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Hey awesome, ones Heather here. So do you
remember this blue jacket that I bought at the mall? I did the video for it about
a week ago. Well I have four different outfits to make a total of five outfits
that I really want to show you. A lot of the mixing and matching just came
from my closet. So do you want to see what I put together?
It all starts in just a few seconds. Now if you didn’t see the aforementioned
my little trek at the mall. I’ll put the link up there for you so you can take a
look at it. I never know what I’m going to find when I’m looking around at
the mall. I do know for this spring and summer
they were showing still the pastel colors which is great, because for my
coloring I really like the pastel colors. They were also showing a lot of
orange and a lot of yellow, that sort of thing. I don’t know about you, but I just
haven’t been able to carry off an orange or a yellow. I also saw a lot of
bell-bottoms being featured and they were both in the long versions and also
this kind of funky short ankle length. I’m not too sure about that
one. Also as you can see with my top and my jacket it’s a monochromatic look.
There’s a lot of that going on for spring and summer but you’re also in
many cases supposed to wear the matching pants. I think if you’re a size zero that might work or if you’re going with an
all-black kind of look but certainly for the pastel colors and the brighter
colors didn’t work for me. I kind of felt like I was in a pair of pajamas. So
let’s take a look at the first outfit that I put together with the matching
top and the matching jacket. You can see over here that it’s kind of got a
retro 80s look. Those sleeves are actually sewn in that way and there’s a
little bit of padding…like talk about the 80’s…in the shoulders. It’s not much
though so you’re not looking like a football player. it’s very nice, it’s very
flowing with this top underneath. I just want to point out the rose
color gold rose gold purse that I bought. Absolutely love it. It has two different
…..has a chain, quarter sort of strap and also the same material strap and I can fit
my little purse inside of this purse and I absolutely love doing that. Saves a lot
of time. So for the rest of the wardrobe I thought I would just shop my closet
and I did have a pair of Navy stretch pants. They’re about a little longer than
ankle length. I absolutely love them. What I like about this more than the
powder-blue type of look is the fact that these pants actually give me a
slimming look. I was quite happy with that.
I also paired it because I want a summer spring feel with some seashell earrings
or sorry not earrings seashell bracelet and also necklaces. If you’ve been
down to the Caribbean you probably have a few of those in your drawer already.
And then I didn’t want to drag the whole look down with a pair of black pumps or
anything like that so I found a pair of pumps that I had in
the closet. They’re kind of like a pinky color but I thought they went really
really well with the rose gold purse and that kind of finished off the look for
me. I was really really happy with this look. So the next four outfits I
really had fun with this. I just went through my closet and through this through
that found all these different outfits, just working around the one jacket not
the jacket and the top just the one jacket. And sometimes all you need to
do is go shopping for one statement piece and you can work the whole
wardrobe around that and I think that’s the whole point of this video. So let’s
take a look at my second outfit. Oh those bell-bottoms. No I didn’t get
these from the 70s. Actually not too many seasons ago bell-bottoms were in style
and I had this really nice dark pair of stretchy jeans. So yeah but you know
what they’re so long that I had to pair them with a higher heel. And I also
paired them with a loose-fitting v-neck top. Now if you saw my video on
slimming and trying to look slimmer I’m definitely going to put that link up
there You know that was a very popular video and I I think it helped a lot of
people but you can’t have these longer bell-bottoms dragging on the ground and
you can’t have too tight of a top or it really really makes you look heavier. Now
a lot of you are saying hey whatever happened to those blue tassel earrings?
Well here they are they didn’t really go well with the seashell kind of thing but
they really really go well with this kind of denim look. And they’re very very
lightweight because they’re kind of made out of string. I also paired this with one of
those fold up bags. I thought this looked kind of funky with the the whole look
and so I just again put my purse inside the bag. To finish the entire look
off, I got a pair of blue sunglasses. So for my next look let’s do a complete
180 from a casual look. Here I have kind of a work business look with a
twist because although we have a nice jacket and we have a beautiful statement
necklace. We also have some bracelets on with that. Underneath this jacket is va-va
va voom the little black dress. And that is fantastic if I’m going out maybe
on a date night or to a party. I’ve also paired it with a pair of sparkly
beautiful sandals and take a look at those toenails. I’ve decided this year
I’m probably going to go for since the jacket is blue maybe a nice kind of
iridescent blue nail polish. Hey we don’t have to always go just for reds
you know. I thought this looked kind of nice. I have also paired this with my
New York…I’m in a New York state of mind… purse and it can go over the shoulder
quite nice for when I’m working but in the evening
it also doubles as a clutch purse. So you know we’ve got two different looks in
one here and I I think it’s kind of cool. So my fourth look is super casual. Here I am wearing one of my favorite t-shirts that I love. Hey if you’ve got a
favorite t-shirt dig it up it might even be from a band or a concert that you
went to. I’ve got it underneath this blue jacket of course. I’ve also paired
it with a pair of stretchy boyfriend jeans that are rolled up a little
bit. Hey boyfriend jeans aren’t out of style. We can still wear them. So I’ve got
those they’re super super comfortable and a pair of sneakers. Now this outfit…….
definitely that’ll take me on a wonderful spring day or a summer day.
Let’s just say that it is a summer day maybe when it gets around noon I want to
put this jacket into the car but for sure in the evening it starts to get
cold so back to the car I’ll go and I’ll dig it out and I’ll be perfect for the
evening on a beautiful summer festival night. Or whatever I’m going to and of
course my favorite little purple purse that I get so much– have you guys seen that
video where I get a bunch of stuff into this little purple purse. Well I’m gonna
put that video up there as well for you to take a look at. I’d definitely be
able to wear this all day and be super comfortable and casual. So for my fifth
outfit I thought I’d go just a little bit sexy on this one with a beautiful……
it’s kind of a blouse shirt almost in a chiffon material. And hey you know
what? I’m in my 60s now and I decided when I turned 60 I wasn’t gonna call it
60 I was going to call it sexy. And you know what? I’m not saying hey let it
all hang out or anything like that. I’m just saying you know a little bit lower
in the top it’s okay we can do that. So that’s what I’m doing
here and I’ve put it over a pair of white capris, again stretchy white capris.
I think they’re absolutely beautiful with this look and also I do have a cami
underneath. So the top gets a little bit lower we’re cool. We’re covered there. I also paired it with a lovely pair………. they’re almost like a tie-dyed blue and
white pump with this. I also think that that New York state of mind purse
also really completed this look. So very happy with that. And talked about finding
things….look who I found. Our little Hurricane. Hi little Hurricane. How are you doing? Yeah and Hurricane now he’s my cue
to talk to you about what’s coming up in upcoming videos. On Tuesday we’ve got
the second part of the Home Show and we’re going to get into some big-ticket
items, some technology. I mean it’s just amazing what’s out there right now. So
remember to tune in for that for your bucket list or your wish list. And hey if
you’re not a subscriber there’s a button down there. Just click on the button and
don’t forget to click on the bell because then you’ll be notified when
these videos are coming out. What’s for next Friday?
Well next Friday is the Olay cover girl Simply Ageless makeup. Is it simply
ageless? I’m gonna have kind of a special treat for you guys on that one.
First of all I’m going to be doing a giveaway. And also I found an old
commercial of mine from 1984 that I did for Oil of Olay. So I’m going to tell
you all about that and you can go down memory lane with me a little bit
with that one. What else do we have Hurricane? Well I also wanted to tell you
if you don’t know already that I’m on Instagram every single day and I really
you know just check out @ awesome over 50. I really try to make them a little
inspirational. So if you want to have a little inspiration
every day don’t forget to follow me on that. I guess we’re getting about
done right now. Hey you know what? Spring is here summers coming warmer weather.
Maybe just take a hike out to the mall or to one of your favorite
boutiques or maybe even a thrift shop and get yourself some kind of a
statement item. Go and have some fun with your wardrobe. Do them a little bit of
mixing and matching and in the meantime put a little spring in your step and
keep it awesome.


