send out here coming at you with another video now this one is gonna be a little different than what we are used to this one is going to be how to take down a four-month-old install so this beauty here has had this 360 frontal in for four months honestly this is way longer than the front toes are meant to last but she was able to work it out and make it last so in this video we are just going to take the Soviets out and I'm going to show you guys how to properly uninstall a full sew-in with a 360 frontal and how to detangle the hair properly and all of that stuff and in this video I am also going to be showing you how to use a collection from the send out selection you guys and I don't know I am so excited about this video so make sure you stick around if you want to figure out exactly what hair looks like underneath after four months and sometimes you know if you're a person that is taking your own leave out in four months you don't necessarily know what it looks like because you can't really see the top of your head and moreover it's an argument that I heard a couple of Hair Stylist having amongst themselves and clients not heard saw on Instagram and people were saying things like oh my god I don't think you know hairstylist should charge to take weaves out well if a hair stylist is uninstalling you know installation properly it is well well well worth you to charge for you guys so you're a hair stylist it takes you know you have to pay attention like right now it's precise like I have to take my time and make sure that the shears fit under the right location because it is very easy to confuse thread with braids and weft and all of that nature so is not as easy as it may seem so you guys you can see that I am just going ahead and cutting out this installation it's rather easy for me to take it out seeing that I'm the one who put it in I know my sewing patterns because I do the same one for you know each different type of install so this is the 360 frontal this hair is from Mazen and this is the second time we use the frontal honestly and truthfully I she knows that I did not want to reuse it the second time because he got really really really mad at on us I'm not necessarily saying is anything wrong with mavin hair but that could be frontals in general I don't know the texture of it I don't know but I don't want to use it a second time but we ended up having to work it out cuz yeah so I'm just going ahead and cutting it off and it comes on comes off rather easy yes so as you can see yeah this bad boy will not be used again I am going to go ahead and throw that in the trash so now I am just going to go ahead and find that last braid and I am going to start you know yeah I'm doing these braids so I'm gonna come back in a minute this part is self-explanatory but I do want to show y'all something so for now just keep watching her hobby bagger okay so let's talk really quick for whatever reason people are under the illusion that hair extensions break your hair off and it makes it so your hair doesn't grow as you guys have been watching this video I'm sure you have noticed that after I comb out I'm like grabbing clumps of hair and some people's grandchildren are probably even like oh my god all of her hair is coming out please understand that you're supposed to lose so many hundreds of strands per week per day sometimes depending on the density of your hair so if your hair has been braided and in hair extensions those hundreds of strands that are supposed to been falling on the floor every day or every week you guys have been staying in your head so if you have shedding and things of that nature while you have hair extensions I mean after you're taking out the hair extensions there is nothing wrong with your hair but let's get into this growth you guys so her weave has been here for four months and look at the growth understand that if you take care of your hair you can have healthy hair so the product that she uses on a regular basis is my stimulating growth to treatment you guys I use this before all of my installs and even if my clients don't use it on a regular basis like you know just her just using it or me using it on her when I put the hair extensions in you know does the job so here's the proof you guys I put these extensions in in August and here we are in November you guys and look at this growth so please stop thinking that our hair does not grow even my car a raven that wants to cut our hair there's so many people like oh my god you're gonna regret it your hair never grows back that is bullcrap you guys like our hair grows it is not like our ovaries our hair is not like our ovaries if you don't know what I mean like as a woman you're born with one set of ovaries and you don't get a new pair our hair is not like that like if you shave all of your hair off it's gonna grow back you know um so yes I just wanted you guys to understand that with the proper hair care and with the proper care you guys can grow beautiful long hair so keep watching me finish checking this last braid out and do a comb out on her and we are going to come back for the shampoo and I got the entire thing recorded and I really want to talk to you guys through it so keep watching I know girl I left over 2.5 seconds and then I came right back so let's get into this shampoo now as you can see there are some joy coke products