Hi loves and welcome to a brand new lookbook
video where I’ll show you 20 airport outfit ideas inspired by fashion trends I spotted
at Schiphol airport. These travel outfits are colorful, creative
and comfortable and I styled them with sneakers because shoes above the ankle need to be removed. Same goes for all the extra layers you wear Hope you enjoy this colorful travel capsule
wardrobe and if you see anything you like I included all the links of the items featured
in the description box and you can find more in my webshop. I divided the outfits into four categories:
jeans, joggers, pajamas and leggings and I will include time stamps in the description
box so you can go to the specific category later. And what’s your favorite travel pillow? Comment with a fruit emoji below I love wearing jeans because they’re comfortable
and go with anything. You can dress it up or down and it works for
every style occasion including traveling. And
even though you can’t see it, I’m wearing this wireless bra from Uniqlo which are so
comfortable and suitable for women with bigger Joggers are another item I love to wear for
style and comfort. Athleisure has been a big trend over the last
few years and even the silhouettes of joggers have become more slim and feminine. Or have fun colorful details like this one. Can you tell this is a pajama set? In 2 weeks time I spotted 3 different women
at Schiphol airport wearing pajamas as outerwear. And why not? They’re comfortable and some are so stylish
right now they can pass as normal clothes like this arty pajama set I found on Asos. Can you wear leggings as pants? This was an ongoing debate for so long yet
it became the norm. Leggings often feel like a second skin plus
they’re practical because they have many uses. I choose this leopard print leggings because
the print is so much fun which makes traveling a joyful process. And if you’re in Paris go see Jean-Paul
Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show at Folies Bergere. It was a mesmerizing feel good spectacle that
will delight all your senses and at the end you’ll go home feeling beautiful, inspired
and empowered. Last but not least dresses. Wear it as is, pair it with a jacket or top
it with a sweater when it’s colder. The styling options are endless so use your
creativity to make the most of it. Which look do you use the most when traveling? jeans, joggers, leggings, pajamas or dresses? Let me know in the comments below Thank you so much for watching. Like this video if you enjoyed and share this
video with friends traveling soon. Subscribe for more videos and visit my webshop
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  1. Yay for another video from you! Really vibe with your ecclectic and colourful style. Living for the mix and match pajama set and outerwear… my fave avocado bag and fearless blazer are back!
    Now the travel bug bit me again. Going to use these tips for my next flight. I'm a leggings or dress girl but if I can dress up the joggers and pajamas and be comfy and cute then I'm here for it!

  2. Hi Joycy, I love the vibrant colors. The jacket is my favorite. I like the 🍉, neck pillow. It's great to see you!

  3. Joycy! You're so cute! And all of these outfits are perfect for travel. I saw so many ppl traveling in pajamas. Even I flew overseas in joggers.

  4. Hi Joycy!
    Love the colorful, relaxed and fun travel looks. All the travel pillows are adorable, but I especially like the watermelon and kiwi designs.

    Your Picasso graffic tee in pink looks great with my pink bandana tied in my hair. It makes a chic pulled together look. I'm just waiting for spring.

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