1 KILL = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

welcome guys just rip fortnight trips or no one kill equals one piece of clothing Oh once want to kill equals one strip that sounds good oh my goodness we have the professional gamer Ozzy Len right over here playing on my count thanks babe well I'm actually not very good that's why I needed Jordi's friends to carry me because I don't have many whose are lies these are lies as he has in security issues she's actually the best for that player no lies like I don't know I don't know why you as he you're really good at the game like as he watches well let the game speak for itself I see what just too many pro players and then think she's not good at the game as he I was just gonna say as he loves aggression yeah loves aggression plus I mean you need to go kill awesome I've kind of learned to place from geordie so like you've been playing this game for so long waiting for his pocket I played it before it was popular even much yes and and you know I love your place though your place doesn't for that tall tower thing right ok you go for the tall tower as he your place out like I don't think you're gonna get far to be honest this is gonna be a three minute long video and if I miss the tower what if it missed it it's gonna be three minute long video as he is is gonna die tilt the towers and you only get one that you got very lucky there as he you got very lucky Oh literally a Z come on not one I'm not celebrating yet I'm gonna go fine a minute but you better okay the moment I'll celebrate is the moment he is confirmed dead okay that's when we celebrate that's when you're streaming stars just do wicks that's when the stripping starts okay see quick inventory switch right there as he got sure that you have that assault rifle on your first slow I've taught you well I've taught you well as he learns from the best okay we're gonna see nice green pump shotgun we're gonna see what's gonna happen over here as he I think he might have already been revived by somebody say that he might have already been revived by you see no don't say that I think he's got a good I don't know if he's there I kind of need to like distract you a little bit if you don't mind cuz I don't want you to get any kill since then we don't want the stripping things that happen okay I'll start off with the sub yes sir and if I win then I'll take off some okay okay if you win you'll take up something sounds good okay one of your teammates seems to be down okay there you go what the hell i I don't I don't understand this the pump shotgun sometimes like you shot him twice there when he was on the ground and he didn't die anyways regardless of that you got your second kill as he you stay focused stay focused well I take off my second piece of clothes oh sorry Ozzy you need to get more kills if you want me to strip more okay you go bandage up first you you don't what do whatever a teammate seems to be down again hey you got this out stay focused I thought they were supposed to be carrying me what is this oh boy oh is that is that inner heel is that gonna be another kill there ya go Ozzy you got another kill I thought he was gonna kill I thought those but as my underwear underwear okay why'd you tick up your underwear without taking off your pants Jordy well I'm gonna show you that after the video anyways as you continue you keep on playing did focus I mean don't focus I mean please die sometime soon okay that would be really nice I won't die how often do you think you play for at night actually like not very often to be honest not very often I mean we play duo's I would say every other day how many wins you definitely play more than I do how many wins do you have not many know many know you I think you really did what what are what are some of you are it's hard to win it's so hard to win like I have to you so much respect for people who win kill right okay well you knocked him ain't taking off anything to fill this guy's dead dad Z okay there you go I think I take off my glasses okay fine I like that there you go only if you can so many with I already took up four pieces of clothing right there Ozzy you're doing this what's your favorite game all-time all-time favorite game Zelda when's the last time you played a game like out of your channel actually in a very long time but like okay you want me to be real with you right now yes yes I feel like I just enjoy playing games on my own a little bit more cuz I can zone out and get really uncomfortable lie in bed and on my on the channel I feel like I just need to like do more what pleases the channel if it makes it yeah you know extra video turned into like the realest video ever like I think for tonight is fun but my favorite type of games are RPGs and no that's what you don't leave the house sorry Lord of video games like in your spare time ridiculous like Zelda Mario Mario is what has he like loves playing every time we travel she's like soaked into well I'm reading books as he's just casually casually playing Mario but you're getting smarter I'm just wasting my time I'm gonna that's fine that's fine okay you know my job is playing video games so and I'm very impressed by your video game skills if I have to say the least I lack there no please really that's you know that's why that's why I'm you know so hey you want to go on a date with me maybe really is that how I got you we didn't remember when we first met we played overwatch together we did yeah and as he was actually pretty good you were in Amsterdam I was in Toronto and then we played together anyways I see listen this is a strip for tonight video this is not some romantic Romeo and Juliet story okay I got you go ahead stay focused I know how hard it is to multitask especially while playing for at night and I see you're sneaking up on some people right now I believe right over there and hey okay sorry sorry sorry it's not like they can hear us anyways as he know they heard before we started recording this video as he was like hey Jordy listen