in the background but all I really use is my product line primarily and then joy call in some Kimber products you guys so I'll do a video on that coming up real soon but let's get into my product line I know people are thinking oh my god her product line isn't even that good she's just promoting it like crazy because it's hers no I promoted like crazy because the products are amazing and I'm gonna prove it to you in this video so as you can imagine if her hair has been in extensions for four months it's not really that cleaning filling that great so we're gonna start it off with this oatmeal and sugar scrub it is absolutely amazing you guys and as you can see I don't know if you can see it but there's pieces of like sugar and pink Himalayan salt and they're together it comes in eight and four ounces when you check the description box you can see all of the products that I'm using in this video as well as to where they get them from and so this one is a rose water and a side butter conditioning mask is so amazing you guys and this is what we are going to be using it's her deep conditioning treatment and for the massage for the intense massage that I'm gonna teach you that is the tool we're gonna be using so let's get into it so start off you want to make sure that your clients hair is completely saturated in water and you want to make sure your clients pores are completely open how do you do that you make sure that the water is as hot as your client can possibly take it most of my clients are like their water really really hot some like it cold if there are kind that likes their hair cold try to politely talk them into taking it a little warmer because the more you get the cuticle open the better so this is how it looks you guys it even feels amazing on your hands I actually have a client that does a client I'm sorry a customer that uses the scrub as an exfoliating treatment for like skin like for our hands and like one feet because she does hair – I mean nails – I'm so sorry so anyway the pink thingamajigger you guys just saw me use is from lux therapy I'm gonna place their information in the description box below they are not sponsoring this video however I do not go without having one of those they're absolutely amazing sometimes when you think about it it's a little unsanitary for you to use your fingers to scrub so much so that gets the work done for me so after you rinse the scrub out I followed up with the soul fusion therapy shampoo you guys understand that it's costal Fusion therapy stimulating shampoo because it stimulates the hair follicles and it completely opens your pores so you can get a really really really really great exfoliation now people get confused because when they hear the word silks use your therapy they're under the impression that the only thing you can do with the product is use it for if you're straightening your hair the word silk does not go towards the texture of the hair or your hair being silky straight your hair can feel like silk in a curl you guys like your hair can still feel like silk when it's curly so understand that I have customers that are braiders they use it for their blowouts operators that you know use all of the products from you know the send off selection so please know that the products are not just to straighten your hair so you will also notice that the more I wash her hair the more it lathers my products are not high in sulfates and things of that nature so understand when products are made with natural ingredients it's gonna take it a little longer to lather the first shampoo especially if your hair is extremely dirty it may not lather right away understand that if shampoo doesn't lather right away that doesn't mean that is not working that could just mean instead of it lathering right away is breaking down all of those harsh fatty deposits and different silicone bases and things of that nature that you have on the hair okay so understand that it's not always because the shampoo isn't working if it didn't live there the first or the second time you may need to wash it a third time and even in this video you will notice that the more I wash her hair the more is a lathering I think I'm gonna wash it one more time and if not the last time girl you can see that it was lathering a lot but you'll notice that so yeah you guys and also in the last video somebody was like oh you didn't even you only washed it one time I can't always but the whole wash a because as you can see is long I take my time watching my clients hair so here's the rose water and a side but herb replenishing mask it is so amazing you guys now for an intense deep conditioning treatment after an exfoliation I use a lot of products you guys so the first place that I am putting the product is around her perimeter I'm in the front and in the back you guys and then after I put it in the back around the perimeter I'm gonna rub it in to her scalp and then I'm just gonna smooth it down her hair strands now I know a lot of people think like oh my god is not that complicated like is she really doing the full talk-through for an entire video just for a takedown for a weave but to me this portion right here is where hair stylists go wrong this portion right here is why a lot of african-american women do not have extremely long hair and why you know if I have a client that has extremely long