「clothes」を正しく発音できますか?日本人がよく間違える発音|IU-Connect英会話 #185

look at this kiddo yet the Hudson sir in this Walker Nietzsche’s you’re taking it Scout Keiko can’t Anna tengo nada skiddo had some close closes closes this native adobo sazon serie – vodka quito big Christmas – Ankeny – ah you connect oh no Asada’s Kyoto Godiva Eunji Yoko Margaret Yoko no ego no ekata no Susanna Hatsu Hioki she must let abolish Technica rot cannot hang on ocarina yavakoto ETA okay mistake this suit and this shirt is very special to me do you want to know the reason why I’ll share it at the end of this video the English word for yoga is really simple and we use it all the time I’m pretty sure it was one of the words you first learned when you were studying English no one’s pronunciation is perfect but particularly this word is very hard to pronounce for Japanese people so why is it that Japanese people always make mistakes with the pronunciation in this video I’m gonna share with you one the reason why Japanese people always mistake the pronunciation of this word – the key to pronouncing this word correctly and to pronounce other words correctly and three the actual pronunciation of this word so why is it so hard for Japanese people to pronounce this word it’s because Japanese English education focuses too much on reading and writing and not on speaking people read this word and they see well it it has a T H and s in your name they try to pronounce all the letters in the word but if you want to have natural pronunciation that’s not what you should do wait wait wait Arthur took them I think well gee I didn’t really hustle should I google don’t actually that’s true language is originally about speaking compared to language writing is actually a pretty new invention people wanted to record what they said so they started writing which means that writing is us for language but they’re not exactly the same thing and so if you focus on the writing of a language more than the speaking of a language you’re going to say a lot of strange things like for instance in this word Japanese people look at all the letters and try to pronounce them so they say something strange like closes closes that th and s is pretty difficult to pronounce isn’t it well let me tell you a secret it’s difficult for native speakers to there are actually lots of cases in English where pronouncing words is difficult even for native speakers like the th and the s in this word and so what do native speakers do to the key to pronouncing this word correctly and to pronounce other words correctly well remember the most important thing about language isn’t the writing it’s about the speaking so native speakers pronounce words more simply so it’s easier to pronounce and it makes their speaking smoother so what do negative speakers do they just take out the th yeah let’s take that right there you know sometimes when native speakers focus on the language too much we also make mistakes like this instead of pronouncing this word as often which you should pronounce and that’s the actual pronunciation many people say often if we want to pronounce English naturally if we want to speak English smoothly we have to think about it from sense not actively think about it we need to develop that English sense 3 the actual pronunciation of this word so instead of having these three letters that you have to pronounce you only have to pronounce one letter and how do you native speakers pronounce it close by the way in this case the pronunciation of yoga is the same for the word for she met her they’re both close and if you listen to the word in a conversation and you take only that part out they sound exactly the same now wait before you move on I want to tell you something important if you show this word to a native speaker and ask them to pronounce it they’ll probably say something like clothes oh yeah that’s a that’s clothes because when they actively think about it they start to use the logic part of their brain they don’t focus on that language sense they start thinking from their logic side and so they say that they say things that they actually don’t say wow that sentence has a lot of say in it so if you show this video to a native speaker they may think this guy Arthur’s crazy but in actual conversation when they’re using the word clothes in a sentence it’s gonna sound this way now let me ask you what are some English words that are difficult for you to pronounce you can leave your answer in the comment box below maybe I’ll make a video out of it so now we’ve learned that natural pronunciation of clothes but just because you learned it doesn’t mean you can use it right you corrected a book though you connect no Chi mullah Nihon Ginga dianna Eagle minutes k Cabana nights even EDI only magnetic about Dimas we want to help as many Japanese people not just learn English but actually use it outside in the real world and talk with foreigners and we’re sharing a lot of stuff to help people do that if you want to know more about what I and my team are doing or you want to join what we’re doing you can get more information by clicking up here as always enjoy your English adventures each Sony Sakai thoughts and I got in my cell [Music] Murugadoss Coetzee tener todo kikuchiyo sis mirador Gamakatsu death – actually this shirt is a shirt my dad bought me when we went to England maybe 10 years ago well a long time ago and this suit is actually the suit that my parents bought for my wedding or my marriage celebration in America and this sweater well I got it for Christmas I don’t do any clothes shopping for some reason I get nice clothes thanks mom and dad


