06 Express clothes are flapping / 服のヒラヒラ感

I’m drawing the torso, but I realize his front looks strange in the rough sketch,
so I’m imagining how his body would move when turning around. Looking at them head on, the buttons should look round and thick.
I’m thinking about how they should look at an angle and making adjustments. I’m paying attention how his belt fits through each loop. I need to make them
larger than the size of the belt. You never see bottoms or skirts that have belt loops smaller than the
belt. This is an important detail to remember. For large clothes or things that are flapping in the wind,
I think about the lines and where they connect while drawing. I’m exaggerating the flutter of the fabric to make it look better,
but I also don’t want it to look odd or out of place. As long as it looks “kinda realistic,” I believe it doesn’t have to be entirely accurate. I’m drawing the back part of the coat with a thinner tip to show distance. I’m making the pocket flow in the same way as the coat.

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