🌈 How To Make RAINBOW Barbie Dreamtopia Dress Cupcakes | Giant Princess Cupcake | Kids Cooking

Hello everybody welcome to kids cooking and crafts. I’m chef Ava. And today I’ll be showing you how to make rainbow barbie giant dress cupcakes. So the things that you will need is seven different colors of cupcakes, seven different colors of frosting, seven different colors of frosting in a baggie, and rainbow cove Barbies. They’re from Dreamtopia. Have you guys ever seen that? Aren’t they so pretty. Let’s open them up. There we go. Wow they’re so cute! Just think of how cool it would be at a birthday party. All of your friends could just decorate their own cupcake. Then they could bring it home as a party favor. First we’re going to frost the rainbow cupcakes. What color is my hair? That’s right, PINK! This is such a great color, wouldn’t you agree? We got them all frosted. Now we have to hollow out the cupcakes and stick the dolls in. I’m just going to twist it around. Watch what comes out. It’s a little wormy. I got this at the craft store. You can find it by the baking supplies. Last one! Whoa they’re like all little mini worms. Now time to take their cute shoes off. So they don’t get messy. Time to go in. Boing Boing Weeee! Level two accomplished. It’s mesmerizing. Time to give them a little more pizzaz. I have here some baggies of frosting and little candies that look like pearls. Let’s get decorating. I’m going to have each one with their own attitude and own style. Just like me, and just like you, and you, and you… And me and you. So as you can tell a little bit of her leg is showing. So to solve that problem I’m going to take a little bit of white frosting and make dots around her waist and around the bottom part of her dress. Like these! Aren’t they cute? What do you think? Is it good? Great! So for the purple doll I’m going to use the light blue. I’m going to put a little bit of pearls on it to make it fancy. This time I’m going to put like waves. Okay there we go. Pink Pink Pink! How about some polka dots. I’m going to put a pearl on each polka dot. Last one. There we go. And there you go. Each one is unique. Oh I like the red one because of her loopty loops. Which one is your favorite? Comment down below. Ahhh they’re the cutest little Barbies ever! It’s a beautiful RAINBOW! Hang on girls! Wee they’re on a merry-go-round. I’m getting dizzy. Thank you so much you guys for making these giant cupcakes with me. Don’t forget to like subscribe and comment below. BYE!!!

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