for, is to worship only one God and follow the Quran and Hadith. After his death, the Kharijites (the dissidents ), came up with the Ali story to distract from real Islam and they called for pure blood inheritance of throne, and that's how the Shia came to existence. Let me be clear before the death of the prophet, there was no such thing called shia. Also Believing that a saint is an intermediate between human and God is similar to the Christianity believe, and this is a major difference between Moslems and Christians.

  18. First of all the opening verse is wrongly translated to misguide people. Its only the Believers who are brothers not humanity. Secondly i would say this has been a poor description and lack of in depth research on the shia-sunni split. And to add to that the picture display of the Holy prophet and his companions is sickening and disrespectful to say the least.

  19. In Ghadir Khom Muhammad says every one who I am his (supervisor) now Ali is his supervisor
    about 20000 muslim was there when he say this but some people closed their eyes. If Ali is our supervisor why u reject him when he say my sons should be your next supervisor after me. Its the time when some people show their fait

  20. Whether shia or sunni… No third party can create a rivalry between us… Its our personal matter n no one can create hatred because we all beleive in Allah lastly… I challenge those who create hatred will neva ever suceed

  21. The 10th day of holy month muharram is ashura. I do not believe, that ashura is completely banned, because in Iran for example shiite muslims still observe it. I myself participated in the procession and commemoration of martyrdom of imam Hussein, the ashura, in Iran in tehran just five years ago and for years ago two times.

  22. I am a Sunni and i also respect Shia. But my question is, who give you permission to include picture when you are talking about, Prophet Muhammod, and Ali (Ra:). Please remove those picture.Art picture of human or animal is prohibitaed in Islam.

  23. Sir #ftdfacts please remove the pictures from thumbnail We don't have any photos of Muhammad pbuh please
    Or put a white light on it

  24. Dear Mr. Kenton/FTD facts,
    Can you please remove your video or images of the prophet. Not only they are fake, they are deeply disrespectful. We greatly appreciate your effort

  25. Almost right but pity shiah people because they blindly follow the shiah,shiah was created by someone who want to separate the Muslims. He is munafik..the real Muslim is sunni,,follow prophet Mohammed sunnah Al wajamaah. (follow Al Quran n sunnah). May Allah grant them merciful, if they not realize. Because I can see a lots of shiah Iranian people very nice.

  26. FTD Facts you are disrespecting our religion by showing pictures of our prophets and his companions. You being a non muslim dont know how to approach the topic. You should not make such videos.

  27. Shia and Sunni conflicts are created by those who don't believe on Allah and Humanity. Who are racist and followers of Satan. Because the first one was Satan who thought it self superior then Adam (as). So who ever thinks his or her self superior from others are followers of Satan.
    In front of Allah Every1 is equal and Allah make those his friends who follow Humanity who don't harm Some1 who loves mankind who don't commits sins and live their lives and peace and harmony and helping others and saving the lifes of others. Live and let others live.

  28. Whatever is this but the book which they are saying universal it's fraud those Ayat which was found in Madina 90% Ayat are stigma on humanity. Only talking about noncence , killing people, putting in hell etc.etc. because of which Muslims become a hatred in all over world.

  29. This is factually wrong. Ali was the fourth Rashidun (righteous caliph) after Uthman not the second as you claim. Secondly
    Qu’ran 49:10 doesn’t mention “humanity”. “The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers. And fear Allah that you may receive mercy.”

  30. The true identity of Muhammad is not found in the hadith, but the Qur'an:

    Sectarian Islam is also not found in the Qur'an:

  31. Its good. Some facts were wrong but the presentation was good, To be honest I'm a Sunni. And through my Whole life, I've never learned about this as nor my school does this or parents. So i'm grateful for you to make this, i really appreciate.

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