कम पैसों में Bollywood Actors जैसे कपडे पहने – BUY Clothes Like Priyanka, Kriti, Alia | Anaysa

WOW!!! What a dress the girl is looking so beautiful in this dress how much it cost & from where did she get this dress? it has happened like some girls dressed so well in college so today I’ll tell you how you can give your wardrobe a bollywood Tadka in lower budget & whenever you wear those clothes in your college you’ll get that bollywood celebrity feeling I’ve bought all these clothes from shein.com Also I’ll be sharing a COUPAN CODE so that you can get Rs. 300/- whenever you’ll do shopping from shein do LIKE & SHARE this video as fast as you can & I am sure you’ll like this video My first outfit has inspired from Kriti Sanon’s Outfit as Check styles are in trend these days this skirt is neither too long nor too short these frills give this skirt so amazing look I paired it with a basic white T- shirt & to complete this look I carry white heel shoes & a pair of hoop earrings also I am carrying a back pack as this is college look and I am feeling so comfortable in this outfit call Coord set means has same pattern in both pants or top this outfit inspired from Athiya Shetty mostly I don’t prefer printed outfits but I like the cherry prints of this outfit its fabric is so comfortable you can carry this outfit either in college or party I pair this outfit with white shoes, hoop earrings & with the same back pack I like this Black slit pants the most & my this look has inspired from GIGI HADID I Know the front slits in this are bit more but when I walk in this gets flow with blowing air and this builds up my confidence I paired it with a white T-shirt as this is bit longer so I use my white heel shoes and you can use any of your favourite back pack with this this outfit is perfect for day or night out so try out these type of outfits at least once this outfit is inspired from Aliya Bhatt & Kylie Jenner so I decided to try this I carry this outfit with white Graphic Slogan T-shirt In this I carry this hoops & Sneakers you can carry any of your favourite footwear and this is too comfortable and this outfit gonna suits to every body shape so guys try out this outfit once often we have those backless dresses & we feel quite uncomfortable in carrying those so I just think to carry this backless dress with my denim jacket & I got that Priyanka chopra inspired look I complete this outfit with block heels & flamingo earrings you can carry this dress in college, day out, night out or in freshers party so have you enjoyed this video I hope you would have liked this video If no then do it now If you want to buy these outfits which I’ve shown in this video so don’t forget to checkout the links below in the description box below also tell me in the comments which is your favourite outfit from all these?? also if you purchase the outfit just like me so let me know in the dm on instagram so that I can make collage with the pics to upload it on instagram will see you in my next video till then


  1. Love uu dii you and your all video osmm dii waoo i realy like uu dii 🤗😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Mujhe Cherry wala aur more Alia Bhatt wala Pasand aaya tha aur vah jo Phata hua tha na Thoda Sa Hua Mujhe to bahut pasand hai

  3. Plz make school hacks they are awesome……😍😍😍🙈🙈🙈🙈👨‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👨‍⚕️🌡🌡🌡

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