  1. Just got back from Disney World where you always see a lot of Europeans and Asians from Japan and China. The cropped ankle length seemed to be very popular. I liked the silhouette but haven't had the chance to try it myself .

  2. I don't wear many jackets while we are in the desert, I have many jackets at home I love them all especially with my jeans all of a sudden I look put together, I may have to pull them out and do a video one of these days.
    Great video Heather.

  3. Love love love the New York purse and the tie dye pumps!
    Spring is finally starting to tease us here in Montana! I actually saw raw top of our bird bath today! Iam getting anxious to get out the spring clothes but it will have to wait until some of this snow melts
    Thanks for a great video.
    Big hugs to all three of you – Barbara

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  5. Wow, Heather! Great outfits, and you look fantastic, hair, makeup, accessories, all immaculate. I particularly loved the last outfit, and those great shoes. Your little purse is awesome, and the tassel earrings are cool. I really like well cut jackets – even when worn casually, they're smart. I'm heading for my wardrobe, first the clear-out, then the assessment! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I hope you, Bill, and sweet little Hurricane have a lovely weekend. πŸ™‚

  6. Heather your pants look great . I think they are more boot cut or slight flares rather than bell bottoms . Boot cut and straight legs I think are flattering and a bit classy on older babes . Looking stylish 😊

  7. Great video. I moved last summer and still have not found many of my clothes. I was sick when we moved so we have many boxes. I will have a whole new wardrobe.πŸ˜€

  8. Hi Heather,
    Love the pale blue jacket with the white Capri pants:)
    Also like the retro looking bag.
    The blue necklace goes really well.
    Thank-you for sharing.

  9. Very pretty choices!πŸŒ»πŸ€πŸ’š Have a great weekend. Happy St. Patrick's Day!πŸ’šπŸ€

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    P.S. If you care to share… I'm really curious how you film these. Do you film the outfits first, then the talking one? It's done really well (the editing) you make it appear like there's 2 Heathers, lol. Great job, Bill πŸ‘

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