1. You missed Clifton NJ, home of Rutt's Hut and the world's greatest hot dog. PS, Princeton is not in NJ, it's in Academialand.

  2. Ah yes Wildwood, heroin addicts in the Walgreens parking lot and crying kids in the arcades, perfect place XD

  3. I feel like Asmary should be on this list. The beach there is amazing and super clean! Also not being to crowded all the time

  4. Vacay is good and if you retiring it’s ok to live in NJ. But seriously it gets boring, it’s like every other place. I’m not bad mouthing.. I’m from NJ

  5. Sure great places to visit. But if you want to live in Jersey you may want to look elsewhere. I love Mount Laurel. I moved to a D.R. Horton community there and its the best. I love Atlantic City but there is no way i would live there.

  6. I wouldn't say Atlantic City is one of the best. So many places down there are closing because no one's going down there.

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