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i butchered these trees you guys never mind the children under the couch and it's not going to pull up in all the wrong places why it makes me embarrassed oh yeah one of these days I'm not gonna be able to pick you up anymore and then I'll be sad I don't know how much longer I can do this it's your kid like your legs are like down to my knees you tell your legs to stop growing it's work I think I made it a ladder I told myself I can't open my package and have fun until my morning work is done and it is killing me because I want to open my package I was told last year we had a landscape guy came in the back yard and give us some tips and what we can do to make our yard healthier and he said our fruit trees are overgrown he says if you can't pick the fruit just on the ground and your tree is too big but these are supposed to be dwarf trees but they're quickly turning into shade trees so we gotta fix that okay I got all of my pruning done for the day and I'm on my way to go get groceries I butchered these trees you guys trees are very forgiving so if you ever have to take out some like pent-up frustration go find some pruners and an overgrown tree and just go to town these cheese aren't so bad these are the peach trees but the apple trees there's like dairy sorry sad looking look at all of the branches I cut off but I feel better me a tree is always painful because you hate cutting off those branches but I think of it like relationships or like things that not necessarily relationships I'm not a huge believer in cutting off relationships but I am a huge believer in cutting off poison in a relationship and so that's what pruning is like for me as I'm pruning off those cheap branches I'm thinking what in my life do I need to cut out of my personal habits that will make me healthier painful to do right but make me a more healthy person emotionally so that's food for thought today evening right where to go she went straight for the ice cream and then she goes why do people say I'm so cute when I first started coming to dr. Warren sherry was getting her braces on and I couldn't even a pack and play and now she's a big girl eating ice cream so you all know Chad's obsession with socks and you have to see the man who started this obsession let's see your socks here their tacos Chad totally gonna want those I am not surprised that there is a gathering of moms right here for the Lucky Charms because all of our kids have sent us out to get unicorn marshmallow that's apparently big now it's not here we'll have to come back on the outside if you want to use the silicon they say only use a month but you know what I'll use the same still like three years in a row and I've never had a jar not seal welcome home what'd you get it's okay science nerdy stuff whoa Jill you have a fascination with rocks don't you Abbi how is your filter from what did you get anything at the book fair why do I feel like the book fair doesn't sell books does it because every time there's a book for you guys come home with boxes necklaces voice chats but no books I'm curious if any of you moms ever work at the book fair what is the ratio of books purchased to toys and like fun merchandise I would be curious to know this although this is kind of cool to learn for a snack I thought it would be fun to try giving you guys these squeaky cheese's have you guys ever had squeaky cheese before I used to love this as a kid try it what do you think well if you put it in your teeth just right it really does squeak but I think it tastes good I've never seen one of these before but I thought maybe we could do it do you think we're supposed to help with acne or breakouts I've never heard a light mask therapy before but I thought we could try it what do you think I opened that once added this it's good Chad used the 3d printer to print out these grocery claps we're gonna test it now what do you think does it work I think I'd be carrying just as much in if I had just here a little easier actually yeah okay yeah I can see that then you don't break your arm off yeah I like that okay give me my other hand is it working what's all this for these are groceries to go down in the food room I got stuff for lunches and just for us to eat and have fun with I saved this for us to open together should we open it these are a little crazy and hectic when the kids come home from school because everybody wants everybody's attention so okay and everybody's hungry and everybody's tired and maybe cranky okay so we have to tell everybody what this package is that we've been waiting all day to open never mind the children we are excited to open this because Sherry's like it's from Bali friend my sister Bonnie and Ellie need a clothing line and it's called quality brand and they did not send me this package I bought it on my own with my own money okay screech I'm on yes all of the dresses that I get that are longer I always end up having to him them because I'm short but I was told I did not have to do that with this dress I like that everything is always so long on me I'm almost like three and it goes just below my knee right there the thing I love about this robe is you don't have to sit and bus most of them in that account in the past they like curl down like this all the way down and then I end up playing and fussing there is no fussing with this and I love that it's because there's a super I can answer the door and no I'm covered it is very very flattering I love it okay under the next outfit are you ready for this next time I'm scared I'm a little nervous but I'm gonna do it anyway mother what do you think um I like it because it's actually more modest than what I've seen at the gym a lot of the ones I've seen at the gym come up to here and these pants listen carefully you can pull them all the way up and it's not going to pull up in all the wrong places if you know what I mean I like mine because I have a scar on my stomach from surgery when I was little and I just don't want it to be sunburned or anything and so I like it because it covers that one more thing I have to mention this has a zipper right here if you can't see it makes dressing and undressing a snap it makes it super easy I love that extra thought in the design process no more getting stuck with my arms behind me like this okay can I tell you how in love and perfect this dresses and we this just should be a $200 Jeff I know I have worn $200 just as before this this is something Nordstrom would carry in there like super high price line I wish you could see everything how many come with me just ran up the stairs and that stayed close so it passed the run up the stairs test here we go here is the dress I love it because it's not too long but it still gives you the maxi dress feel and I don't have to hem it which is awesome I can wear flats with it it would not feel like I have to wear those uncomfortable wedges the weight of this dress like the maybe it's the string count per inch is super thick so it's not staticky here's the other thing women you know what I'm talking about usually when you buy a dress like this the crossover right here starts right here on the shoulder instead of right up here but on this dress it's gonna cover your shoulders and it goes over the chest line so it fits and it doesn't gave up in' i can lean forward it completely covers there's no need for a tank top and i hate wearing extra layers in the summer it's the perfect summer dress I think you need one cut flattering that is but seriously you guys I have been watching backstage as my sisters have designed these beautiful pieces for you and they have done it with much love and done it while handling kids at the grocery store they've done it doing dishes they've done it handling housework they've done it going to meetings and working on their laptops they've done it all in the clothes that they have designed because they want it to be for real women real women and they have done just that and you have to check out Polly Brandt comm the beautiful items on that website will give you an incentive to get your work done thank you so much for watching see ya okay one more thing and then I I'll let you go but I was just getting dressed for the night and took this off and found something else you have to see they don't even know I'm doing this I hope I kind of hope they don't watch this vision why it makes me embarrassed yeah because they have no idea I am even filming this but I have to show you this the inside is double lined so there's no see-through and it is such high quality look at this that Sun twice I started tugging and pulling on the arm and on the sleeve and you can't get space between there but if you do that on like cheap made clothes you can really separate that quite far Niall you could probably even rip it just by hand but you're not gonna be able to do that with this dress anyway just thought I'd show you just how thoughtful and well made this is it's beautiful

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