  1. 大学の授業でネイティブの先生からまさしくこの発音について指摘を受けました。

  2. BとVの入った単語で特にBのすぐ後にVが来る単語の自然な発音がバリムズい!どうして下唇を噛むイメージが大袈裟っぽくなってしまいます。
    Beverage とかBivalent とか

  3. "r"と"l”を頑張って少しでも正しく発音しようとするのですが、"relation"のようにそれが続くと非常に難しく感じます。やればやるほど舌がもつれてきます。

  4. thanks.nice movie.Question,you speak very slowly?i can listen u talk,but real english.so please,tell us the seacret why i can't listen others.wanna b
    able to listen real real talk.

  5. Clothesを間違って発音する人なんて周りに一人もいないけどね。まぁ大学で英語専攻してるし海外にいるからね。ただネイティブにしか教えられないっていうのは間違い。多分そういう単純な間違いする人ってネイティブ神話を信じすぎて基本の勉強をおろそかにしてるんだよね。

  6. オフテンは地域によって違ったりもするよ。アリゾナの友達はオフテンって言うけど、ワシントンの友達はオフェンって言うし

  7. バッテリーとかリテラリーとかルーラル。 あと人の名前でマリリンとか舌が動きません

  8. Coolが苦手です。Coolと言うと、あからさまに日本人の話すクールになります。。。

  9. 映画館……




  10. 発音記号見ると"th"は発音しないようになってるから悩むこと無いが、なかなか覚えられなくて何度もこの発音記号をチェックしたな。

  11. アメリカ人の人達は比較的Often をオッフンって言いますし、日本でもオッフンで習いましたが、カナダではオフトュンって言うので英語には正解がないなーと思いました😳

  12. Another tricky one is "asked". We can't pronounced skt very easily, so in speech it's more like "aased" for most people. (Technically though, the tongue does pull back closer to the k position, which is why it doesn't sound exactly the same as "assed")

  13. いつも動画楽しくみています。今日は少し気になったのでコメントします。発音のところを視聴者にしっかりリピートさせた方が良いと思います。この動画ではきちんと結論がみえてきません。最後までみた後に、"あれ?結局正解の発音はどうなの?!"となります。結論を最初に言っておいてから、説明を後にしたほうが説明が頭に入りやすいです。

  14. 犬の種類


  15. I think the most difficult pronunciation for Japanese is GIRL. Fortunately, I listened American R&B songs when I was child so I could pronounce it easily but it’s difficult for the people to start learning without any English experience.

  16. 私はaの発音が難しいと思います。

  17. 以前オーストラリアに住んでた時に煙草のマルボロが通じなかったよなぁ。 ボロをワンシラブルで言う感じ🤨😛

  18. rhythm が発音できません。


  19. アーサーの動画はalways high quality. oftenはBritishとUSAで発音が違ったはず。

    難しいと思うのは、やっぱり綺麗なRの発音を会話の中でしていくこと。 carだけでも油断するとBritish寄りになる。

  20. 「acquaint」
    ↑This one really tortures me. And I couldn't remember the spelling either. Difficult !

  21. Your explanation made me more definitely and clearly about the word. I guessed you have a marvelous talent.教え方も上手ですね。

  22. 正論とは思うが、この手の説明を例えば中韓アセアン人にしても興味を示さないかと。彼らは意味が解らなければ前後から判断したりその場ですぐ訊き返すのが普通。その場で訊かずに”ネイティブ発音”の呪縛に掛かった日本人向け限定なのかと。

  23. I think short word with L is the most difficult to pronounce, like ‘call’ ‘full’ ‘pull’. Because long letter words are kind of difficult as well but native speakers can guess what I’m saying. For example, even if I say ‘アブソルートリー’, probably can understand that I said ‘absolutely’. However you can not guess if I say something short.

