1. I am so tried of reaching for my dreams want dream my son👦 is more important to than ever cause the assholes that got me pregant I dont think that he cares and I still love♥️ him

  2. I should feel down right now cause I dont have anyone that likes me for me and I always have these assholes firting me and they are married and I am not down with that

  3. when I meet people I want to meet when they are in a good mood cause I always get cussed by and I am sick of it and I known h guys are too and u guys want to meet friends too cause it is normal

  4. When I feel when my life is over I just listen to songs to cheer me up cause I don't want to think to much or I like to hear to rock songs cause I think too much

  5. Sometimes I hurt and it hurts like shit when people are putting u down I had friends always putting me down but I have to keep on going cause they don't care about me I've been through a lot like a lot people and it still hurts

  6. cause I known that when u love a person and u lose them it hurts a lot but keep on trying cause I have been there

  7. this is SO FREAKING AMAZING!!! I love her! I can't believe she's almost 40, like give me your secret Kate lol

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