could you please talk a lot in the video because who's gonna be so focused and I know you're horrible a multitask for let me tell you some funny stories well as he probably goes and kills everybody over here and as he every time she's on her phone and I asked her something like hey you want to go out for dinner she just like straight up ignores me or or looks up and goes it's not ignoring is bad and multitask yeah okay you guys stay focused and you kill this guy oh there you know that's a very much proof that you don't worry about multitasking mmm-hmm there you go come on as he joined me the date of my OD yeah but why can't I watch just take it off no oh yeah sexy music you sexy music oh yes okay there you go sorry Ozzy it seems that you have five kills I'm impressed I was not expecting you to first of all survive tilted towers which is pretty hard and then I was I was thinking and it's less holy our first try maybe three kills before he died three yeah totally your first right and in second of all you know I'm just very impressed that you're just you're just winging it right now is he after six attempts I mean on your first attempt on your first attempt first game ever yeah you know you never lose right never lose so and yeah you just keep on there and keep on playing as he those are some nice shots thank you I got a break there oh my goodness you downed another one what the hell what the hell am I gonna take off no no don't worry okay we still gotta keep okay well I'm taking off my pants I'm too focused I can't take anything so my pants right now taking y'all know everybody's here to see you not me so taking it off there we go those are my pens and they're out of here okay all I am wearing right now is my underwear just so you know you know and I do not plan to I'm not even I'm not even I know you're getting nervous right over here you know I think I do not want to wear anything else today anyways I kind of like it fresh like this um okay so you're you're moving towards the zone there's only 15 people alive I think one of your teammates is good by the way I think one disconnected well that sucks anyways good luck I mean that's great news that's great news a Z I mean yeah I do you think I could win I can actually no not anymore I mean you literally just lost a teammate so so it's harder to win battles now like in my eyes just doing the math a Z scoot your math you just love have a little thing you just lost a valuable asset I think um actually I still believe in you I mean if you got this far getting six kills what's holding you back you know right what's holding you back a Z do you think I could beat a world record kills know where all the records like 50 kills as oh you know it's like ridiculous people I would say you're alright at this game at Ford man somebody has killed half the people well it's no one person like a few people that is he listen I would say you're you're alright at the game Ford night you're not good but those guys are really good but but you know how to play the game so that's that's a that's a pro I I do have to say I think are your definition of pro is very different from the regular definition of course of course ozzie I think so yeah you're like a pro you're not good but you don't have played the game so you're pro okay so what are you doing that done for the crate I guess yeah you know I know it boy I know what you mean I know what you mean I never know what those things are this is so weird okay there's a grade a Z it was a glitchy yep I noticed you oh my goodness oh it's getting spicy a Z it's getting greedy you know what that means when you get greedy and fortnight people die no well you get greedy people people die when they get no it was like too greedy I think you're good hundred and fifty five meters as he now he's not a kill so I get to keep my underwear for now yeah a hundred and good that got closed oh yeah you're doing pretty damn nice with a sniper rifle over there look at them just running around like for some reason I prefer like things that are one shot than then things that are like yeah because then I like don't focus on accuracy as much but when it's something like a pistol or sniper I'm just like God oh it's one shot like you know you all you got is one trust you yeah you're really gonna like take it seriously you gotta take your time okay I need to focus you focus listen okay so you'd have very people in your team there are 12 people left whoa whoa that was that wasn't you but there was a teammate and he did a pretty good job there um there's a few people alive still okay I think there's one squad right over here maybe even two squads I don't know the sun's coming you I hate this thing it scares me like this zone is coming can you not get experiencing personal bubble please zone this market bubble oh dami you feel the built there come on I better not die from the zone blah okay you're screwed bill bill bill bill bill bill bill bill turns out they saw you trapped yourself oh I just killed myself no there's still hope he knows teammate kid possible yeah I know the zone no no the zone damage II though he knows you as he I think this is it my Savior I don't know if your teammates gonna be able to I can do what they can look they can do it okay let's go other teammates down to they know they know you're there you're gonna use it oh boy okay come on as my god there's so much running to go we got this right here it's right take him out take him out okay one down there's like three more though just so you know okay oh this is I do not have enough health to do this right now the zones coming in use a heal up yellow I I don't have anything he'll just a shield I guess I keep my clothes or at least my underwear why can't I win a game why do you always get to win but I never get to win you did good I get to win I get to win because I get you okay fine we hope you guys enjoyed the video we love you guys so much stay awesome stay sweet and don't forget to be nice each other


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