  24. いつも勉強させてもらってます^ ^

  25. 発音、教えてください~
    ・want とwon't
    ・(one )shirtと (two )shirts


  26. As a native speaker I don't say "close" but more like "cloets" very subtle 't'. Pretty much "close" but with the tongue in the 'T' position and pronouncing the 'S' instead( つ without the う, ts). Though either way is fine in context.

  27. “aesthetic” and “anesthesia” are a bit difficult to pronounce for me. Is this just for me?

  28. Please make a video for "Refrigerator" lol This is the word that I still cannot pronounce ;((

  29. 私はColaって言えない。

  30. 日本の英語教育はこんなに間違ってたのかと気付かされる動画です。

  31. really の発音でよくネイティブにからかわれました。リアリーボーイとwww
    発音ではないですが、involve が出てくる時の雰囲気がわかりません。

  32. Thank you for posting such good learning clips. They are all very helpful. I have one word, actually the name that people always have a hard time understanding. it is "Elizabeth". Also, most of words starting with "W" is also hard such as "wood". Please create a video to show how to pronounce "Elizabeth" and "wood" for Japanese. Thanks

  33. Hi Arthur, 初めまして、ホナツといいます。I have been studying English in New Zealand since 2017. I've just found your channel and started to watch some videos:) These videos are very useful for me because I still not have a confidant. Thank you for sharing your experience as well! "Ginga" ( a slang term for a person with red hair.) I feel really difficult to pronounce the word! not "が" like ンガァ

  34. Clothes のthを取って発音するって、日本人にとってはGood Newsですが、本当ですか?
    日本人にとって一番難しい発音といえる言葉の一つは、Squirrel 、リスです。
    おそらく多くの人がSquirrelの発音が難しいと思われていると聞くので、いっそう「Risu 」という言葉に英語を変えるわけにいきませんか?

  35. すでに出てますがsixth さらに複数形のsixths。 分数で『5/6』とかはこの発音ですよね?

  36. I have to say I do pronounce the th sometimes, even naturally. It's way easier to just say close though, and I never realized just how close that quick pronunciation is to close.

  37. mcが発音しにくいです。何しろ母音がない
    あまりにも通じなくてJr. Donald's とか言いたくなる。

  38. このオーフンの感覚は

  39. I can't pronounce English "R" sounds, especially when there's more than 1 in a short word or a sentence.
    Example sentence: "Rare rural railroad"
    I feel like my tongue is gonna break.

  40. Londoners often say 'often' with the T and 'clothes' with both TH and S. Pronouncing 'clothes' this way is really quite simple. It is just a matter of sliding the tip of your tongue from the TH position to the S position.

  41. I wanna say to you about your program. You explained “ why Japanese people can’t pronounce correctly “ This is ok but you say only 2 times “ clothes “ that’s no good mate😥
    If you want to correct the pronunciation for Japanese people, you have to say “ let’s practice together “ then check the point of pronunciation & something more.
    When I wanted your videos, I feel sometimes just criticize for Japanese accent.
    If you want to pronounce correctly, you should teach a lot of pronunciation of the word.
    I hope ,,,🙏

  42. Actually dictionaries say phonetic symbols of "often" are /ɔfən/ and /ɔftən/ —-whichever is fine

  43. “R” with other consonant before it. Just like “green” “tree” “around” and things like that. I’m putting extra bowel sound before “R” and difficult to correct it.

    And I say “often” with “t” sound like some Brits do.

  44. 結論を先に言ってほしい…

  45. Awkward
    And rubber
    When I speak to the English speaker, they always ask me those words again
    It’s really difficult to pronounce them for me 😰

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