hair or a hair those longer than normal most people are like oh my god what is she mixed with because for whatever reason black women are under the illusion that we can't have blonde hair and as you can see in this video I think I have overly proven to you guys that if you take care of your hair properly it can grow honey um right now what I'm doing I'm not just trying to make her feel good new samples okay what I'm doing right now is stimulating her temples because that is where the peak of the blood flow is for her scalp and if I can stimulate her blood flow going her temples before she goes under the dryer to open her pores even more I can like accelerate her hair growth and once you say that it doesn't sound complicated at all it like makes a whole lot of sense but you have to treat your hair like it's a living organism even though people are like oh my god all hair is dead okay like if you be really really literal okay but when you really think about it you have to treat everything that's attached to your body like it's extremely important so after I went ahead and stimulated but slow with my hands I still feel like you need other tools and utensils to stimulate blood flow because my hands can only do so much so that's why I love love love this tools it's called the groove and I'm gonna leave this information in the description box below also and like I said I'm just making sure that I stimulate blood flow around her perimeter as much as I can I did cut some of the footage from this portion of it out because it would have been rather long this appointment is literally just a takedown so I make sure her scalp and her hair feels absolutely amazing so no matter what my clients go do if they go get oh I don't know freaking if they get braids or whatever they decide to do their hair is taken care of and you will see that this is how we maximize hair growth you guys so now I'm just going to take a plastic cap she just said under the dryer for 15 minutes it was on medium heat the reason that you go under there like I told you guys in the previous video I'll leave that in the description box below you have to completely completely open up the cuticle to input the conditioner to put the conditioner in there how do you open up the cuticle with heat that's why hair stylist will put in conditioner as issue another dryer so I'm here stylus situated here so they can do 17 other people here but some people who really sit you under the dryer for the conditioning treatment so as you can see her curls look so freaking and beautiful her hair looks so amazing when we first started she had quite a bit of heat damage and now her hair is like completely driving you guys does this look like hair that is damaged from hair extensions I didn't think so now we are going to do the blowout I'm going to saturate her hair with so Fusion therapy no we are not straightening her hair but so fusion therapy is just amazing all in itself so keep watching and I'll be back in no I can't believe me be your mind not sweet [Applause] oh my god I almost forgot so really quick and let's get into how amazing silk nectar is really quick let's use it so silver nectar is from the sand all selections all right now I'm gonna put about a little bit more than a dime sized amount on my hands keep in mind I'm not tucking her hair around it just looks that way the way the video is sped up so I am just rubbing the products into her hair some people could go like oh my god like why are you rubbing it into her hair it's not that I'm rubbing it into her hair remember we are massaging the cuticle you can't massage the cuticle by just slapping it on you have to massage it in there remember think of your hair as a living organism that you want to thrive and grow if you want it to thrive and grow and be down on your back you have to appreciate the hair that you already have the in quotation marks dead hair is dead so you don't think you have to pay attention to it no you treat the hair that you have amazingly well and it will keep growing so yeah you guys you okay my love so we are all done and as you can see her here is a nice and full and healthy you guys she is coming back in a couple of weeks for another silk wrap appointment so we are not trimming this time close we just shrimps her hair right before we put these extensions in and her ends look absolutely amazing I love you guys so much if you are not doing so already make sure you are subscribed to my channel and when you do so make sure you turn your PO codifications on so you can see what I post make sure you are following me on Instagram and turn your post notifications on there too I will see you on my next video gear bagger


  1. Paying to have your hair un done is no different in principle to paying for nail extensions or products to be taken off your natural nails. That in itself takes a while I can’t imagine how long it would take you to do this lady’s hair. As they say time is money! If you had a day of just take downs and you didn’t charge would your mortgage or rent etc take a day’s payment off when you paid. Or your supermarket give you that day’s food for free? People are nuts at times and have no idea about the industry. I don’t know much about hair. I have straight, fine, blonde hair, but I’m addicted to these type of videos x

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